Top 15 Weird Schools that Exist in Real Life

Top 15 Weird Schools that Exist in Real Life

1. Witch School of Salem

No, this is not a Netflix show about witches that you think you are living. No, this is definitely not a joke. This school that practices and offers courses in Wicca, Paganism, Divinatory Arts and more actually exists. It has two campuses in Chicago, Illinois and Salem, Massachusetts. The best part about this school is that the witches have kept up with the fast-moving technology and… *drum roll* even offer online courses!

2. Icelandic Elf School

This school is situated in Iceland and offers certified courses regarding elves and other Icelandic folklore. According to the school and the Headmaster Magnús Skarphéðinsson, there are 13 kinds of elves, who walk about looking just like us but are invisible to most of us. Now, the best part about this course would be the way it comes to an end… with coffee and pancakes!

3. Husband Hunting School

In Japan, women have started giving their careers a priority. As a result, most of them remain single and unmarried even when they are in their 30s. Not just careerism, but high expectations and the demand for the perfect Mr Right also answer the question of these women being single. Now, this is where this school comes into the picture. It was founded so that Japanese women could easily find their right life partner and it also teaches them the various principles of starting a family.

4. Santa Claus School

(Image credit: The Denver Post / Matt Dunham)

Being Santa Claus is not just putting on a red coat along with a bag full of goodies and having a white beard. And this school in Michigan teaches exactly that. Founded by Charles H. Howard, this unique school teaches how to perfect not just the dressing but also the etiquettes and mannerisms of Santa Claus. The main aim of this school has also been to preserve the history of Santa Claus.


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You can say that this degree gives an altogether different kind of a ‘high’ to its students. Oaksterdam University is the first ever to offer a degree course that teaches the art of cultivating cannabis. These classes are serious business, contrary to what a layman would think. They include legal advice, engineering and horticulture. Students who have passed this degree course have actually admitted it to be a tough one to pass!

6. Snake Charming School

(Image credit: Times of India)

If one was to be a tourist in India, they would find snake charmers to be an ordinary thing. However, little do they know that this art of charming snakes actually has a degree course too! It is actually not a dangerous course as before starting the activity they feed the snakes a herbal mixture to remove the effect of the snake’s poison.

7. Ethical Hacking

(Image credit: Oakland University)

Of course, it’s hacking but ethical.  This degree provides you with all the things in the world that you need to know about computer hacking in today’s time. To many people’s surprise, this degree has a whopping 88% graduate employment rate!

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8. College of Funeral Service

(Image credit: Gupton Jones website)

Yes, you read it right. This college offers a course that revolves around the services performed for the people who pass away. Normal classes like mathematics and English and science to take place, however, the focus is on principles of funeral services. It is called the Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service.

9. Horology

(Image credit: Horological Society of New York)

Horology literally means the study and measurement of time and the art of making clocks and watches. It is truly one of a kind as no one would expect such a course to exist. This degree in horology can be found at Birmingham City.

10. Hamburger University

(Image credit: Restaurant Business Magazine)

This university does not, unfortunately, offer a course about the art of making perfect hamburgers. Instead, it teaches its enrollees about the different aspects and tips and tricks of being a part of the McDonald’s management team. A whopping 80,000 managers, owners and operators have graduated from this university since it was founded in 1971.

11. Conjuring

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The Conjuring Arts Research Centre in New York offers courses in the most unique topics. Some of them are hypnosis, deceptive gambling, science and history cards, mentalism, and ventriloquism.

12. Clown College

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The name of the college is pretty self-explanatory. It was dedicated to teaching the art of clown makeup, stilt walking, costume design, juggling, etc. Yes, ‘was’ because it closed in 1997. It was founded by Irvin Feld, owner of Ringling Bros. Circus.

13. Puppetry Design

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Maybe for a child, it would be a dream to enrol into this school where it specialises in theatre practice, puppetry, etc. This course is offered at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London. Graduates of this course have been lucky enough to get employment with Cirque du Soleil!

14. Equestrian Psychology & Sports Science

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Okay, so this one’s a little weird for sure. It teaches the fundamentals of equine behaviour and insight into a horse-human relationship. It includes horse whispering and horse riding skills.

15. School of Nannying

(Image credit: Business Insider)

Taking care of a child is no child’s play. So much so, that sometimes it may even require one to get a degree in it. And the Sullivan University teaches exactly that! It is a very practical degree and requires mostly field work.

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