Top 15 Weirdest Olympic sports

Olympic sports are held for the fine athletes to show their talent and win for their country. Several sports are being listed under the Olympic sports but do you know their are several weirdest games that are listed in the Olympic sports? In this blog, you would know about such weirdest olympic sports that are hosted. So, let’s get started.

Top 15 Weirdest Olympic Sports

1. Fencing

This sport is quite weird but on the other side, funny too for the audience. You could see two people fighting with two armoured combat and was introduced by Germany in the year 1896. This sport is more of an ancient warrior game and has succeeded in holding its position in the Olympics sports.

2. Tug of war

This sport was a part of Olympics for the year 1900-1920 and discontinued at the year 1920. This weird sports consist of two groups of competitors who played as opponent teams and a rope was tied between them. The team who was able to pull the opposite team towards itself was the winner. The time limit for this sport was 5minutes and within this time, the team who succeeded was the winner.

3. Hurling

This game was a part of the Olympics for only one year and had some really weird rules to follow. The rules were that you shouldn’t take more than four steps before bouncing the ball, you should advance the ball with hand, leg, except the stick. This sport was won by team US for the first and last time.

4. Basque pelota

This sport was held at the Olympic sport, Spain and interestingly, Spain won the maximum gold medals in this game. This bizarre sport had only two opponent teams in its introductory year, while one group dropped out letting the Spain team to win the medal. This combination of racquetball, lacrosse and jai alai was a part of the Olympics for four years, 1900, 1924, 1968 and 1990.

5. Water motorsports

This weird sport is also referred to as “power boating”, “motor boats”. This game was featured in the year 1900 and 1908 summer Olympics and had a special viewer of this sport. The countries to win highest gold medal in this sport were France and Britain.

6. Skateboarding

This sport was featured in the Tokyo Summer Olympics, 2020. The athletes of Brazil, UK and France won the gold medals in this sport. The athletes had to do skating on boards and the one who completes the race in minimum time wins.

7. Surfing

This sport was first originated by the country, Polynesia in the year 2021 and continues to be a part of the Olympics. This sport is considered one of the most anticipated but coolest game in Olympics. The participants are provided 16days prior to the day of sport but once the game starts, they have to finish it within two days to win. The most gold medal is won by the countries, Brazil and US.

8. Sport climbing

This weird sport is a type of rock climbing where an athlete has to climb the wall with permanent anchors. The person who climbs the highest is the winner. This weird sport was introduced to the Olympic game in the year 2000 at Tokyo Olympic sport. This sport has three events- bouldering, speed and lead and the fun part is the participants are unknown of the path that would be provided.

9. Croquet

This sport is weirdest and was introduced in the year 1900 and continued its position till the year 2004. This is a fun game and had completed more than a decade in the Olympics before it was discontinued. Most of the gold medals were won by France and US.

10. Bmx

This is quite of a racing game introduced in the year 2008 and has grabbed its position till now. Most of the gold medals were won by the countries Latvia and Colombia. This sport was introduced to the Olympics even before skateboarding was introduced. It consists of BMX racing and BMX freestyle.

11. Synchronized swimming

This sport is quite bizarre and something different from solo swimming. In this sport, a group of people as a team choreographed certain postures in the water and would swim together. This sport was quite entertaining and was able to catch the eyes of the audience.

12. Trampoline

This sport was introduced in the year 2000 by US but it seems that Canada has quite expert athletes in this game. The maximum gold medal is won by the athletes of Canada and its for four times. This game includes doing tricks and acts on the trampoline by the athletes and the most unique ones win.

13. 3 on 3 basketball

This game was introduced in the year 2021 and Latvia was the one who won the gold medal for the first time. This sport may sound funny but is quite interesting to watch. This is an unique game that is introduced to the Olympics and US is the one who introduced it.

14. Water skiing

This sport was introduced as a demonstration sport in the year 1972. It had 3men and 3 women’s event in total. This was a water motor based sport and most of the gold medal was won by US in its introductory year. The most interesting fact is that the country of origin of this sport is US.

15. Turfball

This is quite an interesting game that had a team of eight players out of which, 4 were male and 4 female, isn’t interesting? It is quite like basketball and was played in the Olympics for the years 1920, and 1928. It was introduced by the country, Netherlands.

These were some weird games that were listed in the Olympic sports. Some of them were quite anticipated while some are funny and eye-catchy but as a whole, these games are quite bizarre in their own way. So, this is all for today’s blog and we would definitely meet with some new exciting and interesting blogs soon.

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