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15 Epic Love Stories of Indian History

The whole world celebrates Valentine’s Day on 14th February, dedicated to St. Valentine and his love. Even our Indian history is decorated with many love stories with the flavor of selfless and passionate love. Here...

Top 15 Must-Read Classic Novels

Classic literature made a soft spot in everyone's hearts with its timeless and articulate writing, making it unique in the literary world. Here is a list of classic novels that have been considered as the...

Top 15 Terrorist Incidents in India

The scourge of terrorism has impacted nations and India has been among the worst hits. Today, terrorism has become a serious threat to our nation's security and sovereignty, so her I'm going to open...



Top 15 Different Types of Parathas

'Parathas' are Indian flatbreads, often with some kind of stuffing. Regular wheat flour dough is kneaded, rolled out and then stuffed with various kinds...

Top 15 Luxury Hobbies For the Rich

Many people, in general, do not even have a hobby. Even if you ask them what they like to do in their leisure time,...

Top 15 Delicious Chocolates To Eat In The World

Chocolates are among the most blissful treats one can ever come across. The delicious taste and inviting smell can lure anyone towards it. They...

Top 15 Inventions by Great Inventors to Change the World

There are many big inventions in this world which creates history. There are many scientists who change the way of seeing and living the...

The Earth Needs You- Top 15 Ways To Help The Planet

Climate change and global warming have become frequent points of discussion in our daily lives. Millions of species are affected every year on our...

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