Top 15 Pieces Of Advice By Successful Leaders

One of the first steps towards becoming a successful person is inculcating the habit of listening to the advice given by experienced persons in the field in question. This article contains a compiled list of priceless gems that will help you gain a new perspective on life.

Here are the top 15 pieces of advice by successful leaders:

1. Focus On Development

Bill Gates is one such name that is known to all. He is one of the leading figures ever known in history. It was noted that once this billionaire philanthropist told Rolling Stone that he has been able to maintain his empire by focusing more on innovation and development than on the technical sphere of things. For Bill Gates, the overall development of an individual, business or company sets it apart from others and decides its fate and success on a larger level.

2. Long-term Vision

Warren Buffett is another name who made it big on his own. He is a self-made billionaire who believes in and recommends using long-term investment strategies. A long-term plan is a necessity, according to him. Unless and until one decides on a long-term goal, then only one can take small steps in that direction. This, on the other hand, requires time and patience. Discipline and consistency are two other key aspects that are important in order to achieve this long-term vision.

3. Mission For Motivation

It is a common notion that motivation is a fuel that is necessary for success. Motivation helps one to be focused and dedicated, which is very important for any task. The importance of motivation has often been stated by the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos. He, too, believes in the power of motivation. He stated that finding meaning in his business is the secret to his success, as it keeps him motivated.

4. Hacker Mindset

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, attributes his success to “the hacker mindset.” According to him, one should take risks. He states the greatness of anything or anyone can be judged by their capability to take risks. He incorporates a willingness to take risks coupled with the desire for innovation.

5. Learn, Learn, Learn

One should always learn. The zeal to learn and gain knowledge has been stressed time and again by various great people. Michael Bloomberg, too, states that his key to success is his constant willingness to learn every day. For Michael, the world has an unending sea of knowledge, and no matter how hard one tries, one cannot reach the end, but one should continue that journey of learning.

6. Playing It Safe

Charles Koch is another big name known for his success. He believes that his market-based management style has immensely contributed to his success. He adopts this play-it-safe policy and states how it changed his fate. He even stated one should take calculated risks and not rush to conclusions.

7. Beat The Competition

Bernard Arnault practices a more radical approach in his ventures. He makes it very clear that the primary reason behind his success is his ability to beat the competition. His advice is to beat any competition that one faces. He does not shy away from pushing other people out of the race.

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8. Consumer Tech

The co-founder of Google with Sergey Brin, Larry Page attributes his success to his immense focus on catering to consumer technology. For him, it is very important to know what the consumer desires. One should only put the foot forward in business when one is well versed in the workings and mechanisms of consumer tech.

9. Learn From Failures

It is often quoted time and again that one should learn from failures and not see them as barriers or hindrances in the way of success. The Mexican billionaire Carlos also stresses the importance of learning from failures. He believes that this results in avoiding the repetition of the same mistakes. Learning from failures also creates a space for growth.

10. Proper Delegation

Meg Whittman gives huge credit to proper delegation. Whittman states that the supreme power of her success lies in the careful and proper delegation of work among her employees and team workers. The division of tasks is important, and for this, one has to be aware of the potential of different people.

11. Attention To Details

Zhou Qunfei is a name that shocked many in the world. She’s one of the richest self-made women in the world who stood at par with all the leading businesses dominated by males. She attributes her success to paying attention to details, big and small, in her business. For her, paying attention to the details can be a huge game-changer.

12. Time Management

Ingvar Kamprad states one of the qualities that is lacking by many is the proper management of time. Kamprad believes that wasting time is equivalent to wasting money as well as your potential, particularly as an entrepreneur. Therefore, the efforts must be such that they ensure minimum wastage of time. All the tasks should be ensured in such a way as to utilize the maximum amount of time, resulting in great outputs.

13. Crisis Factor

Carlos Helu believes that with proper research, one can take charge of a company or industry in crisis and turn it around to avail maximum profits. Full-fledged research is what should be opted for before taking any minor or major decision. Helu states that research can change the shape and face of the company or business.

14. Paving Ways

John Rockefeller stresses the importance of new ways. One should sometimes take the road less traveled, as John believes that it can do wonders. Being different can actually be the prime reason behind your success. He stated that in order to achieve success, one must “strike out on new paths rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.”

15. Taking It In Stride

Larry Ellison says that venturing into new paths is bound to invite criticism, and the trick to succeeding in such situations is to take it in stride! This is very important as one tries to see oneself in a negative light due to the triggering and harsh criticism, so taking in a stride can actually work in ways one has never imagined.

This article is full of insights from great people who made it big on their own. Learning through one’s own experience is a definite method of growth but learning from leaders amps up the speed and accuracy toward attaining success. 

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