Top 15 Things You Dont Know About The Fashion Industry

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Which is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world right now? Yes, you guessed it right. It is the fashion industry, you guys. But do you know, that there are so many things that we still don’t know about it? Here, we will make you go through some of the amazing unknown facts of the fashion industry.

Top 15 Things You Dont Know About The Fashion Industry

1. New Trends Every Week: 

fashion trends
source: HelloGiggles

Many brands such as H&M, Forever 21, ASOS bring new trends every week. People love to shop from there, mostly because it is cheap and more wearable in day-to-day life. The weekly new collection is called fast fashion and it destroying our planet very rapidly.

2. Zara Doesn’t Advertise: 

source: jing daily

Yes, the world’s largest retail store doesn’t advertise. The 0% advertising technique is going very well for the company and their cost has reduced drastically. Undoubtedly, customers love this brand and are very famous amongst the people for their fashionable yet affordable clothes.

3. Style Icons Will Never Die: 

style icons
source: anythingher

Some of the fashion icons from the golden era never die. We still celebrate their style and love them for their unmistakable fashion sense. They are the proof of ‘good style never dies’ and even after 20-30 years down the line, we still enjoy wearing those styles.

4. Influencers Are Starting Their Own Companies: 

source: harper’s bazaar

The boost in social media has also given a rise in the number of influencers today. They are social media celebrities and have millions of followers. This has led them to start their brands or collaboration with some of the already established brands. 

5. The Most Expensive Wedding Dress: 

the most expensive wedding dress

The most expensive wedding dress in the world is 12 million dollars. It has real diamonds on it and is made by a Beverly Hills-based designer who uses this dress to promote her designs and bridal salon.

6. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: 

cryptocurrency and blockchain
source: cryptoheroes

This is just starting to gain acknowledgment in this industry. This will make us enable to track the entire history of the supply chain behind each item, from production to distribution. 

7. OOTD Is The Most Used Hashtag: 

source: instagram followers

Fashion bloggers and influencers on the internet are very often seen promoting various brands on the internet. One place where you can always find something new to wear is under the hashtag OOTD (Outfit of the day). It is used by almost every social media user and is very famous all around the world.

8. Bernard Arnault, Wealthiest Man In This Industry: 

Bernard Arnault
source: the national

This 71 years old man has a net worth of around 10,680 crores USD. He is the chairman of one of the most popular high-end fashion brands, Louis Vuitton. So, next time when you are luxury shopping, remember this guy.

9. Under-Paid Laborers In The Industry: 

child labor
source: raconteur

Many fashion brands pay their workers very less for the amount of work they take from them. The exploitation of laborers in this industry is really sad. They take work from children below 14 years of age too.

10. Fashion Industry Pollutes The Most: 

source: impact school magazine

Almost 20% of global water pollution is due to the fashion industry which makes them the 2nd biggest polluter of water. Along with that, they also create soil pollution by dumping many of their unsold stuff and even some luxury brands burn their unsold items creating air pollution as well.

11. Racism Is Still On Editorials and Runways: 

Racism Is Still On Editorials and Runways
source: harper’s bazaar

Most covers are owned by the white models and the same goes for the runways. Black people were not allowed to pursue modeling, not even Asians. Seeing different faces and colors on the runway is not very common.

12. Models Die Due To Starvation: 

models die due to starvation
source: tradesy

Modeling might appear to be a very glamourous job to do but at the same time, it is a very tedious task. To maintain a certain figure they used to starve themselves and the long working hours highly exhaust them. They used to die due to dehydration and lack of nutrition in their body. Thankfully this norm is changing now and the big fashion brands are considering this.

13. Muslim Models On Runway: 

muslim models on the runway
source: moraccan ladies

We have hardly seen Muslim women modelling and this is due to their culture. But in the year 2018, during the Milan Fashion Week, many Muslims were seen modelling and acing the runway in their beautiful hijab.

14. Marilyn Monroe Dresses Are The Most Expensive:

Marilyn Monroe Dresses
source: the national

At this moment, the dresses worn by Marilyn Monroe are sold at very high prices. They iconic white dress of her was sold for 4 million dollars and another white see-through dress was sold for 1 million dollars. 

15. 3D Printing Technology Is The Future: 

3D printing technology
source: 3D printing industry

This might be a new edition of fashion but it is surely loved by so many designers and brands. They create new things by shaping almost anything and everything. It is already added in the haute couture and is ready to wear fashion.

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