Top 15 Reasons To Live By The Sea

Living in a desirable place is a luxury that everyone can’t have. Talking about the most desirable and beautiful locations to build your house, there can’t be any place better than near the sea. Let’s see some of the reasons to live by the sea and what it is like. 

Top 15 Reasons To Live By The Sea

1. Never Bored of the View

the view
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There’s something about the coastal areas, that you never get bored of the view. It doesn’t have to be a famous location, it could be anywhere on the earth. Looking at the rising sun and the setting is the most satisfying thing ever.

2. Makes you Appreciate the Natural Environment

 natural environment
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Nature is the most wonderful thing in the world and we all must respect it. When we are living close to it then we understand the beauty and importance of it much better as compared to people who live in cities and towns. Marine life is beautiful, be it whales or dolphins, or sea turtles, or maybe just seashells coming on the beaches. All makes us happy.

3. Sound of the Sea

Sound of the sea
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The sound of waves is actually therapeutic. It calms our minds and much scientific evidence proves that the sound of water rejuvenates our minds. Many doctors use the sound of the sea to treat their patients. It is actually very relaxing.

4. Great Place for Meditation

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There can’t be any place better to meditate when you are close to nature. Sitting on the beach sand, feeling the cold and fresh breeze on your body, the sound of the waves etc instantly lifts your mood. It is a great place to relax your mind and you can mediate very effectively.

5. You get More Sun

You get more sun
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Sunlight provides Vitamin D to humans which is very important for the body, especially for our bones. If you live near the sea, you are going to spend more time outdoors than indoors, and the more sun you get, the better it is. People who live by the sea have automatically better health conditions as compared to others who don’t.

6. Fresh Air Cleans you

Fresh air
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The fresh air near the sea helps you uplift your mood. The fresh air near the sea increases the level of oxygen in your body. Spending some time on the beach automatically rejuvenates someone’s mood and if you live there, then what’s better than that.

7. Seafood

source: metro

How can we talk about the sea and not mention the great seafood that we get from there? Eating seafood, sitting near the sea, and watching the waves dance in front of your eyes is an extra addition to your pleasure.

8. Swimming in the Sea is Good for You

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Swimming is anyway a very good exercise. But swimming in the sea rather than in a swimming pool has many more benefits. The salty water and the minerals present in the sea are very good for your skin and it also helps in curing many diseases.

9. All Leisure Activities

Leisure activities
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There are so many activities that you can do near the sea. Be it surfing, jet skiing, body surfing, water skiing, sailing, etc, you name it and you will get it there. You can also enjoy fishing on the beach in a boat, it is a very fun activity to do too. Also, swimming with the dolphins is something that is on everyone’s bucket list.

10. Gives you Status

Gives you status
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Who doesn’t want to live by the sea? When you tell someone that your home is near to any coastal area, they are automatically going to be jealous. The breathtaking view all day is enough to make people want to live there. The property near the sea is comparatively costlier than the other properties and if you live there, it will only add to your status.

11. Better Sleep

Better sleep
source: the indian express

We already know that the sound of the sea and the fresh air near the sea helps you relax your mind and rejuvenates your body. All these things help the human body to sleep better at night. Also, exercising near the sea is very helpful for having a good night’s sleep.

12. You will be Healthier

You will be healthier
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As mentioned above, it is scientifically proved that people who live near the sea are much healthier than the people who don’t. It has many health benefits that improve both your body and mind.

13. It will make you Happier

It will make you happier
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As we have mentioned earlier, living by the sea will not just make you healthier but happier too. The sound of the waves, the birds chirping, the cold breeze are the instant mood lifters. No wonder, why people spend their holidays near the sea.

14. You will Exercise More

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People who live by the sea automatically turns toward exercising more and be more fit. The fresh air will make you wanna go have a walk or jog on the beach. Or doing yoga in the sun is the most soothing thing ever.

15. Connects you to Nature

Connects you to nature
source: live science

As we talked about above that it helps you to respect nature, similarly living by the sea helps you to connect to mother nature even more. It will help you realize the importance of it and also it will help you to become a better person in life.

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