Top 15 Affordable Places to Study around the World

Studying abroad is a dream for many. For this dream to come true, you need a complete and perfect plan to manage your expenses.

Top 15 Affordable Places to Study around the World

1. Germany

Source- Studying in Germany

Germany is the best place to study abroad in terms of its universities and courses offered. Public universities do not charge any fees. However, the living cost may be a little expensive, but it primarily depends on your lifestyle. 

2. France

Source- EDUopinions

France is also a centre for foreign students, especially in Paris. Tuition fees are the same for both foreign students and domestic students. But the living cost may vary as per the location of residence. If you want to live in Paris, be prepared to spend more as it is the most desired location among all the cities in France.

3. India 

Source- DNA India

India is one of the most affordable places for studying. It has great exposure at minimum cost. India is a multilingual country, but most of the people can speak English. The tuition fee may vary depending upon the different universities and the program you choose. However, it will not exceed 8000 USD. 

4. Spain 


Studying in Spain is quite cheap for all foreign students. The fees in public universities may range between 56,800 rupees to 1,09,000 rupees, and in private universities, it may be between 4,60,000 rupees to 15,00,000 rupees. Spain provides affordable housing and the atmosphere is perfectly suited for enjoying the summer breeze. 

5. Norway 

Source- The Nordic Page

Norway is a popular destination for higher studies. Public universities in Norway do not charge any tuition fees. Students are only charged union fees which is quite small. Private universities may charge up to 600 EUR. Norway is a great destination. Its beauty has attracted many students to prefer it as the location for their studies. 

6. Scotland

Source- Britannica

Scotland offers a top-class education system and rich quality of life. The Scottish universities allow you to choose any combination of subjects as per your wish. The tuition fees may vary from 19,00,000 to 39,00,000 depending upon the university. It also offers various scholarship programs for its foreign students. 

7. Finland

Source- tandem

Finland is also a great destination for affordable studies. The Finnish universities do not charge any fees to their students. But living here is slightly problematic because, in order to receive a residence permit, you must show that you have 560 EUR a month for your requirements. 

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8. Luxembourg 


Luxembourg is a small country where half of its population comprises foreign people. Luxembourg has only one university, but it is ranked second internationally. The university only charges a small enrollment fee of rupees 35,000 in the first semester and after that, it goes down to rupees 15,000. 

9. Czech Republic 

Source- International Schools Guide

The Czech Republic was voted as the 12th most popular country among foreign exchange students. It doesn’t charge any fees except for enrollment fees for its Czech programs. The fees may comparatively rise a little for English programs.  

10. Saudi Arabia 

Source-Times Higher Education

Saudi Arabia offers a wide range of courses, especially in Islamic studies. It also provides various scholarships to its non- Saudi students. The tuition fee varies widely depending on the university. The fees may start at 4,50,000 rupees and it increases for the Master’s degree

11. Australia


Australia is a great place to study due to its location as well as the various opportunities that are available here. The average cost of studying in Australia is 9,70,000 rupees to 24,30,000 rupees. 

12. Japan 

Source- GaijinPot Blog

Japan is considered to be the most affordable and the best place to study for Indian students. The country offers various courses, and the rich culture of Japan is something worth experiencing. The average tuition fee expands from 8,50,000 rupees to 20,00,000 rupees. 

13. South Korea 

Source- The Education Abroad Network

It is one of the most famous destinations for studies among the students of Asia. The reason behind its popularity is affordable education and accommodation. The average cost of the courses in South Korea is 4000-20000 USD. 

14. UAE

Source- Expatica

The United Arab Emirates is one of the many choices for students who wish to study abroad. Though the tuition fees are comparatively higher than in other countries, there are various scholarships and funding programs for international students.

15. Malaysia

Source- GUSRC

Malaysia is one of the cheapest countries in the world. Malaysia has universities from various other countries, such as the Nottingham University of the UK. It allows you to get a degree from these universities at an affordable cost. Living cost in Malaysia is US$3550 and tuition fees may extend up to US$4000. 

If you plan to pursue studies abroad, the above recommended places could aid you in choosing the best destination for your education.

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