Top 15 Amazing Beauty Secrets

Self-care and maintenance is something almost everyone likes and follows. We have compiled a list of 15 amazing beauty secrets that can change your daily makeup and skincare routine.

Top 15 Amazing Beauty Secrets

1. Vaseline for the Extra Highlight

Source- AFD

If you desire to highlight a specific area, Vaseline is all you need. Yes, you read it right. Dab a smidgen of Vaseline on areas where you apply your highlighter in order to render an extra pop. You will definitely see the shine.

2. Line the Waterline with Nude Shade of Kajal


Nude kajal can help to widen your eyes, which is in contradiction to the application of dark kajal. You only need to find a kajal that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone. Then, apply it to your waterline. This will give the illusion of big and brighter eyes.

3. Blow Dry the Eyelash Curler to Get Amazing Outcome

Source- Seventeen Magazine

You can DIY your own lash curler by blowing hot air on the eyelash curler. The added heat will help you curl your lash faster, thus, enhancing your beauty and keeping the lashes in the desired position for a longer duration.

4. Try and Mix Shades of Lipstick and Create Your Own Color

Source- Bustle

Do you get bored of using the same lip shades again and again? Then it is time to experiment. Mix your favourite shades and make a new signature shade of your own. Don’t spend money on new lipsticks. Instead, try this hack once and you will love it for sure.

5. Switch from Primer to Aloe Vera Gel

Source- Body Cupid

Almost everyone is aware of the fact that beauty products contain chemicals. The skin absorbs chemicals when the products are used. For taking good care of the skin, it is essential to switch some of the products. For instance, use aloe vera gel instead of primer. It will have the same effect as a primer. Moreover, its effect will be gentler on the skin.

6. Wash Your Face the Right Way

Source- bioClarity

Never wash your face with soap. It will dry your skin. Soaps can mess up your skin’s pH balance and turn it dry. There are alternate ways to wash your face. You could choose from oil cleansers to sonic brushes.

7. Sunscreen Your Hands

Source- Penn State News

Sunscreen should be applied every time you go out in the sun. Never skip sunscreen lotion because UV rays are the primary cause of tanned and aging skin. To protect the skin from harmful UV rays, you need to use sunscreen lotion.

You should also keep in mind that your hands also require much needed protection from the sun. Therefore, apply the lotion to your hands as well.

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8. Drink More Water

Source- Colorado Primary Health Care

Drink plenty of water from morning until night, not only when you are super thirsty. Hydration is the key to maintaining radiant skin. Eight 8-ounce glasses is the recommended minimum water consumption on a daily basis. So, drink more water and stay hydrated.

9. Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

Source- Free Vector

Maintaining a proper diet is a must. It will help to stay fit and add glow to the skin. Make a chart and include plenty of vegetables and vitamins in it. Following a diet plan is highly recommended and appreciated.

10. Make Your Own Lip Scrubs

Source- Netmeds

Use sugar and honey to make your own DIY lip scrub. Lip scrubs help in removing dead cells from the lips, and it will make your smile better and brighter.

11. Maximize Lash Volume by Brushing it Down 

Source- Inglot

First, coat mascara on the lash in a downward motion, and see the difference. This beauty secret will enhance the eye look by maximizing the lash volume.

12. Powder the Lashes

Source- ELLE

You can dust some translucent powder on the lashes after the first coat of mascara. This will add volume to the lashes by making them appear thicker. Now add a second coat of mascara to cover the powder dust. You will see the difference for yourself.

13. Dab Eyeshadow to a Lip Shade

Source- L’Oreal Paris

You can add colour to your lipstick by dabbing a colourful eyeshadow shade to your preferred lipstick. This will make your lipstick look more matte and better.

14. Better than a Straightener

Source- All Things Hair

Clip bobby pins on your strands after washing them so that they stay straight overnight. This will turn your hair straight without a straightener. You can follow this beauty hack and get rid of your frizzy hair.

15. The Illusion of Thicker Eyebrows

Source- Woman & Home

For fuller and natural looking eyebrows, take a bar of soap. Rub a spoolie on it until a waxy, white consistency is formed. Brush your brows with it and see amazing results.

These are some of the DIY beauty secrets that can be used to achieve the desired results. Less effort, less expense, health-oriented, more productive and better results are some of the factors that mark these beauty secrets. So, go on and test it to experience the results. 

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