Top 15 Problems Beautiful People Face That May Shock You!

You may be wondering how being beautiful is a problem. But let me tell you, there is a drawback to everything. People assume that being attractive makes life easier. But the reality of being attractive also has a story that is different from its mainstream representation. Beauty comes with a price, and you must pay for it.

You may desire to be pretty, but life does not become easier when you are the most beautiful person in the room. Most attractive people are not the happiest, as they can be lonely at times. The list of pain that the beautiful confront could be some of these:

Top 15 Problems Beautiful People Face That May Shock You!

1. Major Trust Issues

Beautiful people end up having major trust issues.
Source- Psychalive

The Gods and Goddesses of the body of course want to be loved for the person they are, not only for their physical appearance. As someone who may often be referred to as beautiful, in bed you often wonder, “Is it me or is it my body that they want?’”

You wish to be appreciated for your stance on politics or novels. But none of that matters because people have preconceived opinions about beautiful people. People just adore your body and ignore the beautiful mind within you.

When you encounter such issues, it is better, to be honest with your partner and ask them your concerning questions directly. You have to open up to them so that they can see you, the whole of you.

2. Ready-made Personality

Beautiful people have ready-made personalities
Source- PsyPost

People often assume things about others. Thus, it can be difficult to develop a personality when people are frequently projecting a ready-made one about you. They construct you as arrogant, self-loathing, and selfish, but what they don’t know is that you are being projected with their constructed characteristics.

Beautiful people are expected to be sociable. If you turn out differently, you are labelled as arrogant. But in reality, you could be simply shy or quiet. One good way to tackle this problem is to smile at people when you meet them and engage them in a conversation about themselves. By doing so, they will talk about themselves and you only have to listen to them.

3. Loneliness

Loneliness often strike beautiful people the most.
Source- Evan Marc Katz

Beauty is synonymous with loneliness. Some people might hesitate to become friends with you. They assume you already have several friends. Moreover, they could be intimidated by your beauty and appearance, because of which, they never come forward to offer you friendship.

If this is the case with you, and you would like to have more friends, you need to step out of your comfort zone and start a conversation.

4. Negative Attention

Negative attention
Source- Everyday Health

Since people aren’t approaching you for friendship, their intention could be to get laid. You might experience men roaming around you. Their only intention could be to simply get a beautiful woman as a notch in their bedpost.

This can be the biggest problem anyone could face. If you happen to be pretty according to some beauty reference point, men sometimes want to be with you for physical pleasure alone. But you deserve to have a deep romantic connection, just like any other person.

If you experience such negative and tiring situations, you need to be clear and firm with men and their advances towards you.

5. “You Have It Easy”

You have it easy
Source- Dumb Little Men

Since you are beautiful, people assume your life is easier. Because of your beauty, you never had to deal with any issues. This assumption stays true not only for women but for beautiful men as well.

However, we do know that all these assumptions are false, and every person has to deal with their problems themselves. Be it, anyone, your problem is yours to deal with, and no one can invalidate what you’re going through!

6. Stupid Bimbo

Beautiful people are treated as dumb.
Source- Pinterest

Have you ever been called this? Yes, you certainly might have. Because when it comes to girls and beauty, women are wrongly assumed to be stupid in the eyes of others. A woman cannot be beautiful and at the same time clever. This is an eternal assumption that you face, my friend.

This obviously is baseless because looks and intelligence aren’t linked at all. Even if you are beautiful with brains, most people will only fall for your beauty. One of the many ways by which you can deal with this kind of stereotype is by having patience and letting your smartness shine.

7. Other Women May Absolutely Despise You

Other Women May Absolutely Despise You
Source- National Herald

One of the pitfalls of being beautiful is the resistance that other women have towards you. When you try to be friends with a woman, you feel like you are a guy trying to woo her. They won’t trust you and they don’t want you to be around their husbands. They even try to exclude you from their lives and from parties with no explanation.

It is almost like people are not concerned about your feelings since you got the looks. People do not believe that you may feel the same pain. Instead, they simply assume that life has already played favourites.

Women hate women because of external appearance and out of jealousy. Therefore, they conspire and lie to bring the other down. Instead of lifting each other, they choose a different path which leads to hatred and self-destruction.

Just be patient and look out for honest and opinionated women. They will be there for you and they will help you rise.

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8. Not Being Taken Seriously At Work

You won't be taken seriously at work.
Source- Thomasnet

At work, many women experience implicit and explicit sexist prejudices. At work, you are not taken seriously even though you know better than any man on the team. People think you are just a woman and women know nothing. They see you as a liability and not an asset. Even though you are the gem of their crown.

You may have to prove yourself repeatedly and still fail in their eyes. But to overcome this, you have to stand strong and face the wind. SPEAK! SPEAK! SPEAK! Never let your guard down and one day they will see what you truly are.

9. You Are More Persuasive

Source- Livecareer

Good looks may provide you with more confidence, which helps you in persuading others. Research says that recruiters while interviewing people of the opposite sex tend to get influenced by their beauty, and are more likely to hire them.

Even if cute people aren’t trying to persuade someone, they just have to ask for something to get what they want. They can even get away with things like passing an exam or getting into clubs for free. But many don’t like using their charms to their advantage.

If you are someone with such persuasive power, then it’s up to you to use it or not.

10. Beauty Isn’t Eternal And You Know It!

Beauty is not eternal and you are aware.
Source- sixtyandme

Beauty has its own limitations. It fades away with time. As you age, you feel your physical beauty slipping away. But you should know that it isn’t the most fundamental thing that’s necessary to succeed in life.

You have to be prepared for the time to come. You have still got yourself and your amazing personality, which should be enough for you.

11. You Can Become Arrogant

You can become arrogant
Source- The Every Girl

Since people fear talking to you, they consider you to be arrogant. Many people assume you may not be interested in them, so they drift apart from you. They gossip about things they don’t even know about you.

You can show your kindness and take the first step in a friendship. This way they will get to know you better.

12. You Are Expected To Be More!

Expectations rise
Source- imgflip

People usually have higher expectations of you. People even link all kinds of positive features to their beauty. But in this situation, not only are positive features looked up to but so are positive results. Because you are beautiful, you are expected to be more.

But it’s not that simple because you may fail too. The disappointing aspect about it is that you will be continuously judged for it.

13. Many Think Attractive People Are Always Nice, Funny, And Trustworthy

With several expectations come pressure to be 'better'
Source- BBC

No matter the age, people unconsciously believe that if you are gorgeous, you are also funny, honest, and reliable. People tend to be more forgiving of handsome individuals, and in the end, you might find more people depending on you than you’d like. Plus, there can be no room for error in such relationships.

14. People Tend To Think You Are Healthy

False image of health puts pressure
Source- Entrepreneur.India

“Beautiful people have a fit body and an average weight. They take care of their bodies and try to stay in shape, which makes healthy people stand out. They tend to be more conscious and believe in a healthy diet- some light exercises and water.”

These are common beliefs that in reality, can be quite a burden on people considered beautiful.

Attractive people do take care of their bodies and health, but this does not mean that others don’t. Everyone is equally concerned about their health. Forcing expectations on people often leads to disorders or other sorts of problems. SO while it may come off as a good thing, it can be very damaging.

15. You Are Likely To Be Misinterpreted

Source- Inc.

You have to give special attention to your actions because your actions are more likely to be misinterpreted. Your friendliness will be perceived as coquetry and your bashfulness as unkind.

You need to be strongly aware of the signals you exude because often, they’ve not received the way you intend.


These are a few pointers that you may have undergone, but the list is endless. People blessed with beauty also suffer a lot and others should take note of it as well. Beautiful people may have beauty and persuasive skills, but on the other hand, they also lack many things, like true friendship, love, or a safe space.

You just have to believe in yourself, then conventionally beautiful or not, every hurdle will seem small and conquerable.

Now you might be reading this and thinking, that most of these are problems everyone goes through. Well, that’s because EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL!

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