Top 15 Amazing Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are your happy place. For teenagers, it’s a place they can call their “own”, a place they can decorate the way they want, with what they want and how they want it. No matter how many vacations you go on or how many places you visit, they won’t give you the comfort your home does, or rather, your bedroom.

Have you ever wanted to set your room in a way it makes you feel at peace? Makes you want to come home more often? Makes your room more beautiful and warm to be in? If you are in dilemma regarding what to do with your room, here are the top 15 ideas that are cost friendly and very easy to follow.

Top 15 Amazing Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom

1. Fairy Lights


These are small coloured, electric lights that are used for decoration purposes especially during festivals like Diwali and Christmas. These lights are best if you want your room to give a warm vibe. You may put it in any way you like- hanging from one wall to the other, or on the wall in different designs, you can clip pictures on it too and go down the memory lane once in a while.

2. Pops of Color


If you want to colour without a comprehensive commitment, inject your art and accessories with hits. A room isn’t complete without leaving your own colourful mark on it- a good way to highlight small details and your personality. These different colours can emerge in your bed sheets, lamps, wallpaper, accessories, carpet, pillows and much more. A few of the colours that are usually recommended are purple, blue, yellow, green or multi-colour. Always remember that the tones of these colours make a difference too. Thus, choose wisely.

3. Spray the fragrance


Whenever someone enters your room, one of the first few important things they notice is the fragrance of your room. Your room must smell welcoming and should be able to set a certain mood. You may use freshly cut flowers, scented candles, incense sticks, aroma oils or your good old room fresheners. Refrain from using heavy scents as light ones are preferred more.

4. Pile of Pillows


Nothing makes a room look fancier than pillows. You may buy pillows and cushions of different shapes and sizes, cover them with different colors, textures and put them on your bed or around the room wherever they look good. Don’t be afraid to be unique.

5. Reveal a Personal Side


Your bedroom should express your personality and not just the design principles. Feel free to go off centre- frame your artwork, your achievements, stick posters, pictures of every first-timers or how you evolved as a person all these years, write your own quotes and articles- showcase your personality in these forms and let your room define you.

6. Creativity into Work


If you have a creative mind, then why not use it? If you can draw or paint well, then let’s put that ability to work. Paint your own walls, and furniture or give a colorful outline to pictures hanging on your wall. Draw your room. If you don’t want to use colors, a black marker will be perfect too. Doodle around, make borders, and live inside a drawing.

7. Live Natural


Instead of working hard on décor items, how about we keep plants in the room? Small or big plants, whichever you are fond of. The greenery around can make a big difference in your mood. Do it if you are ready to give them the needed attention. Decide at your own risk.

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8. Themes


If you like a certain theme and want to showcase that in your room, then go ahead and do it. Themes can range from space, stars, adventure to Japanese, a flowery print, 80s theme etc.

9. Bedroom Setting


Small details can make a colossal disparity. If you have a room with less space, move the furniture around a little. Place your bed against the wall so it won’t take up much space; instead of large décor pieces, keep small ones, you may buy a petite rug for your room, and furniture like tables and chairs can be pushed up against the wall too. These can make a lot of space in your room and make it look comfortable. Small rooms if set in the right way can give off a warm vibe and space you would want to spend your time in.

10. Fancy Products


If you have attractive bottles, perfumes, locks, bands or jars, make your room look good by placing them in different corners, or you could paint them up in attractive ways if they look too bland. Allocating them around will give them a beautiful look.

11. Dress Up Your Room


There are times when you want to cake-up your room with minimal efforts. In such cases, when buying curtains or rugs, make sure to buy ones that match the mood, the walls, bed sheets (most of them). See-through coloured curtains are highly recommended. They give a nice touch and a kiss of sunlight makes it even better.

12. Embrace Minimalism


Add space to your bedroom by narrowing it down to your favourite essentials. The focus of the room is undeniably the bed, so it is better to keep furniture pieces and accessories down to a minimum. If you feel the room looks too empty, then give it a light colour that goes overall with everything- soft grey, peach, pink, lavender, light blue or yellow. Yellow is recommended only if you don’t have enough sunlight entering your room.

13. Create an Alcove or Wall Niche


Creating a built-in inside the room really helps in maximizing the storage and avoids the unnecessary purchase of shelves and racks. It is a good idea when you don’t want a clutter of things hanging around the wall. This idea is recommended only for those who have thick walls in their house.

14. Pin Away


Buy a bulletin board and dedicate it to one of the walls. Pin/stick as many pictures you like, as many sticky notes, important reminders, quotes, articles etc. It is one of the best ways to add a fun touch of glam to your room. Decorate the border of the board the way you want to- with streamers, cut-out flowers or different shapes.

15. Glow in the Dark


Do you know what is appealing and pleasant to look at? Glow in the dark stickers for your room. You can enjoy it only at the night-time, but it is worth the day’s wait. Sticking them all over the ceiling can really make it look like you have none at all. There is nothing better than enjoying the sight of stars while you are in your bed.

With the endless variety of decor ideas, the task has become tricky and complicated. Interior designers can provide you with tons of perceptions, but the final decision will always be yours. Think with a clear head and be sure about what you want. Don’t stress about it. At the end of the day, choose what truly represents you.

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