Top 15 Themed Cafes Around The World You Must Visit

Themed cafes are definitely the most trending hangouts. There have been cafes with elaborate themes such as Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast and themes as simple and elegant as nature’s theme. Here is a list of the Top 15 themed cafes around the world that will leave enthralled and mesmerized.

Top 15 Themed Cafes Around The World You Must Visit

1. The Mermaid Cafe

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This Mermaid cafe is the dreamiest cafe one can ever visit in Thailand. Guests get a long mermaid tail to wear and delicacies such as sweet cupcakes topped with swirls of pink, blue and purple frosting, sandwiches with candy pearls and decadent cake slices.

2. Hogwarts cafe

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For all the Potterheads out there, this cafe is pure heaven. This has a replica of floating candles, and the menu includes butterbeer, Muggles burger, Sectumsepara and so on. Harry Potter books to are available at this place. Every table has a Harry Potter symbol on it too.

3. Cabbages and Condoms

Source: bangkok

This café is the brainchild of Mechai Viravaidya (aka Mr Condom). He wanted to make people familiar and comfortable with the idea of condoms and hence, started this cafe. This cafe can seat over 400 customers and the walls are featured with dotted condoms. Illuminated with “condom pom-poms”, the bill here arrives, not with mint, but with condoms!

4. Beauty and the Beast Café

Source: boredpanda

Beauty and the Beast are definitely one of the best stories and a world in which everyone wants to get lost. This cafe works on the theme of Beauty and the Beast, the dishware too, resembles Mrs Potts and Chip. Clock tarts and ‘Try the grey stuff” are the best delicacies available here.

5. Fukurou Sabou owl Café

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People can never be satisfied with the options they have to keep pets. This place can fulfil one of the most peculiar fantasies of people, to dine with owls. After the success of cat cafes around the world, this place has begun a new trend by petting owls and letting their customers hold an owner or even have one sit on your shoulder while you dine!

6. Alice in a labyrinth

Source: tokyoexceess.blogspot

This place is so much more than a cafe, it’s a storybook in itself. Every corner in this cafe will make you feel minute and insignificant in the fantasy world. Even the food here is themed. The ice cream resembling the Cheshire cat, appetizers shaped like hearts and cards steal the show in this place.

7. Vampire Café

Source: lacarmina

Vampires are definitely the most fancied beasts of all times, thanks to Twilight. This cafe in Tokyo is one of the spookiest and craziest cafes around the world. The colour is, of course, Blood Red! Even the basins in the restroom are stained with blood. The Blood rose cocktail is the most famous cocktail in this place.

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8. Laundromat café

Source: theculturetrip

In Laundromat cafe, Copenhagen, customers bring their laundry, pop it a machine and then grab their drinks and enjoy the food.  This place provides an unusual solution to residents to get on top of their domestic chores, chill with friends and still complete all their work!

9. Marshmallow cafe

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Squishy sweet and yummy marshmallows are a delight for everyone. When served with crispy rice and hot chocolate sauce, they are definitely a turn on. In XO marshmallow cafe, which is partly an espresso cafe and partly a retail store, they have various varieties such as Nutella, Strawberry, Salted caramel, and marshmallows in various forms such as s’mores, lattes and so on.

10. Nutella Cafe


Nutella is the heartthrob of many kids and teenagers these days. Adults too can never have enough of it. Imagine a cafe with Nutella as its theme! The best experiments with Nutella, every dish with Nutella as its main ingredient will definitely blow away all your minds. This place seems nothing less than a jar of Nutella in itself. The best include Nutella waffles, Nutella ice creams, Nutella fruit tarts, Nutella crepes and Nutella baguette.

11. Pickle café

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Pickles are the best side dish and rejuvenate every taste bud present. Pickle recipes are plenty, from classic dills to sour fantasies. This place in Manhattan, called the Pickle Guys,  have got more than 40 varieties of pickles, plus great pickle sandwiches to hog on!

12. Old School delight

Source: moodforfoodsg

Stepping into this cafe will transport you to your school days. With chalkboards and card games, this place also serves a menu on an exercise book. Located in Singapore, the best dishes available in this place are home style curry, Tuckshop winglets and Apple cake Crumble.

13. The Unicorn café


Nestles in Bangkok, this cafe will remind you of the wonderful and dreamy unicorns we all have loved as kids. Unicorn stuffed animals are offered to customers to cuddle and spend time. Rainbow coloured cakes and crepes can brighten up any gloomy day!

14. The Lab


Eve imagined a cafe themed as a science lab! This place is exactly that. This place leaves no stone unturned to make you feel like a chemistry student in a lab doing experiments. Serving sauces in syringes and cocktails in lab flasks, this place definitely nails the theme. Located in Walksewar, Mumbai, this place serves amazing desserts.

15. Beetle House Café

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This is basically a dark cafe: everything here is dark and beautiful. This place is pure bliss for all Tim Burton fans. If you miss Halloween, you don’t have to worry because this place ensures that every day is Halloween! There’s a Boozy Scavenger Hunt, where items and golden tickets are hidden all around. Imagine eating Edward Burger Hands and Alice’s cup o’tea, you’re sure to feel the vibes of Halloween all over again!

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