Top 15 Art Galleries and Museums in Mumbai

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Art and architecture build up the culture of any country. Mumbai is known for its diversity and thus has many art galleries and museums. Here are fifteen of them which you should definitely visit:

Top 15 Art Galleries and Museums in Mumbai

1. Volte

(Image source- Mumbai Live)

This place is a recent addition to the collection of art galleries but has gained enough prominence because of its art. The popularity has been gained through its Tibetan artisans and by showing seminal video works by Ranbir Kaleka.

2. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

Image source- Air France India)

It is an important museum and culture centre located in Churchgate, Mumbai. Mumbai expresses Indian culture with hints of British elements as they ruled India for a hundred years. It is a very elegant place and you can explore the diverse Indian culture in its full form. It has main sections of art, natural history and archaeology.

3. Tasveer

(Image source- Holidify)

It is a national photography collective and exhibits work of photographers from all over the world and gives a chance to budding photographers. Individuals who love photography should totally visit this place located in Churchgate.

4. Nehru Planetarium

(Image source- LBB)

It is an interactive and fun science museum making it a perfect place for children and youngsters. It teaches and showcases all about science and space. The museum has an art gallery, cultural centre and a library. Video sessions and discussions happen regularly.

5. Gallery Maskara

(Image source-

The owner of this art gallery Abhay Maskara brings artists from all around the world and exhibits their work here. The gallery is filled with unique arts and sculptures which conducts exhibitions of different artists. It is a combination of many art forms and this is what makes it different from all the other galleries.

6. Red Carpet Wax Museum

(Image source- India)

It is a museum dedicated to all the famous personalities from all over the world. Artisans have sculpted lifelike wax sculptures and then they are being placed on a red carpet. It gives you a feeling of being in the red-carpet event itself. The atmosphere is glamorous and you’ll enjoy your time here. Altogether, different from a typical museum.

7. Jehangir Art Gallery

(Image source- The City Story)

It is one of the country’s most prestigious and significant art galleries, which exhibits the art of Indian artists. It was built in 1952 and is one of the first concrete buildings in the city. The vibe of the museum itself is very ancient and historical.

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8. Bhau Daji Lad Museum

(Image source-

It is one of the oldest museums in Mumbai which was built in 1855 with lavish interiors and gilded ceilings. You can explore the history of Mumbai and have a look at Victorian architecture. It has approximately 3500 photographs and artefacts which describes Mumbai in detail. It also has some old maps, ceramics, pots, weapons, books, manuscripts and handicrafts. There is a garden, café and shop inside the museum.

9. Bombay Natural History Society

(Image source- Justdial)

This membership driven organisation is approximately 130 years old and thrives for the sole reason of conservation. They believe that conservation must be based on scientific research. There are many prominent naturalists and researchers who have associated themselves with the organisation.

10. Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum

Image source- Mahatma Gandhi)

The museum is mainly dedicated to the Father of our nation- Mahatma Gandhi. It includes his teachings, his life lessons, history and how he fought for independence. Civil Disobedience campaign was launched at this place in 1932. It is a historical museum and is great for a field visit or a research project.

11. National Gallery of Modern art

(Image source- LBB)

This art gallery is located in Colaba and was established in 1996. NGMA, the National Gallery of Modern Art, conducts various exhibitions, art collections of various artists and sculptors which has art from different civilizations which describe the diverse culture of the country.

12. RBI Monetary Museum

(Image source- Wannabemaven)

It is a museum that showcases the evolution of money through art, photographs and artefacts. The museum also has rare coins and currency notes. It is one of the most important financial institutions of India and is fun to explore. The subject of the museum is different and you can explore something entirely different.

13. B.E.S.T. Bus Museum

(Image source- LBB)

B.E.S.T. bus is the soul of Mumbai’s public transport. Thousands of people travel through these buses every day. The main focus is given to the history of public transportation. It has models of miniature buses to depict history and evolution. They too have a collection of old buses and photographs of various kinds of buses and trams.

14. National Museum of Indian Cinema

(Image source- Hindustan Time)

It is a recent addition in the list of museums as it was inaugurated on 19th Jan 2019. They show how Indian cinema has evolved and to its history. They have a lot of artefacts to show and plus have interactive digital screens. Costumes of various films, props, vintage stuff, posters, copies of significant movies, music, trailers, old cinema magazines, stats covering film making and production are all kept in a proper manner. This museum is one of a kind and is very interesting to explore.

15. Western Railway Heritage Gallery

(Image source- Museums of India)

This place will probably stop without its connection of local rails and therefore this building is dedicated to the importance and evolution of Western railways. It has rail equipment, vintage parts, models of the train, old photographs of routes, maps, lithographs of newly built stations and a collection of old train compartments.

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