Top 15 Best Picks For Backpack Trips

Traveling is something that everyone loves. And you know what, you don’t need any travel muse for yourself. Backpack trips are on the list of travel lovers. You need to keep a few things in mind before planning a solo trip, such as safety, beauty, ease, excellent price, the comfort of other solo travelers, etc. So, here we have mentioned a few of the best solo travel destinations.

Top 15 Best Picks For Backpack Trips

1. Peru, South America

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First of all, it is such a stunning place with so many mountains and glaciers. Machu Pichu is one of the most visited sites in Peru, and it is an ancient Citadel whose history is unknown. The food is really yummy, you guys. Also, you need to book a year before visiting because they tend to book out very soon.

2. Southwest, USA 

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This country is so much fun to travel alone and is quite an upfront country. Every city is astounding to travel, be it New York, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Los Angeles, New Orleans, etc. But one of the best places to visit is the Southwest. You get to see the fantastic mountains and deserts of California, and you can go camping, hiking, star watching, and many more. 

3. New Zealand 

New Zealand
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This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on planet Earth. Traveling around there is easy, friendly, safety. You can always meet up with people, make friends, join various groups, and much more. A stunning place to travel and especially for female solo travels.

4. French Polynesia 

French Polynesia
backpack trip
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Not many people really think about going to this place. But trust me, it is one of the most friendly and welcoming places of them all. You can experience scuba diving, swimming, and watch the breathtaking sea life. The culture is really favorable, and the people are lovely.

5. Bali, Indonesia

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It is such a delightful place with bewildering scenic beauty. The beaches, mountains, temples, etc., are the things that tourists are most attracted to. Also, it is a very cheap country so a trip to Bali would be really pocket-friendly. Food and activities are very affordable here.

6. Kerala, India

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Although India has a good number of places to visit, our personal favorite is Kerala. This place is famously known as ‘God’s Own Country,’ and for a good reason. Nature, rivers, beaches, hill stations, beautiful backwaters are so perfect and breathtaking. The place is very rich in culture, and the authentic South-India food made in coconut oil is finger-licking.

7. Sydney, Australia 

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Australia is such an excellent place to visit for backpack trips. The well-established tourism and the well-developed attributes make it one of the most travel-friendly places. This city is charming, and there are many things to enjoy apart from the beaches. Such as outdoor adventures, wildlife, landmarks, historical buildings, etc.

8. Italy

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This place has that charm to make you fall in love with it. The history of this place is beautiful and makes it an even more attractive place to visit. The culture, food, wine, lakes make it an ideal destination for all travelers. This place is also very famous for its art, fashion, literature, film, and design. The more you talk about this, the less it would be.

9. Paris, France

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This place is known as the ‘Fashion Capital of the World.’ This city holds many fashion weeks and is it is a delight just to roam on the roads of Paris. There’s so much art, and one of the most famous museums in the world is a delight to visit. Also, we must not forget about the iconic Eiffel Tower and the gothic Notre-Dame.

10. Thailand

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This place is on the list of all the travelers because of so many reasons. It is very tourist-friendly, affordable, easy, and offers probably one of the best cuisines in the world. There are astounding places up north. Also, in some parts of the island, you don’t get much tourism, making it less crowded and more comfortable for backpack trips.

11. Iceland

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This country is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world. The perplexing beauty will take your breath away. The impressive waterfalls, mountains, the scenery is just mind-blowing. And the best thing about this country is the stunning Northern Lights, which are bound to leave you amused.

12. The Philippines

The Philippenes
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The bluish-green water and the enchanting small islands are a delight to see. It is just so stunningly beautiful. Plus, it is very affordable, and accommodations are pretty easy to find according to your budget ranging from very low to high. A fascinating thing about this place is that you can seldom run out of islands to visit.

13. Berlin, Germany

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It is one of the most developed countries in the world and advanced too. Nature is very soothing, and the October fest there is just fab. Beautiful Christmas markets will give you a lot of enjoyment, and this city always has something going on. This city truly never sleeps, thus being suitable for backpack trips.

14. Tokyo, Japan 

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The best thing about this place is that it is very well organized and clean to travel to. The culture there is unique and fascinating, and the friendly people are always ready to help you anytime. The food is terrific, and you can also enjoy a variety of cuisines there. The beautiful shrines and the museums are a center of attraction for many tourists.

15. Cambodia

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This country is also one of the best destinations to travel to, especially when you are planning for solo traveling. The famous Angkor Vat temple and the exotic beach locations will win your heart. Also, it is a very affordable country as private accommodation here will cost you only $10. The food is impressive, making it a must-visit place for backpack trips.

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