Top 15 Places In The World Where Aurora Can Be Seen

You might have seen some shining light waves floating in the sky. These lights are way more adorable than everything we see on regular days or nights. This beautiful phenomenon of skylight exhibited by nature is known as Aurora. Yes, we are talking about the lights that seem like some photoshop edit but are truly real. If you also want to experience this miracle of nature, then here are the top 15 places in the world where aurora can be seen. 

Top 15 Places In The World Where Aurora Can Be Seen

1. Fairbanks 

Fairbanks has become a must-visit place in Alaska due to its amazing location. It is believed to come under the aurora oval. This is the region from where aurora can be seen with maximum clarity. You can watch these amazing northern lights either on an aurora hunt or just by roaming around the location at the right time. Fairbanks even have many agencies to predict the right time for watching aurora. 

2. Iceland

While going through the internet in search of aurora pictures, there are high chances that aurora pictures from Iceland will appear on top. The amazing hillside view of northern lights will leave you in awe of the beauty. 

3. Alberta

Canada also tops the list for watching the best auroras in the world. Alberta allows Canada to do so. On your way to see northern lights, you can also visit some beautiful lakes and hills to add an extra touch to your trip. Some of these popular locations are Peyto lake, Lake Louise, and Jasper. 

4. South Georgia Island

As the name suggests, South Georgia Island is counted amongst the southmost parts of the earth. The island does not have a significant population except for the period between March and September. This is actually the time when you get to see the beautiful aurora australis.

5. Yellowknife


Another city of Canada that provides the opportunity to see auroras is Yellowknife. It is the capital city of Canada and located on the northern shore of a great slave lake. In addition to the adorable northern lights, the city has a complete package of lakes, mountains, gardens, etc.  

6. Abisko


Can you believe that the Abisko village of Sweden is famous worldwide? Yes, it is for the amazing opportunity it has of viewing the auroras. Many people across the world visit this beautiful village of Sweden to witness the absolute skylights. The village is also rich in flora and fauna which will make your travel even more successful.

7. Tromso


Tromso is a very popular city in North Norway because of its historical significance. The city even holds great significance in terms of history. It is also known as the best viewpoint for the amazing scenes of the aurora.   

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8. Luosto

Luosto is a place in Finland famous for its scenic beauty and tourism experts. Many people visit this place especially for the amazing view of the aurora. Luosto provides you all the best facilities due to its supportive tourism firms. You can take any service right from traveling to photography for making your aurora watching convenient.   

9. North Sweden

North Sweden is a miracle place with two wonders of nature. The first is undoubtedly the northern lights we talked about earlier. But the other one is quite surprising as you get to see the midnight sun in the summers of North Sweden.  

10. Falkland


Falkland is a small island located 400 miles away from South America. This place has a vibrant range of wildlife and nature. Along with the amazing aurora, you can enjoy the vibe of nature very well.

11. Siberia

The best time for watching aurora in Siberia starts in January and stays for the whole year. Yes, this is a place which gives you the chance to watch auroras anytime you visit there.   

12. Kulusuk

Kulusuk is a place located in the white and hilly land of Greenland. This place experiences long periods of winters which makes it suitable for watching auroras. Make sure you visit the place at the right time i.e. winters for witnessing amazing light show if nature. 

13. Tasmania 

We cannot ignore the states of Australia when talking about aurora australis. Tasmania is an island located 240 kilometers away from the mainland of Australia. The best time to see those emerging lights in Tasmania in winter. To get regular updates, you can refer to some dedicated apps.

14. Aberdeen


Aberdeen is a city located in the north-eastern part of Scotland. The city is always in buzz due to its esteemed location that allows you to experience aurora. However, you might have to struggle a bit to get a glance at the amazing aurora as it cannot be seen all the time. 

15. Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands

Faroe island is a 1400 km square island located between Norway and Iceland. The island experiences cold winds during most months. The coldest months of Faroe islands are November to February. This is the period when you have the opportunity to see the astonishing northern lights.

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