Top 15 Industries That Can Make You A Billionaire

There are so many industries out there in the world that are working simultaneously. Thousands of people work for those industries to flourish their business and become rich. Let’s talk about some of these industries that can make you a billionaire in the long run.

Top 15 Industries That Can Make You A Billionaire

1. Engineering

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This sector is something from where almost 4% of the billionaires come from. One invention, and you will be known forever. If you have that quality to work with machines, you can surely manage to work in this industry.

2. Retail

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Be it online or from the store, we keep buying stuff in one way or the other. This sector comprises 6% of the billionaires. Take the example of Walmart’s family and online retail giants like Amazon; they all are making huge money.

3. Media And Entertainment

media and entertainment

Entertainment has various forms, be it movies, or series, or magazines, shows, etc. All of these things form a huge part of our lives. People in this field earn especially well, and many are filthy rich by now. You can take the example of Shahrukh Khan or Opera or anyone.

4. Food And Beverages

food and beverage industry
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This is the most basic need of a human being, and no matter what happens, this industry is always going to sustain itself. People on this list have made huge fortunes like KFC.

5. Energy 

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This industry is one of the surest ways to get wealthy for an extended period. Many have been made billionaires from this sector. Take the example of Mukesh Ambani, who is making a fortune out of his Reliance Industries, which is also working for the energy sector. Elon Musk has also invested heavily in solar energy.

6. Tech And Business Services

tech and business services
source: diplomatist

Whatever the sector, they all depend upon the tech and business services. Fields like logistics, communication, call centers, and many others are dependent on this. Even we are also dependent upon it for chatting, entertainment, calling, etc. It comprises 9% of billionaires, and this is huge. The likes of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, etc., have made a fortune in this industry.

7. Education

source: the statesman

As more and more people become wealthy, they are going to invest more in education. This is one sector that will never have a downfall. Investing in this sector is undoubtedly going to make you rich in the future.

8. Fashion

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It is no secret that people in the fashion industry make tons of money. Everyone needs clothes, and with the change in our day to day lives, people are indeed getting more inclined towards fashion, and it is undoubtedly going to boom further in the future. Be it high-end brands like Versace, Gucci, or be it affordable brands like Zara and Levis, all of them are making huge bucks.

9. Agriculture

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You might think that this industry doesn’t make anyone rich in India. But people who are doing commercial farming and producing some of the scarce products are making huge money. People in many foreign countries are becoming wealthy by partaking in agriculture.

10. Real Estate

real estate
source: vts

This industry caters to the people’s basic needs, and with the constant rise in the world’s population, the demand for real estate is only going to increase in the future. 9% of today’s billionaire belongs to this industry, and it is known that a considerable amount of money can be made in this sector.

11. Manufacturing

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This industry has almost 7% of the total billionaires in the world. People are always going to need things, and this will only come from this sector. People make a vast fortune out of this industry, be it the manufacturing of electrical gadgets or automobile parts.

12. Transportation

source: supermarket perimeter

Be it the transportation of humans or goods, this sector is essential for everyone. According to a survey, this industry is going to see significant growth in the coming future.

13. Aerospace And Air Transportation

aerospace and air transportation
source: business insider

Not only the government but many private companies are involved in this sector. It even has one of the biggest wealth creators. Also, there are many billionaires who invest heavily in this sector.

14. Healthcare

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It is one of our basic needs, and it goes without saying that people in this industry make tons of money. It also comprises 6% of the world’s billionaires. Being a doctor can make you super-rich, but being in the pharma industry will make you a billionaire.

15. Banking And Finance

banking and finance
source: interwork

Behind the success of any prosperous person, someone is using their money to invest it in the most appropriate place. This sector has a whopping 15% of billionaires, and some of them are from the private sector. Warren Buffet is a great example of the world’s greatest investors, and as he says, “you should know how to make money from money.”

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