Top 15 Books On Finance Everyone Should Read

These are some of the financial books that everyone NEEDS to read. Finance is an important subject in everyone’s life, irrespective of which academic background they belong to. However, not many of them make a conscious effort to gain knowledge on this subject as they find it cumbersome. Here are 15 books that will explain the basic concept of Finance in a simple language and remove all ambiguities related to the same:

Top 15 Books On Finance Everyone Should Read

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad:
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This book by Robert Kyoskii is definitely first on the list. It explains how and why the rich get richer, and what is the thought process required to be rich. The central idea of this book is to make people understand how important it is to make money work for you, and not vice versa. This book is in plain, simple language. No financial jargon is used and will undoubtedly interest you in every way possible.

2. The Intelligent Investor

2. The Intelligent Investor:
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Investment of money in the right kind of securities can lead to an increase in income and savings in taxes. However, this kind of investment requires knowledge beyond Dividends and Market Value of Shares. Benjamin Graham will definitely guide you on these lines with his book.

3. A Random Walk Down Wall Street

3. A Random Walk Down Wall Street:
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Wall Street is a street in the city of Manhattan and is the birthplace of the New York Stock Exchange. Written by Burton Gordon Malkiel, a Princeton economist, this books explains the subject of stock markets effectively.

4. Fault Lines

fault lines
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Written by Raghuram Rajan, one of the finest economists of the decade, this book efficaciously explains the 2008 financial crisis, the reasons and consequences of the same. This book won the Financial Times award in 2010.

5. The richest man in Babylon

5. The richest man in Babylon:
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Written by George Samuel Clason, this book gives financial advice through a number of parables set on ancient Babylon. The characters learn and understand Finance through a number of experiences in business and household finance. This book presents these ideas through fictional characters.

6. Digital Gold

6. Digital Gold-Bitcoin and the inside story of the Misfits and Millionaires trying to reinvent Money:
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In this era of Bitcoin and crypto-currency, knowledge about digital money becomes inevitable. Written by Nathaniel Popper, this book presents to you this overall idea in a simple language.

7. The Quest for Alpha

7. The Quest for Alpha- The holy grail of Investing:
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Another book to enlighten investors, this book clears the debate regarding active and passive investing. Written by Larry E Swedore, this book proves once and for all that active investing will be futile in the long run.

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8. The Millionaire Next Door

The Millionaire Next Door
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This book strives to break the stereotype that millionaires are people with false or illegitimate means of income. It brings out the reality, which is that millionaires are people with a better sense of financial knowledge. The authors, Stanley and Danko, have written this book after extensive research.

9. Think and Grow Rich

9. Think and Grow Rich:
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This book was written by Napoleon Hill in 1937. However, this book has not lost its relevance to date. In this book, Hill lists down 13 principles in the form of a “Philosophy for Success”. This is probably the best book an entrepreneur could read.

10. The Wealthy Barber

10. The Wealthy Barber- The common sense guide to Successful financial planning:
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This is a financial planning book franchise by Canadian author, David Chilton. The first book in this series makes use of fictional characters to convey financial advice. This book can provide one with finance on an individual level.

11. The Behaviour Gap

11. The Behaviour Gap- Simple ways to stop doing Dumb Things with Money:
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The title of the book itself presents to you the central idea of the book. This book strives to break the herd mentality of people when it comes to money, and instead, make more rational and practical decisions.

12. The Alchemy of Finance

12. The Alchemy of Finance:
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This book gives you suggestions on how to overcome market uncertainties. The financial market is dynamic, it is subject to change very frequently. Coping up with such changes and surviving such changes successfully is the idea presented by George Soros.

13. Market Wizards

13. Market Wizards:
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This book is majorly about the interviews that the author Jack D Schwager conducts with a many traders with excellent track records in profitability. Therefore, it gives the chance to learn about finance from experts themselves,

14. The Little Book of Valuation

14.The Little Book of Valuation-How to value a Company, Pick a stock and profit:
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Generally, investors tend to pay more attention to the dividends declared by a company while investing in shares. However, the real parameter is not the dividend. Wealth creation is more important than Dividend gain. This book by Ashwath Damodaran throws light on this subject.

15. The Total Money Makeover- A proven plan for Financial Fitness

15. The Total Money Makeover- A proven plan for Financial Fitness:
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Money habits play a very important role in one’s financial position and standing in life. It is thus fundamental to have healthy money habits. Author Dave Ramsey gives a simple and clear thesis on this very subject.

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