Top 15 Ways you can do your bit in Saving the Planet

Climate change and global warming have become frequent points of discussion in our daily lives. Millions of species are affected every year on our planet because of the two phenomena. Wild animals and birds are going extinct, man-made forest fires are destroying large habitats, kelp forests are disappearing, marine life is at the risk of mass extinction due to large plastic accumulation in the oceans. The need of the hour is to take constructive steps to help prevent a global catastrophe that could lead to a devastating end to normal human life as we know it.

Top 15 Ways you can do your bit in Saving the Planet

1. Compost

Organic composting at home has slowly started gaining popularity. The compost can be used as manure for plants later while simultaneously reducing the waste-collecting in landfills.

2. Switch to a bamboo toothbrush

2. Switch to a bamboo toothbrush.

Albeit a bit expensive, this toothbrush is eco-friendly compared to the regular plastic ones. It degrades pretty quickly and is also sustainable. Besides, it is known to have antimicrobial activities, which is always good, right?

3. Try menstrual cups

3. Try menstrual cups.

These silicon based soft cups are now revolutionizing the way women clock around periods. One menstrual cup has a lifespan of anywhere between 5 to 10 years and only requires simple boil sterilization before every use. That’s right, menstrual cups can be reused. Unlike pads and tampons, this is a zero-waste method of managing your period effectively.

4. Prevent deforestation and plant more trees

Just like the situation of the Aarey forest in Mumbai, there are millions of deforestation cases taking place every day in different parts of the world. It is important to stand against deforestation and take a clear stand. Plant a sapling whenever possible.

5. Maintain your vehicles

Ensure that you have your vehicle checked every few months and obtain your PUC certificate. Don’t keep it idling at traffic signals, make sure the tires are inflated the right amount. These steps ensure that your car gives you a good mileage which will further reduce the pressure of fossil fuel emissions on the environment.

6. Use rechargeable batteries

Batteries are discarded without much thought. The chemicals present in disposable batteries are corrosive, to say the least, and cause massive damage to the soil. Rechargeable batteries are expensive but they can be used for the long term and also reduce waste production.

7. Go vegan and stop meat consumption

7.Go vegan and stop meat consumption.

The meat industry has put tremendous pressure on the available water and natural resources required to breed cattle. It takes about 2,500 gallons of water to produce just one pound of beef. Besides, they are also known to contribute to greenhouse gases on a large scale. Switching to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle will help reduce this pressure on the environment.

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8. Buy local

Supporting your local businesses goes a long way, not only for the country’s economy but it also helps cut down on the transport and packaging required to get the commodity to you.

9. Take a shower

9. Take a shower.

Using a bathtub or buckets for a bath has always been to spend more water than a shower. Help save water by taking a shower instead of a bath. This doesn’t mean taking a long shower works, shower sensibly. Don’t wastewater.

10. Switch off the lights

The next time you leave your room, make sure you switch off all the lights and other electrical appliances. This will help reduce your carbon footprint.

11. Join a library

11. Join a library.

Instead of buying books, join a public library. Alternatively, a kindle works too.

12. Use public transport

Using private transport to travel sure is comfortable. But what if one day that wouldn’t be possible? Take the bus to work today and help secure the planet’s future and reduce fossil fuel consumption.

13. Consciously deny the use of plastic

 13. Consciously deny the use of plastic.

Plastic is present everywhere. Right from the pen you use to write to office stationery, water bottles, cars, etc. this commodity is omnipresent. One plastic bottle that you discard today will not have degraded in the next 100 years. Wait, will you be alive then? Don’t worry, we still have a little time left. Use cloth bags the next time you go shopping, carry steel cutlery wherever possible and carry your own water bottle instead of purchasing one every time you feel thirsty!

14. Ride a bike

Don’t like using public transport? Invest in a bike to take you places. You’ll catch up on that much-needed exercise while also helping the planet at the same time. If nothing, go walking wherever possible.

15. Most importantly, Vote

Vote for the right leaders who have the same views as you for the environment. Vote for the right people with power since they are the ones who will be able to make a large scale impact and bring change. So the next time you vote, make sure you research the candidate before supporting them.

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