Top 15 Books Suggested By Donald Trump

Every successful person has something to offer others, something that could guide the rest towards the path of prosperity. And we, the public, should feel gratified to accept it. Here, we will look at some of the books suggested by Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, a man who needs no introduction. Let’s have a look at these books.

Top 15 Books Suggested By Donald Trump

1. Essays And Lectures- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Essays and lectures, Books Suggested By Donald Trump
source: goodreads

This book discusses how you can identify your ideologies and also understand the social outlook of life. Though it can be considered a lengthy one, you must definitely give it a try. This would certainly help you expand your vision beyond your current horizon and get a better picture of things around you.

2. Iacocca: An Autobiography- Lee Iacocca

source: goodreads

This book is the autobiography of Lee Iacocca, the man who revolutionized the automobile industry. His book describes the tactics and tips, which you can inculcate in life to accomplish your set goals.

3. On China- Henry Kissinger

On China
source: amazon

Henry Kissinger, the book’s writer, was very closely related to China and its evolution for several years. This book describes China’s history through various aspects and compares present-day China and China, several years back.

4. The Last Lion- William Manchester

The last lion 2
source: audiobookstore

This is probably one of the best biographies ever written. It talks about the former Britain Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, his political life, and how he stood against Hitler and the spread of Nazism. He died a hero and is considered one of the greatest politicians the world has ever witnessed.

5. The Great Revolt- Salena Zito and Brad Todd

The great revolt
source: amazon

Both authors of worked wonderfully in the field of politics in their book. They were curious to know how Trump made into politics and the results that they found out were quite incredible.

6. One Billion Customers- James McGregor

One billion customers
source: amazon

The book’s title might sound like it is talking about some big multi-million companies and how they create such huge customer bases, but it is actually about China. Gregor spent 2 decades in China and learned every bit about the country. This book is a must-read for anyone who is planning to visit this country.

7. The Art of the Deal- Donald J. Trump

Th art of the deal
source: wikipedia

 Yes, that’s true; Trump has also recommended a book by himself in his best books list. Anyway, this book is one of the best sellers and one of the best business books out there.

8. The Art of War- Sun Tzu

The art of war
source: apkpure

This book by Sun Tzu, who was a Chinese military strategist, is basically a guide full of strategies and tactics used for warfare. Many leaders across the world have used this book during times of war.

9. Team of Rivals- Doris Kearns Goodwin

Team of rivals
source: wikipedia

This book is an excellent biography of one of the most influential people in history, Abraham Lincoln. Kearns Goodwin wonderfully portrays Lincoln, the politics of his mind, and his struggle in America, which made him one of the most glorious leaders known to the world.

10. The Prince- Niccolo Machiavelli

The prince
source: amazon

This little book will take you down the road of reality, where you’ll encounter some serious questions about life. It will make you wonder why people think that they want something, but, in reality, what they want is completely different.

11. Cashflow Quadrant- Robert T. Kiyosaki

Cashflow quadrant
source: amazon

Kiyosaki’s book is one of his most excellent writings, wherein he differentiates between financial security and financial freedom. He also talks about why people spend their whole lives working for money instead of letting their money work for them.

12. Ideas and Opinions- Albert Einstein

ideas and opinions
source: abebooks

Authored by one of the greatest minds of all times, this entry is one of the most important ones in this list of books suggested by Donald Trump. It is a great book, quite popular from his time, where he talks about several topics.

13. Talent is Overrated- Geoff Colvin

Talent is overrated
source: amazon

This book talks about people who have talent. The very essence of this book lies in the idea that if you have talent, then you will certainly make it, but if you don’t, then you might not be able to. 

14. The Power of Positive Thinking- Norman Vincent Peale

the power of positive thinking
source: dzhingarov

This book by Norman Vincent Peale guides you in achieving general positive thinking and an optimistic approach towards life. This book is for everyone who wants to change their way of thought process to achieve something.

15. The Russia Hoax- Gregg Jarrett

The Russia hoax
source: amazon

If you are a fan of Donald Trump, then you are certainly going to love this book. It talks about how Hilary Clinton and her team worked in collaboration against Donald Trump in the 2016 elections. 

So these were some of the exemplary books suggested by Donald Trump, and you should certainly give them a shot; they might help you through your life in some way or the other.

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