Top 15 Cheapest Places to Travel in the World

When you are broke and also a travel enthusiast, it is very difficult to survive. If you are someone who likes backpacking every two months and that is the reason you are out of money every month, this article is for you. Here are the top fifteen cheapest places that you can visit on a budget.

Top 15 Cheapest Places to Travel in the World

1. Thailand

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Ever thought, why did every teenage group pack their bags and travel to Thailand? Because it is one of the cheapest places to travel and it has beaches, rich culture and authentic cuisine- all the same time! You can choose your stay according to your budget and do various adventurous activities without burning a hole in your pocket.

2. South Africa

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Visit South Africa if you want to experience safaris and wildlife on a budget. The country is famous for its deserts and the variety of animals that reside here. You can live the local life here and have an adventurous holiday.

3. Iran

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Much opposed to the view of media, Iran is a very welcoming and beautiful place. People will invite you to stay in their places and that will save you from spending on hotels. The country is rich in its art, culture and architecture. You’ll find beautifully designed mosques and various museums here.

4. Venezuela

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You can literally survive on $50 for a week- the place is that affordable. If you are an adventure junkie, this place is definitely for you. From morning treks to night parties, everything is so cheap that you would want to settle there for the rest of your life.

5. Indonesia

(Image source- The Jakarta Post)

This destination is the dream of all travellers- white sand beaches, mesmerizing jungles, surfing and scuba diving experiences are a few things that attract tourists all throughout the year. The most visited place in the country is Bali. The place is suitable for adventure junkies, a romantic vacation, beach vacations, wildlife lovers and also photographers! Also, the seafood is really tasty.

6. Mexico

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Mexico is known for its diverse culture and delicious food. From beaches to the urban setting, everything is fantastic. There are so many places to visit in the country that you can spend a month here and still not get bored. 

7. India

(Image source- Hindustan Times)

The country is known for its diverse culture and heritage, art and architecture and numerous places to visit. You can hardly experience anything if you come for a week. If you want to at least see the main attractions of India, you have to be ready for a month full of travelling. Beaches, temples, museums, cities, religious places, monuments- you’ll find a blend of all travel elements in India.

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8. Colombia

(Image source- Vacayholics)

With dense jungles, Spanish colonial cities and numerous beaches, Colombia is very popular among frequent backpackers. There is everything to explore and the place is quite affordable. You can live in Spanish style guesthouses, eat amazing seafood and pay $40 for a day.

9. Cuba

(Image source- Ingle blog – Ingle International)

This country will be cheaper for you if you travel alone. Picturesque beaches, a blend of Caribbean and Spanish style, mouth-watering cuisine, good people and mesmerizing sceneries is what makes Cuba popular among broke backpackers. You can literally enjoy everything and still have a good bank balance!

10. Bulgaria

(Image source- Global Grasshopper)

Europe is very expensive but this particular place is probably the cheapest country on the continent. You can experience living in old towns, having wine by the coast and making new friends. You can have a calm and relaxed holiday here!

11. Turkey

(Image source- Travel Weekly)

This country is rich in Islamic culture and architecture. You can have Turkish meals for very cheap and stay in affordable hotels. Istanbul is one of the major reasons why people travel to this country. The landscapes and coastlines are breathtaking and exciting at the same time.

12. Greece

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The most affordable and beautiful country in the world. You won’t ever regret visiting this country. Beautiful beaches and landscapes are what makes the country so alluring. Greek food is one of the tastiest foods and you can enjoy the bliss of having Greek cuisine in the local shops.

13. Argentina

(Image source- Jing Travel)

This place is for every kind of traveller. It has beaches, wildlife, nature, river, adventure activities, cities and amazing food. You’ll enjoy your stay here because the locals are also very friendly. If you are on a budget and still want to have fun, this place is for you!

14. Sri Lanka

(Image source- TTG MENA)

The place is full of historical monuments, hill stations, beaches and amazing seafood. Sri Lanka is one of the most underestimated tourist destinations. There are also various land as well as water activities that take place, you can experience their rich culture and explore wildlife.

15. Nepal

(Image source- The Himalayan Times)

If you love trekking, you cannot miss out on Nepal. The country gives you one of the best trekking experiences and is also very affordable. You can live in hills and experience their lifestyle. You can explore a variety of flora and fauna. You’ll definitely fall in love with the beauty of this place.

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