Top 15 Weird Animals People Eat Around the World

Everyone’s taste is subjective and the food choices of different people differ as per their religion, culture, and place where they live, but there are some strange animals around the world, which you won’t believe are consumed by some folks. Here’s the list of such 15 Weird animals

Top 15 Weird Animals People Eat Around the World

1. Dogs

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These are cute, loyal and friendly kinds of animals, which are kept as pets by most people. Thinking about eating them makes us sad but It’s quite a popular dish in China, Korea and North-East India. In America, eating dogs are banned.

2. Elephants

(Image credit: VESCO)

It’s consumed because of its size as it is a big source of meat. Even though it’s an endangered animal and the consumption of this endangered animal is a big worry for conservationists, it is still quite popular in central Africa, the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

3. Tuna Eyeballs

(Image credit: Korean Food)

Eyeballs are weird as a dish in its own and eyeballs of tuna makes it weirder but Japanese and Chinese can’t stop themselves from having these bizarre dishes. Even though they look gross but the people who eat it says it tastes like a cherry tomato with a little bit of crunch.

4. Grasshopper

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Fried, smoked, toasted, grasshopper can be consumed in many ways. They are delicious and very liked by many people. All you need to do is remove its legs and wings and cook it before eating to remove any parasite it’s carrying. These are commonly eaten in Mexico, Thailand and central America.

5. Wasp Crackers

(Image credit: Weird World)

Just like in their technology Japanese are also ahead in their eating choices from rest of the world. They’ve created crackers filled with wasps. I still would prefer chocolate chips over wasps any day but if you are adventurous in your food choices then try it atleast once.

6. Fried spiders

(Image credit: Food Food)

Fear of spiders ib one of the most common phobia in the world but what is considered a nightmare for many, is a delicacy for others. It’s a popular choice of snacks in a combodian town called skuon. They say it’s an acquired taste but for many it’s an extreme phobia.

7. Stink Bugs

(Image credit: Scary Site)

These ugly looking stink bugs are considered a snack in many parts of Zimbabwe and South Africa. Science says eating Stink bugs after removing its stink glands are very beneficial for health. Healthy or not most of us would rather stay away from it.

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8. Frogs

(Image credit: Creep Sink)

These are quite common as compared to other animals. They are prepared and consumed in many ways in France, Asia, and some parts of America. The most popular dish of frog is frog risotto.

9. Cats

(Image credit: CutePups)

These little balls of fur which are kept as a pet by many is also a good source of meat. Just like dogs, it is not allowed to eat cats in the USA. But eating cats outside America is very common like in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa etc.

10. Dolphins

(Image credit: Sea Weed)

Who eats these cute little creatures? If you think that these playful mammals are safe from predators then you are wrong cause statistics says that 20,000 dolphins are killed and eaten in Japan every year.

11. Rats

(Image credit: Grin World)

Rats make it to the list of most disgusting animals. While many people are calling pest control to remove rats from their house, there are some who don’t feel the same as they are hunting rats for their dinner. Rats are consumed in some parts of India, China, Indonesia, Ghana, Thailand etc.

12. Scorpions

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Scorpions are one of the most popular snack of China. Just like burgers in America and noodles in Japan, they are available in every other street. Deep fried, they taste like popcorns and they are overpopulated so no guilt while eating it is a plus.

13. Oysters

(Image credit: SeaWeed)

This is quite commonly consumed in the USA so it’s not a shock for anyone. These are more popular in posh restaurants as they are quite expensive but what’s bizarre about this meal is that they are eaten alive. They deteriorate very quickly so they are served alive.

14. Gorillas

(Image credit: Aniaml Sort)

Eating gorilla is frowned upon as they are endangered animal. It’s an old practice in Africa that is still being continued but after the scientists have warned about eating monkeys and apes as they are carrying some HIV virus, the practice of eating gorilla have declined.

15. Snakes

(Image credit: Wierd World)

People fear snakes so eating them is rare but some people still eat snakes. Eating snakes is more common in America and China. In old Chinese tradition, snake meat along with its blood and venom is considered to be a good medicine.

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