Top 15 Festival Celebration In India To Know About

India is a country that is full of diverse cultures and heritage. Every state has its own festival and it is celebrated all across the country. Here are a few main festivals that are celebrated in India:

Top 15 Festival Celebration In India To Know About

1. Diwali

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This is one of the most important festivals for Hindus and is celebrated all over India. Houses are decorated with lights and oil lamps, sweets are made, gifts are exchanged, Lord Laxmi is being prayed and happiness is shared. People dress up in new clothes, burst crackers and enjoy this day as Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile.

2. Holi

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This is the most fun festival that you’ll ever experience- the festival of colours. This festival is celebrated by all religion and it brings the whole country together. Bonfire is being made and people dance and sing around it. Colours and water are being splashed on each other. Sweets are being cooked and celebrate the victory of good over bad.

3. Dussehra

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Another festival that signifies victory of good over evil. Dussehra is celebrated all over the country but the celebration differs a little bit. The main concept remains the same- Burning of the evil Ravan and enacting the life story of Lord Rama. It is a very fun event and there is a lot of hustle in the country.

4. Navratri

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Goddess Amba has nine different forms and therefore this festival is celebrated for nine days. It is a festival of dance- garba and dandiya. Goddess Amba is being prayed. People dress up in traditional Gujarati dresses and dance together. Nine different days has nine different colour codes. This festival is celebrated all over India but the real hype is seen in Gujarat.

5. Durga Pooja

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It is one of the most important festivals of Bengali and is celebrated with great devotion. The festival is celebrated for ten days where people keep dance, enact dramas, fast, eat a variety of food, pray and cultural songs are sung. This festival should be witnessed in Bengal as there it is celebrated in a traditional manner.

6. Krishna Janmashtami

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This festival is celebrated because Lord Krishna was born on this day. People sing bhajans, dance, pray and fast at midnight to celebrate his birth. The real fun begins when the activity of breaking pots begin. Huge pyramids are made and people break the pot to eat butter. The group which wins the competition gets a prize. It is a very happening festival and should be witnessed in Mathura or Vrindavan.

7. Ganesh Chaturthi

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It is an eleven-day festival and is celebrated all over the country. Idols of Lord Ganesh are bought and are kept in homes these days. People visit your house, food is cooked, bhajans are sung, and happiness is all around. While bidding goodbye to Lord Ganesh, people dance and then immerses the idol in any water body. It is the birthday of Lord Ganesh and the most happening celebration happens in Maharashtra.

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8. Guruparab

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This day celebrates the anniversaries of around ten Sikh gurus and is an important festival for all Sikhs. There are sessions on the teachings of the guru and community meals are being served. People light up their houses to celebrate the occasion. Visit Punjab during this time and you’ll understand the hype of the festival.

9. Raksha Bandhan

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The festival is important for all the brothers and sisters all over the country. It celebrates the special bond of brother and sister. Sister ties Rakhi on the wrists of the brother and wishes for his happiness. After that, the brother promises to protect his sister and then they exchange gifts.

10. Eid-Ul-Fitr

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Eid-Ul_Fitr is celebrated in India by Muslims. They dress up in their traditional clothing, attend a special prayer, meet up with their friends and relatives and exchange sweets. Children are given gifts by the elders of the family.

11. Bihu

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This festival is celebrated in Assam during the harvest. At this time, men and women dress up in their traditional clothing. They sing and dance in the village. A community feast is also held and the whole village comes together. And according to the tradition, it is also Assamese New Year.

12. Hemis

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It is one of the most unique festivals that you’ll ever see and it happens in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir. It is a religious festival where you will find priests dancing to the tune of traditional instruments. They are dressed up in colourful costumes and masks. This day is marked as the birth anniversary of their spiritual leader and is therefore celebrated with full devotion.

13. Onam

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This festival is celebrated everywhere in the country but not as good as in Kerala. They celebrate the return of their king Mahabali by wearing new clothes, decorating their houses with floral designs and preparing about thirteen dishes. Snake boat race, clap dance, Kathakali dance and an act where artists are dressed as tigers and hunters are the popular activities that are conducted during the festival.

14. Pongal

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The festival is sort of “thank you” to nature for their first harvest. People decorate their houses, eat sweets and have fun. This is prominent all over South India but the elaborate celebration is done in Tamil Nadu.

15. Christmas

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This festival is not only limited to India but is celebrated all around the world. It is the most fun and calm times of the year. You decorate your house with Christmas tree, eat cake, have wine and have a good time with all your loved ones. The most interesting part about the festival is hoping for Santa to come and waiting for our gifts. This time marks the birth of Lord Jesus.

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