Top 15 Types Of Pasta Shapes You Should Know

Types of Pasta shapes do exist! While pasta lovers may have numerous pasta types on their plate, they often do not wonder about the available pasta types. Right from long and tubular penne to slim spaghetti, pasta comes in all shapes and sizes. Some may be too tiny to hold heavy sauces while some tubular pasta may be excellent to hold heavy sauces. Explore the types of pasta shapes and try out new recipes with them!

Top 15 Types Of Pasta Shapes You Should Know

1. Fettuccine

Types of Pasta shapes_Fettuccine
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Fettuccine pasta is one of the unique types of pasta shapes that exist in the pasta world. It is sturdy in its form and can be cooked with a variety of vegetables and sauces. This pasta looks like long stripes that have a broad thick texture compared to other pasta shapes. Alfredo Fettuccine is one of the most popular pasta dish cooked with this shape.

2. Fusilli

Source: once upon a chef

Fusilli is rather twisted fun in the form of pasta. It is extremely delightful to be chewed in each bite. It has this spiral shape which makes the dish look even more attractive. This pasta can generally be cooked with numerous sauces. It is also highly used in certain pasta salads.

3. Farfalle

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Farfalle or call them tiny bows, it becomes one and the same! Most of the amazing pasta shapes list cannot be completed without the name of farfalle pasta. It is tiny and can be used in those dishes that require small size pasta. Farfalle proves to be an awesome companion to cooked meat and fresh vegetables.

4. Linguine

Source: taste of home

What falls between thick fettuccine and slim spaghetti? Well, linguine pasta is the answer! It has this texture that compliments a variety of clam sauces. Linguine is proved to go well with seafood pasta. The pasta is just right for the inclusion of shrimps and fishes in the pasta.

5. Orecchiette

Source: rachaelraymag

Orecchiette pasta is one the of most attractive types of pasta shapes from the pasta family. It is also known as litter ears because of its unique shape. This pasta looks like small ears that can carry a lot of vegetables in them. This shape is generally used to cook pasta with huge amounts of vegetables and sauce.

6. Macaroni

Source: hilda’s kitchen blog

Macaroni is one of the most favorite types of pasta shapes when it comes to kids as well as adults. They have this cute looking feature that attracts numerous pasta lovers. Macaroni is generally complemented with cheese sauce along with a fusion of exotic vegetables. It has a tube shape that can carry different sauces within.

7. Penne

Source: thespruceeats

Penne turns out to be a universal pasta shape available almost in all the restaurants. Penne is popular and the stripes on the pasta shape make it delectable to eat. It is combined majorly with arrabbiata sauce and fresh vegetables. The tube-shaped pasta has a hollow center where creams, meat chunks, vegetables, and sauces can easily acquire the flavor.

8. Spaghetti

Source: splendid table

Spaghetti is another well-known pasta type. It is one of the palatable types of pasta shapes among all the other shapes of pasta. It is just like a bundle of slim sticks packed together. Once it is cooked, it literally looks like thin noodles. Spaghetti and meatballs go well together which allows the other dressings to fuse with spaghetti.

9. Tortellini

Source: rosinarecipes

Tortellini is highly popular with cheese and meat. This pasta is used for a variety of pasta recipes. Tortellini can also be combined with numerous soup types due to its shape and soft texture. It can be served with a plethora of sauces and cheese types for the perfect palatable dish!

10. Lasagna

Source: the stay at home chef

Well, many people still do not know that lasagna is one of the immensely popular types of pasta shapes. Lasagna is the name of the pasta which is flat and wide in its texture. These are layered together with each layer filled with vegetables and cheese. Due to its popularity, the food dish has acquired the name Lasagna.

11. Bucatini

Source: foodandwine

Bucatini is rather a good friend of spaghetti with similarities between both. While spaghetti is long and noodle shaped, bucatini is more or less the same. Bucatini differs in the sense that this pasta has a hole in between these long noodle shaped pasta which allows extra sauces to pass through them.

12. Cavatelli

Source: sunbasket

Cavatelli is just another attractive type of pasta shape that is tiny and cute. It has a tubular shape that allows the flavor to merge right in every bite. This dough is rolled into mini shells that represent hot dog buns. Cavatelli can be cooked amazingly with broccoli along with numerous pungent flavors.

13. Orzo

Source: themom100

Orzo pasta looks extremely tiny and has a minute texture. It looks like puffed rice spread all over the bowl. It can highly be used to make exotic pasta salads. This tiny pasta allows you to use them in mini starter dishes as well. Orzo can be combined with tomatoes, lemon, and eggplant in a variety of forms.

14. Conchiglie

Source: garrubbo

Conchiglie has this attractive shape wherein pasta literally looks like shells or as popularly known as seashells. They have the exact shape of a seashell with a scrumptious texture. It can be combined with spinach sauce, tomato sauce, and a variety of cheese dressings. The shell allows the sauce to store within for an extra delight in each bite!

15. Pappardelle

Source: familystylefood

Pappardelle is a form of a ribbon pasta type that is similar to fettuccine pasta. It is wider and thick in its texture. Pappardelle is widely used with a huge variety of cheese sauces, meat, and exclusive fresh vegetables. Pappardelle may have straight and fine edges while some of them might have fluted edges.

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