Top 15 Common Emotions With Unusual Names

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What qualifies a thing as a human? Emotions! Feelings! These significant traits separate living things from non-living things. Emotions are the behaviour response of the human body. We experience these emotions at any point in life. We know common emotions like anger, sadness, happiness, frustration, jealousy, etc., but some common emotions have unusual names. Here are 15 different yet common emotions taken from John Koenig’s Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.

Top 15 Common Emotions With Unusual Names

1. Vorfreude

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It is the feeling of anticipation you get on imagining future pleasures. For instance, the feeling you experienced as a kid, waiting for the end of the school year and the arrival of the summer holidays.

2. Euneirophrenia

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It is wishful thinking of everyone to go back to sleep. This peaceful feeling you get after having a pleasant dream, accompanied by the urge to go back to sleep and finish the dream, is called euneirophrenia. It is taken from Greek ‘eu’ (well), ‘oneiros’ (dream), and ‘phrenia’ meaning ‘disorder of the mind’.

3. Occhiolism

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It is the realization of your minuteness in the world, i.e., your perception contributes a smaller interpretation of how the universe works. It changes your perception, and you are awestruck at its workings. You understand the complexities of life.

4. Dysania

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Dysania does not mean irresistible sleepiness. It is your unwillingness to get out of bed. You do not like coming out of a comfort zone your bed provides. A related term is clinomania which is a serious condition that deals with an obsessive desire to lie down.

5. Lethologica

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When a word is on the tip of your tongue, and you are battling hard to remember it, you are experiencing lethologica. This modern word is derived from the Greek word lēthē, which means ‘forgetfulness’.

6. Sonder

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While growing up, we realize that each person in this life has a personal story like us. Everyone is connected with a common story. Each random passerby in a crowd lives a complex and vivid life. It is this sudden realization that is named sonder.

7. Borborygmi

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Before dinner time, our body starts signalling it is hungry, by making a rumbling sound inside a stomach. This sound is caused by the movement of gas or fluid in the intestines. This feeling is called borborygmi. It is derived from the Greek word ‘borborugmos‘.

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8. Kairosclerosis

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When you are with friends, laughing with pure happiness, the realization of this opportune moment is called kairosclerosis. Once the moment is over, you relish that feeling. The word is acquired from Greek ‘kairos’ (the opportune moment) and ‘sclerosis’ (hardening). 

9. Hypnagogic

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It refers to the exact moment when you fall asleep. It induces drowsiness to the person. The word comes from the Greek ‘hupnos‘ meaning ‘sleep’ and ‘agōgos‘ meaning ‘leading’ and it was first used around 1886.

10. Vellichor

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When you enter an old bookshop or old library, you feel an overpowering longing for it. This is called vellichor. This strange feeling is friendlier to the book lovers as they love spending time at these places.

11. Jouska

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It is a feeling when you play a detailed scenario hypothetically in your mind. For example, you replay an argument inside your head and think of a clever and possible remark you would have used but didn’t. You “win” this argument hypothetically.

12. Chrysalism

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We all love spending time at home while it’s raining outside. It is the feeling of tranquillity experienced when you are indoors, listening to the pitter-patter of rain during a thunderstorm. We enjoy the warmth the atmosphere gives us. This experience is called chrysalism.

13. Liberosis

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Liberosis is the longing for liberty in life. It is a desire to care less about certain things or aspects of life. John Koenig created this word. You wish to loosen from the burdened responsibilities of life, live in small moments, and build a peaceful home away from the world.

14. Epiphany

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Epiphany is a sudden moment of great revelation. It is that ‘oh my god’ moment where you understand a great mystery. In Christian religious allegory, epiphany is that day when people realized that Jesus Christ was a reincarnation of God. The word originated from Greek ‘epiphainein‘ which means to reveal.

15. Hiraeth

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It is an undying wish to relive those precious moments with the loved ones. This state of yearning for something that does not exist anymore is called hiraeth. It is nostalgia as a result of wanting to return to a time that is lost or is in the past.

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