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Top 15 Promises That Are Relatable In Life

Why do we make a promise? What happens if you break one? The answer is not known. Promises are the pure vows made between two human beings. Also, do not forget the silent promises we...

Top 15 Famous Catchphrases We Will Remember

What makes a story memorable to the people? In movies or TV shows, we are unable to remember the whole plot, but what remains in our minds and on our lips are the iconic lines...

Top 15 Interesting Ways To Wear A Scarf

A scarf is a minimalist yet important fashion clothing item. It can be styled in versatile ways and that's the beauty of it. It can be used over dresses, formal styles, or neutral clothing. Hence,...

Top 15 Reasons Why A Solo Trip Is Life-Changing

Memories were never made by staying in one place. Those chilling adventures you share with your family and friends reward with laughs, love, and unforgettable memories. What if you travel alone? Traveling is a life-changing...

Top 15 Common Emotions With Unusual Names

What qualifies a thing as a human? Emotions! Feelings! These significant traits separate living things from non-living things. Emotions are the behaviour response of the human body. We experience these emotions at any point in life. We...

Top 15 Oxymorons That Will Make You Think

Oxymorons are the funny members of the literary devices family. A compound word or phrase consisting of two different words with opposite meanings is termed as an oxymoron. It enriches the English vocabulary. Writers use...

Top 15 Simple Ways To Spend Sunday

Weekdays are our enemies; Sunday is our best friend. We long for Sundays after exhausting ourselves with the work and responsibilities burdened by life. But on Sunday, if asked how to spend it, we face...

Top15 Obscure And Difficult English Words

The ancestral identity of a word portrays its uniqueness and historical value. As the world progresses, new words keep adding to the vocabulary list. So what happens to these words? Some became obsolete, some are...

Top 15 Distinct Kinds Of People We Meet In Life

In life, you meet numerous types of people. Meeting them, knowing their personalities educate you on certain aspects of life. They bring changes in your perception. You may find a soulmate in these people or...


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Top 15 Ways To Kill Time Without A Smartphone

Spending too much time over your screen can pain your neck. This isn't good. It’s obvious that nobody likes to get bored, but there...

Top 15 Makeup Products to Get Ready on Your Own

Makeup has become a big deal in today's times. There are tons of makeup brands, thousands of makeup experts and a whole lot of...

Top 15 Weird but Interesting Facts about William Shakespeare

"To be or not to be"-who hasn't heard this famous quote by Shakespeare? He is remembered a the greatest writer in the history of English literature. He was a poet, playwright and an actor too.(ooh, an all rounder). We've all read some of his dramas or poems in school and if you're a student of literature, you must worship Shakespeare. He made theatre a means for the common masses to entertain themselves and get their point across. He has given our world some great classics that can never be replaced- Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Julius Caesar are some of his best dramas.

Top 15 Luscious Sweet Dishes of Rajasthan to Indulge in

The state of Rajasthan is full of abundant mouth-watering and scrumptious sweet dishes that can make anyone drool for more and more of it. Listed below...

Top 15 Adult Novels Better Than Fifty Shades Of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey was an important milestone when it comes to erotica literature. It normalized female sexual desires and no longer made it...

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