Top 15 Countries With The Best Education Systems In The World

Education is the most crucial aspect of any country. A country is developed only because when it has an excellent education policy and a progressive education system. It is vital to have a revolutionary kind of design that will help students learn and grow better. A better education system makes the students ready for the real world. Let’s have a look at all those countries which have the best education system in the world.

Top 15 Countries With The Best Education Systems In The World

1. Singapore

Singapore education
Credits: The Conversation

This country has the best education system all around the world and is very well known. But it is also known for the strictness and the pressure on education for their students. Parents spent around $500 per month on their child’s school. Also, preschool is considered necessary in the country, and students are taught basic language and writing skills. Around 1/5th of the GDP of this country is spent on education.

2. New Zealand

New Zeland
Credits: Construction Index

This country is undoubtedly very developed, and its budget for education is $13.18 million. The primary, secondary, and high schools are all very well managed, and the students are judged for their overall development. 88% of the students in this country get a secondary diploma which is very good compared to over countries.

3. Belgium

Credits: Flanders Today

The country where the unemployment rate is only 3% has a very progressive education system. Not only that, but the teachers also earn an average of $70,000 per year, which is much higher as compared to other countries. They have four levels of education, and it begins at the age of 2. 

4. The UK

The UK
Credits: Schools Week

The UK focuses much on their education system, and the main factor is the adequate amount of budget they spend. This country gets many international students because of having the best universities and colleges in the world.

5. Germany

Credits: EIL Intercultural Learning

This country is very well known for its economic and social justice all around the world. It has a very progressive education system, and the students are allowed to learn many different languages in their growing stage. The country also spends a very good amount of its budget on the education of the students.

6. Australia

Credits: Starts At 60

The education in the country starts with preschool and then moves to kindergarten. The students then move to primary, secondary, and senior secondary and then to the college. The class size and the number of students in a class are limited to provide more attention to students. The budget of this country for education is $489 million.

7. Finland

Credits: YLE

This country has a stringent education system because, to become a teacher in this country, one must first gain a master’s degree in teaching. The education system in this country is unorthodox. They do not start the education for their children until they reach 7. 93% of the students of this country are graduates, which is very impressive.

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8. The United States of America

The United States of America
Credits: Trinidad And Tobago Newsday

 The budget for education in this country is $68 billion. The school starts at three years of age and then moves forward as they grow older. After high school, it is not even mandatory for students to go to school. 

9. Switzerland

Switzerland Education
Credits: Expatica

Switzerland has a very high rate of educated people, and around 86% of this country’s population has gained at least a secondary education. An average of $61,000 is spent on each student per year for their education. The country also has a wide variety of schools, giving its students plenty of options to select amongst them.

10. Norway

Credits: White Arkiteker

This country initially used schools to educate priests, and then they were converted into Latin schools. The country has an elementary school where students from the age of 6-13 years learn through various fun activities. After that, students begin to get their grades. In upper secondary, all the schools are public, and there is no private institution. 

11. South Korea

South Korea
Credits: Korvia

This country has worked very well in developing its education system and improving its format for the age group of 5-24 years. The country also has many graduates every year, and they spent a decent amount of their budget on education.

12. Japan

Credits: Every Dy English

Japan is already a developed and fast-paced country. This country is already ahead in terms of technology compared to other countries, and so is the case with the education system. The main factor behind better education in this country is that they focus on developing the age group of 5-14 years of students.

13. Netherlands

Credits: Dhamkaya

This beautiful country is also ahead in terms of education as compared to all other countries. Almost 1/3rd of the population of this country has some degree which is 245 times higher than in other countries. The public schools are open for all students, and they are secular, while the private schools are based on faith like Islamic, Catholic, etc. 

14. Denmark

Credits: NY Times

The Danish education system was structured by the Roman Catholic Church. Among all the schools in this country, seven were built in the 12th and 13th centuries, and they still exist. The country teaches many languages and works on the holistic development of the students. Most students attend public schools, which are better than the private schools in the country.

15. China

Credits: Gold Star Teachers

Although this country has a very high unemployment rate but looking at the population of this country, it is working really hard to achieve the goal of quality and best education. 

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