Top 15 Disney Cartoon Movies Of All Time

Cartoon movies form a major part of our childhoods. Cartoon movies are fun and loved by not only children but also adults. Disney has been the maker of some of the best cartoon movies and deserves a special mention in this regard. It has produced some of the most splendid movies. This is a list of the Top 15 Disney cartoon movies that stole our hearts

Top 15 Disney Cartoon Movies Of All Time

1. Beauty and the Beast


This movie was released in 1991. The first movie ever to be serious contender at the Oscars, this movie left everyone gripped and awed audience of every age group. This timeless classic presents a versatile story, the story we have all heard in our childhoods. With the greatest soundtrack ever, this movie can be watched over and over again without boredom. This is undoubtedly the most iconic movie in the history of animated films.

2. The Lion King:


This movie was a huge hit and remained the highest-grossing film of all times in the history of animated films. Simba, Scar and Mufasa are now household names, thanks to this movie, its sequels and the wonderful soundtrack. Simba’s journey, the tribulations and the success story are not new but work well when presented and directed efficaciously. Released first in 1994, this movie inspires families and binge-watched innumerable times.

3. Aladdin


One of the most exhilarating stories from the Arabian Nights, Aladdin is loved and besotted by everyone. By making this story into a movie, with the perfect graphics, and amazing soundtracks, Disney has done a beautiful job. Aladdin was the highest-grossing film in 1992. Based on the life of an agile middle-eastern boy turned prince, this movie is one of the best things to watch in your free time.

4. The Jungle Book


 We were recently treated to a remake of this amazing movie. The original, however, is even better. Disney did a wonderful job of adapting Rudyard Kipling’s impressive novel into a movie that is not very childish. The Jungle Book is a stunning movie by Disney and is still enjoyed by people of all age groups.

5. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


This was Disney’s first full length animated film. In 1934, the first presentation of this movie was made, by enacting the story of a princess, who finds refuge from the tribulations in her life in the cottage of seven dwarfs, and also finds her prince, who loves her with all his heart. This movie continues to remain quintessential, even amongst the flashy and opulent movies of the 21st century.

6. The Little Mermaid


Released in 1989, this movie remains vintage and is irreplaceable amongst animated movies. This was a perfect musical achievement for Disney. Telling the tale of a mermaid who wishes to become human and lead a happy life with her love, this movie was made with the most extravagant animation and became an instant classic.

7. Frozen


 Released in 2013, this movie is a perfect Disney fantasy, with a lucky prince, magical princess, family secrets and grandiose animation. It narrates the story of Elsa, who has the power to turn everything into ice, and her journey through all the odds she has to face to control her powers. This story depicts the pristine bond between siblings, and the story is refreshing and invigorating.

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8. Tangled


Loosely based on the story of Rapunzel, this fun Disney Movie was released in 2010. It follows the story of a young princess with magical hair, who is held prisoner by a woman who uses the girl’s innate powers to cheat death. This movie was a mixture of romance and adventure, making it exciting and invigorating. This was also the most expensive movie of all time due to the long development process.

9. The Sleeping Beauty


Another fairy tale that has its readers in awe is the Sleeping Beauty. A perfect adaptation of this movie was made by Disney in the year 1959. After the success of Cinderella, there was the pressure on the production to deliver another excellence, which is why it took four years to create this magnificent piece of art. The story of a princess who is cursed, and the prince whose kiss frees her, this movie continues to top the charts ever after 5 decades of its release.

10. Bambi


Bambi is probably the most adorable and cute character ever in the history of animated movies. The 1942 film depicts the trauma of a young fawn, who witnesses the death of his mother in the hands of a “human”. It is the story of the loss of innocence, but also one of growing up, moving all and staying strong. This movie is delicate and different as it does not feature magic in any form.

11. Pinocchio


Another classic story that we all have heard in childhood is that of Pinocchio. Based on the novel by Carlo Collodi, this movie was initially a flop when first released in 1940. However, it was released again in the later years and made a mark in the industry. The story of a wooden puppet brought to life by a fairy, with a nose that grows after every lie, this movie has a promise of entertainment that it definitely fulfils.

12. Cinderella


The most memorable fairy tale of all time, Cinderella, was adapted into a movie by Disney in the year 1950. The glass slippers, the agile mice, and the handsome prince, everything was created beautifully by Disney on screen for people to enjoy. This movie was crafted by the most talented artists of Disney and continues to remain the best adaptation of the story.

13. Mulan


This movie was released in 1998. Based on a Chinese legend, this movie follows the story of the character who progresses through the ranks of the Chinese army disguised as a man to save her father from enlisting. This is a new-age story of a girl who is bold, courageous and intelligent, breaking the stereotype of the traditional Disney princess.

14. Fantasia


This movie continues to rule the hearts of people even after almost 80 years of its release. Released in 1940, this movie features Disney’s favourite creation, the Mickey Mouse. This movie was an experiment that blended pop culture and classical music and remains one of the best-animated movies ever created.

15. Dumbo


 Another film similar to Bambi, this film will have you weeping till the end. The movie narrates the story of Dumbo, the cute little elephant who is ridiculed for his queer big ears, and gets separated from his mother. With strong emotional content, this movie teaches us that differences make us unique. With a run time of only 64 minutes, this movie is one of the finest works of Disney to date.

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