Top 15 Wardrobe Essentials That A Man Must Own

We generally come across articles and write ups regarding wardrobe essentials for women. However, the same for men is very important and crucial as well. Men have limited choice of clothes and accessories, thus they have to make the best use of the most minimalist things. This is a list of the Top 15 wardrobe essentials for men that can pull you through any situation.

1. White Shirt:

A white shirt is nothing less than a staple in a man’s wardrobe. A crisp white shirt, can be paired with a pair of blue denims for a casual day, or with black trousers for a more formal set up. One can never go wrong with a white shirt. White shirts are undoubtedly a man’s best friend.


2. Suit:

Another essential thing in a man’s wardrobe is a smart and formal suit. A proper three piece suit is a basic necessity and can come handy on various occasions. It is, however, important to choose the right kind and fitting for a suit.


3. Polo T shirt:

This is one of the most essential casual piece of clothing for a man. Polo T-shirts accentuate a sharp jaw even more, and can give an extremely appealing look to a man. A Polo T-shirt, paired with skinny jeans and sneakers can give you an amazing look.


4. Button down T shirt:

For all those with a modest jawline, a button down shirt can work the charm. Also, it is one of the smartest ways of beating the summer heat, and still look amazing. A button down T-shirt also gives a nice shift from the traditional T-shirt looks.


5. Cologne Perfume:

The smell of cologne is one of the most attractive thing a man can wear. A good perfume that lasts all day is extremely important to counter body odor and feel fresh all day. However, if you sweat a lot, you can also go for a deo in the same type.


6. Large Dial Watch:

Large dial watches are the new trend this season. It is important to own a good watch, for both casual and formal events. A nice large dial watch can accentuate and define your look and make you look more appealing.


7. Slim Chino Trousers:

A good alternative to both jeans and suit trousers, chinos are ideal for all seasons. Pair it with a shirt, shirt and jacket, T-shirt and jacket, the options are endless. This gives you a new look, and is also very comfortable.


8. Sweat Shirts:

Sweatshirts are another fundamental thing to be owned. Light, Casual looking and comfortable sweatshirts can never fail to impress those around you. These are definitely one of the most trending outfit that you must own.


9. Summer Shirt:

A summer wear shirt, that is flowery or Hawaiian style, can cause your personality to shine. For a day out at the beach, or just a Sunday Brunch, this is the one to go to. Also, it is different from the regular plain shirts and can make you look fresh.


10. Blazer:

A nice blazer, preferably black or blue, is another requirement in the wardrobe. It is dressier than a plain white shirt, yet more casual compared to a suit. It is the kind of look that the present generation prefers more, compared to the traditional Suits.


11. Denim Jacket:

Denim jackets are probably the most easiest thing to wear, it can make you look dressy, but not very dressy, casual but not too casual. These are extremely comfortable, and can yet work the charm and make you look happening.


12. Modish sneakers:

Another primary requirement in man’s closet is a pair of modish sneakers. Sneakers are comfortable and trendy, both at the same time. Sneakers can be paired with jeans or chinos, T-shirts as well as shirts. A pair of good sneakers is a requisite in every wardrobe.


13. Pair of Sunglasses:

One just can’t have enough reasons to own a pair of classy sunglasses. To pair it with your summer wear, or just a normal day at office, sunglasses are a must! Find the right shape and shade that suits your face, and you are all set to rock.


14. No show socks:

At times you want to ditch those socks, but can’t ruin the inside of your shoes with sweat and scratchy nails, you need the elasticated shoe liners, or a no show socks. These also protect you from shoe bites and the discomfort of wearing just shoes.


15. Tie:

Good and classy ties are another cardinal requisite. It may have gone out of fashion, but there are still occasions that require you to wear a tie. A tie, worn right, will never fail to make you look smart and high toned.


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