Top 15 Delicious And Tempting Desserts Around The World

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Our sweet tooth always wishes for great taste and delight. Delicious and tempting desserts always fulfil our wishes and satisfy our tastes. We all have wonderful and awesome ideas about the desserts and sweets we can have after our meal. Let me add on further to your great list and let you explore and expand it (list) by introducing you to the top 15 amazingly and tempting desserts around the World.

Top 15 Delicious And Tempting Desserts Around The World

1. Neenish Tart

Australian dessert, Neenish Tart is commonly found in every Australian bakery. Made up of butter, sugar, milk, and flour as the main ingredients, it can attract you from far off due to its unique two-tone icing; half icing filled with gelatine or mock cream.

2. Nanaimo Bar

Originated in Canada, delicious and tempting Nanaimo bar is a dessert. It’s one bite can make you want more and more of it. Main ingredients include chocolate and cookie crumbs, layered with vanilla and chocolate.

3. Risalamande

Danish dessert, Risalamande is a rice pudding usually served during Christmas with almonds, whipped cream, and vanilla. Its presentation can surely make you crave for it.

4. Creme Brulee

Amongst the famous French dessert around the world is a custard prepared of vanilla beans added with sugar. The main ingredients include cream, sugar, egg or egg yolks and vanilla. It is rich and scrumptious.

5. Donauwelle

German Dessert, also known as Snow White Cake, is a layered cake dessert comprising chocolate, cherries, buttercream, etc. This wavy border exclusive cake can make you feel heavenly.

6. Mango Pomelo Sago

This amazing Hong Kong dessert is best to have in summer days. The goodness of mangoes, Pomelo, and Sago makes it drool for more. Tastes best when served chilled.

7. Mochi

This Japanese dessert is a rice cake occasionally with ice cream fillings. Comes in multiple flavours starting from vanilla, double chocolate, sweet mango, mint chocolate chip and so on.

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8. Bionico

This Mexican street food dessert is prepared from chopped fruits, cut into small cubes and added with sour cream, condensed milk, granola, shredded coconut, and raisins. Sometimes, honey is added to it to enhance its taste.

9. Yakgwa

Yakgwa is a Korean dessert. This flower-shaped Korean sweet is three in one – a cookie, candy, and doughnut as well. The main ingredients comprise honey, wheat flour, and sesame oil.

10. Halo-halo

Being the Philippine dessert and the famous summer delight around the world, it is known by all. It includes mixed fruits, ice sundae, boiled sweetened white beans, evaporated milk and flavored crushed ice. Each spoon of it will make you more delightful.

11. Strudel

Puffed and flaky Romanian pastry dessert is stuffed with sweet fillings. It’s inexpensive and easy to make. Flour, oil or butter and apples are the main ingredients of Apple Strudel.

12. Kiev Cake

Airy layered cake with caramel frosting is a delightful sweet that is relished by the young as well as old. The main ingredients of this Ukrainian dessert are Meringue, chocolate, and cashews.

13. Cranachan

Prepared with the goodness of fresh fruits this Scottish dessert consists of whiskey, whipped cream, honey, and oats. It is best to be taken during night supper.

14. Kalu Dodol

Popular Sri Lankan dessert, is a sticky sweet dish, dark in color made up of coconut milk, jaggery, rice flour, etc. It takes a lot of time for preparation. This gel-like candy is popular amongst all.

15. Medovik

A Russian dessert, spongy and soft layered honey cake made up of thin layers is filled with cream and added with caramel. It can easily take away people’s heart with its matchless taste and goodness of honey.

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