Top 15 Emotions That People Feel But Cannot Name

We all have encountered many bittersweet emotions that we cannot name, some so intense that they grasp our minds for days and some so feeble that they pass in a moment. Here are the top 15 emotions that you have certainly felt but could not name, well, at least not until now.

Top 15 Emotions That People Feel But Cannot Name

1. Monachopsis

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Monachopsis is the constant feeling of being out of place in a gathering or among people in general. Monachopsis sometimes surfaces so intensely that it becomes hard for a person to stand their company for another minute. This emotion is very easily confused with an introvert’s social battery running out.

2. Liberosis

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Liberosis is the desperate emotion we feel when we are forcibly trying to care less about something or someone that we clearly care about a lot (all the broken-hearted people listen up!). This emotion is generally confused with anger and sadness but now you have the specific name for it.

3. Onism

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Onism is that feeling of frustration that comes with the realization that we exist only in one body, and therefore, can only be present in one place at a given time. It gives a kind of sensation of being stuck in one body that can inhabit only one place.

4. Altschmerz

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Altschmerz is the feeling of exhaustion one experiences with an old issue one might always have – some imperfection or insecurity one might’ve held on to for years. This emotion is closely related to disgust with oneself, but it is a completely different emotion with a completely different name.

5. Occhiolism

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Occhiolism is a painful awareness of how small a single person’s perspective can be. This emotion leads a person to believe that their perspective is narrow and not wide enough to understand everyone and everything. This could easily be confused with ‘longing’ for a better or broader perspective.

6. Sonder

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Sonder is the name given to the emotions felt by a person when the realization of how different, complex, and vivid each individual’s life can hit them. When a person realizes that the complications of other people’s lives are completely different from their own, yet they are so same, the person is said to be feeling ‘sonder’.

7. Vellichor

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Vellichor is the ultimate emotion of all the bookworms out there. The beautiful wistful feeling one gets in a used bookstore is called the vellichor. This is oftentimes described by people as a feeling of nostalgia towards something that they have never experienced, but to the bookworms and book-dragons, you all have the name for your favorite emotion.

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8. Rubatosis

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This is the emotion felt by a person when they are strangely and unsettlingly aware of their own heartbeat. Rubatosis is generally said to be the feeling of a person being aware of their racing heart or aware of their heart ‘skipping a beat’.

9. Chrysalism

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Chrysalism is the subsequent and elite emotions of introverts. It is the absurd yet intense feeling of calmness and safety that comes with staying indoors during a thunderstorm.

It is the quiet tranquillity that moves a person to their very core when they are in their house during rain and thunder.

10. Mauerbauertraurigkeit

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The incomprehensible feeling of pushing people or friends away from oneself is mauerbauertraurigkeit. When without any reason a person has this urgent feeling to be alone and block people from his/her life, even the ones that they really like, they are said to be feeling mauerbauertraurigkeit.

11. Jouska

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The compulsive feeling to play out a hypothetical conversation in our head is called jouska. This feeling urges a person to act out and prepare for a conversation that they might never have in their life. Let’s be real here for a second; we all are guilty of feeling this emotion.

12. Kenopsia

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Kenopsia is the eerie feeling that prevails in a place that is usually bustling with people but is now silent. This is the forlorn and creepy feeling associated with such a place; it provokes chilling and horrifying emotions in us.

13. Rückkehrunruhe

Have you ever returned home from a fantastic trip only to have its memories rapidly fade from your head? If yes, then my friend, you have encountered this feeling called rückkehrunruhe.

This is the emotion that we feel when we start to forget our fond memories of a beautiful trip we had after it is over.

14. Nodus Tollens

Nodus Tollens
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Nodus Tollens is the feeling we encounter when we start to realize that the plot of our life does not make any sense to us. It is the feeling of losing direction in life and leading a meaningless and purposeless life that you are not sure where leads.

15. Anecdoche

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This is the emotion floating around a group where everyone is talking, and no one is listening. A setting in which everyone has something to say all at once and no one has the patience to listen is said to be coated with the emotion of anecdoche.

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