Top 15 Epic Adventurous Things To Do Before You Die

The world is thriving with opportunities for something new and your life is unpredictable. Have you ever made a bucket list of things you wanted to do but never got to because the list is endless? Or are you looking for something adventurous to add to your list? Don’t you worry! We have shortlisted the top 15 adventurous things you SHOULD do before you die.

Top 15 Epic Adventurous Things To Do Before You Die

1. Volcano Trekking

Volcano Trekking
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You must have trekked a mountain but have you ever thought of trekking your way through a volcano, one of the planet’s oldest natural creations? If not, you should. Places like Hawaii offer scenic and active volcanoes that you can visit up close. Sounds scary, but this is one hell of an adventure you should indulge in at least once.

2. Jump Off A Plane

Jump off a plane
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Of course, with a parachute! I am sure most of us have this adventurous thing included in our lists. What’s stopping you? Almost every country big on tourists offers skydiving and other adrenaline-pumping activities. You should see the world while screaming your lungs out as you free fall from a plane. If you are scared of heights and still want to do it, just close your eyes and make the jump, this is definitely one memory you’ll cherish all your life.

3. Go Bungee Jumping

Go Bungee jumping
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Bungee jumping has grown to be one of the most popular activities and can be done literally anywhere in the world now. But definitely hit the roads in New Zealand to experience the most scenic bungee jump that you can.

4. Go Mountaineering

Go mountaineering
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You must have already done this but it’s time to crank it up a notch. Grab your tents and sleeping bags and hit the tallest mountain and voila! Mountaineering includes climbing the mountains, cooking out in the open, living in tents, and even coming across the most random animals. What a memory-worthy adventurous thing, isn’t it?

5. Bike your way

bike your way
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Biking is an activity we have been doing ever since we can even remember. Grab your bikes and some essentials and go trail the mountains or ride all across the neighbourhood. You get to explore so much and in a much better way than you can imagine. So what are you waiting for?

6. River Rafting

River Rafting
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Have you ever wanted to race through a river and soak yourself in adrenaline? River rafting is the perfect activity for you. All you need to do is have a raft and paddle to fight your way through the enormous waves. What you experience here is one to crave and have. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

7. Sandboard

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You must have heard of snowboarding, another perfect adventurous thing, but have you ever wanted to swipe through the deserts? If you have, sandboarding will do your dream some justice. Grab a board and sandboard through any sand dune or just visit the Sahara Desert because this is one adventure you don’t want to miss.

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8. Explore a Cave

explore a cave
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If going through little spaces and small crevices is your thing then caving is an adventure for your soul. You never know what you may unearth during caving, but it takes one for the team for being learning yet adventurous activity.

9. Swim With The Sea Creatures

Swim With The Sea Creatures
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Every ocean you go to will offer not only scenic beauty but also a variety of sea creatures as a plus. Take advantage of this situation and dip into the water, with the right gear of course. Who wouldn’t like to swim with the fishes and sharks? Explore the underwater world and spot the most unseen creatures. This is one worthy adventure to do at least once in your lifetime.

10. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing
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Okay, this one’s scary but at the same time so pumping. Getting to climb the biggest rocky mountains is one of the epic adventurous things to indulge in. Every state/country has rocks you should definitely scale through. All you need are some ropes, safety gear and your energy to partake in this activity.

11. Drive an ATV

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This is one of the best activities you should DEFINITELY do. An ATV bike and an open space and you’re good to go. You can hit any desert and ride through the dunes. This is a life-changing, fun-seeking experience you NEED at least once. Don’t worry if you can’t drive because all it needs is your will to explore.

12. See The Northern Lights

See the Northern Lights
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This isn’t an adventurous activity like others but it is adventurous enough to keep you on your toes. Reaching the northern lights is hard but it will be worth it when you see the beautiful sky jewelled with the most gorgeous colors the earth has seen. This is one view you should never ever miss. The experiences you’ll get when you see the northern lights is one not to miss. Start planning this trip right away!

13. Fly A Plane

Fly a plane
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This has been a childhood dream for so many of us, hasn’t it? Well, why not actually do it? You can easily get flying lessons and give it a try. The sheer excitement this carries is worth the time you put into learning to fly. This is one thing you should definitely try even if you’re able to take just one ride.

14. Visit Antarctica

Visit Antarctica
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Antarctica is the coldest continent and begets beautiful white landscapes. It’s a long shot but do plan out a trip to Antarctica to experience what the other continents don’t offer.

15. Sleep In An Igloo

sleep in an igloo
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Since I have put the idea of visiting Antarctica in your head, here’s another one: build an igloo and sleep in it! Or visit any place with snow and build yourself a snow house to live in. An adventure as simple as this will only leave you with wonderful memories and newer experiences.

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