Top 15 Fairs In India You Must Visit

Fairs are an important part of any culture. Due to the diversity of religions and people, India celebrated many fairs. The fair could be for religious, knowledge or entertainment purpose. Here are a few fairs that you should visit if you are travelling India:

1. Kumbh Mela

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This is one of the largest gatherings in the world which takes place every third year at any one of these places- Allahabad, Nashik, Ujjain and Haridwar. Millions of devotees from different parts of the country and even the world gather here to seek blessings. You’ll see the diversity of India more closely. It is the most significant festival for Hindus. It is a must visit fair as the experience is truly unbelievable.

2. Sabarimala

(Image source- Reporter – Reporter Live)

This gathering takes places in the Sabarimala temple which is situated by the hills of the western ghats. On this occasion, millions of people wear black dhotis and climb the hills to reach the temple. People from all religion, caste and creed come together to celebrate this fair in Kerala. The view from the hill is just amazing and the temple is decorated beautifully.

3. Sonepur Mela

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It is the biggest cattle fair in India and takes place in Bihar. The fair has varieties of cattle, cultural programs, food stalls. Agricultural equipment, street magicians, priests, amusement rides, circus performers, handicrafts and much more. The cattle have slightly reduced because of wildlife protection laws but even with them, the fair is pretty fun to visit.

4. Puri Rath Yatra

(Image source- DNA India)

It is the biggest chariot festival in the world that happens at Jagannath temple. Raths or chariots of Lord Shri Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Subhadra are celebrated. Thousands of tourists visit this fair every year.

5. Pushkar Fair

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It is the largest fair in the country and also the most unique fair in the world. The fair is vibrant and colourful with a lot of camels roaming around. They also have activities like camping and hot air ballooning. There are competitions such as matki phod, longest moustache, harmony half marathon and much more. The fair is filled with food and shopping stalls.


6. Palki Festival

(Image source- HelloTravel)

It is one of the unique and important aspects of Maharashtrian culture. It is a religious affair where people sing, dance and chant mantras. It happens every year and goes on for twenty-two days. Lakhs of devotees walk this path of faith and religion.

7. Hornbill Festival

(Image source- Wikipedia)

The festival takes place in Nagaland and people who want to study their culture should attend this festival. All the tribes of Nagaland come together and celebrate the festival together. It showcases their culture, heritage and traditions. You can see them in their traditional clothing, you can see their cultural dance, hear their song, eat the local food and experience their way of life.

8. Sunburn Festival

(Image source- BookMyShow)

Sunburn is the biggest of Asia’s electronic dance music festival and is attended by a lot of tourists. Food, entertainment and shopping are an important aspect of this festival. It is total fun to dance and sing along with so many people.

9. Jaipur Literature Festival

(Image credit: Jaipur Literature Festival)

For all the writers and readers out there, this festival has to be on your bucket list. It provides a platform for literary works and a lot of artists, creators, writers and poets come to this festival. It is a five-day festival and you get to learn a lot of things.

10. Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

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It is a paradise for any kind of art lover and also an amazing place that is visited by a lot of people every year. The place is so vibrant with all the decorations and art stuff that you wouldn’t want to leave the place. There events such as music concerts, art exhibitions, film screenings, panel discussion, heritage walk, cultural glimpse and much more. It takes place in Mumbai.

11. Goa Carnival

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It is one of the most happening and exhilarating carnivals that you’ll ever visit. There is a parade that goes on with people in different costumes dancing and singing. They also organise plays which will tell you all about the culture of Goa. There is food and Goon cuisine is just mouth watering. This carnival is full of entertainment.

12. Rann Utsav

(Image source- Condé Nast Traveller India)

Rann that is located in Kutch, Gujarat is the largest salt desert in India. There are musical performances, dance performances, story recital, horse riding, camel riding, archery, paramotoring and various other activities.

13. Hot Air Balloon Festival

(Image credit: Google)

This festival is basically an adventure fair which takes place in Karnataka. You’ll be able to fly in hot air balloons and see thousands of these balloons flying and decorating the sky. If you love photography, do not forget to click a picture of the colourful sky.

14. Magnetic Fields Festival

(Image source- Tripoto)

It a talent festival that you can witness in Rajasthan. It is a three-day festival and anyone can take part in it. For people who don’t want to participate- there are yoga workshops, buffet, kite flying competition, treasure hunt, music workshop, cooking workshop, camping, star gazing, adventure sports in the desert and much more.

15. Bishnupur Festival

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This festival provides a stage to their local people for showcasing their talent. Tourists visit this place to shop local stuff, watch folk dances, music performance and to eat. The festival takes place in West Bengal.

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