Top 15 Ways To Eat And Stay Healthy

It is said that your body shape, structure and health depend on your diet, approximately 70% of it. Therefore, it is very necessary that you avoid junk and eat good food. Here are fifteen ways how you can start eating healthily.

Top 15 Ways To Eat And Stay Healthy

1. Nutritional Label

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The label that is given behind your packaged food is there for a reason. Read all the ingredients and nutritional chart before buying anything. this way you’ll not end up buying stuff with a crazy amount of sugar or fat. You can compare two labels and choose a healthier option.

2. Try Healthier Food Options

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There are many combinations that have one extremely nutritious ingredient and the other ingredient is not as healthy. For example, peanut butter jam sandwich. Try having peanut butter and banana on a piece of toast. It is equally yummy but more healthy. Eat sweet potato fries instead of normal fries. Swap your regular chocolate for dark chocolate. All these will make your diet healthier.

3. Add Fruits and Vegetables in Your Diet

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Instead of having the same boring cereal every day, try having different fruits for breakfast. You can also have fresh fruit juices milkshakes or pieces of fruits with oats. Include salad as a side for all your meals. This way your stomach will feel full and you will be able to have a balanced meal.

4. Drink Water

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Hydrating yourself is very necessary if you want to have a healthy diet. Try infusing your water with lime, mint leaves or fruits. It will give your bland water more taste and increase its nutritional value. Sometimes you feel as if you are hungry but you are actually thirsty. So make sure you have enough water throughout the day.

5. Don’t Skip Meals

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Many people think that being healthy or losing weight is about skipping meals. But this is not true. A proper diet includes eating proper quality and quantity of food, not skipping them. Eating good food helps you boost energy and metabolism. If you skip one meal, you will overeat during your next meal. It is better to have food throughout the day at regular intervals.

6. Keep Healthy Snacks in Your Pocket

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Instead of carrying biscuits or chocolates, carry a healthier option of snacks. Have a protein bar, dry fruits, popcorn, fruits or vegetable. You can also try Greek yoghurt and dark chocolate if you want to have something sweet.

7. Cheat Meal

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You cannot just have healthy food throughout the year or life. Your mental peace will be disturbed by the constant craving of your favourite food. While having a cheat meal, just keep in mind to get back to your healthy routine and don’t have constant cheat meals.

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8. Drink Fresh Beverages

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Try having fresh fruit juices, lemonade, coconut water or milkshakes instead of coke or other aerated drinks. Aerated drinks and various packaged drinks contain a crazy amount of sugars which is not good for your body. Always have fresh drinks!

9. Eat Unprocessed Meat

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Have raw meat because it is filled with proteins. If you are eating chicken nuggets or popcorn, they are filled with fats and if you are having processed meat like sausages or slices, they are filled with sodium and preservatives.

10. Cook Often

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Eat homemade meals rather than ordering in or eating out. No matter how healthy meal you order, it will have some unhealthy fat hidden inside it. With homemade meals, you know what goes inside. It helps you to keep a track of what and how much you are eating.

11. Eat Healthy Fats

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Fat is also a necessary part of a balanced diet and to remain fit, you need to have fats in your meal. But, have only good fats such as olive oil, avocado, canola oil or walnuts. However, it is important to measure how much oil you are putting in because oils have a lot of calories. Eat a limited amount of fat if you are trying to lose fat.

12. Take Small Meals

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Do not have three large meals. Instead, have five to six small meals. This will help you to boost your energy and metabolism, prevent overeating and keep you active throughout the day. But make sure, you have a good and proper breakfast. It should be the largest meal of your day.

13. Portion Control

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It is very important to control the quantity that you are eating. On your plate, there should one fist of carbohydrates, two palms of proteins, one fist or fruits or vegetables. Even if you are having a cheat day, do not overeat. Eat in small portions and your diet will not get disturbed.

14. Presentation

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If you present your food nicely, you’ll start loving your meals. If it is scattered here and there, you’ll get bored. Our eyes eat before our mouth does. So if you have time, make sure you present your meal nicely.

15. Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

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If you feel like having a slice of pizza, have it. You can burn it off later. Your mental peace is also important. So, if you feel like having something, have it. But make sure you burn it off and don’t do this very often.

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