Top 15 Fairytale Destinations In The World!

Have you always wished to go to a fantasy fairyland since your childhood? With breathtaking castles, romantic cafes, colorful buildings, and walkways, these are some of the destinations which would actually make you feel like you’re right in the middle of a fairytale town.

If You’re Someone Who Wants To Spend A Classic Holiday, Here Are The Top 15 Fairytale Destinations In The World:

1. Giethoorn, Netherlands

Fairytale Destinations In The World
Source: andoreia

Imagine waking up to a beautiful, quaint village town with absolutely no cars and no roads. How would you feel? I am guessing surreal. With over 180 bridges and its traditional thatched roof houses, this town is a pure illustration of how a fairytale settlement is described in a children’s storybook!

This little village Giethoorn in the Netherlands, is also known to be the “Venice of the North.”
What’s nice about this town is that it is a peaceful little village, and the people of this village have also made sure to use “whisper boats” with noiseless engines to create a very tranquil and beautiful environment for the people out there.

2. Colmar, France

Source: fullsuitcase

Located just near the border of Germany, this little French town will definitely provoke a feeling of being in a fantasy land even when you’re not fond of fairytales. With colorful houses in the shades of lemon, sky blue, rose, and peppermint, this town is surely a delight for travelers. Its cobblestone streets make it even more fun and interesting to explore this town on foot!

If you’re someone who just wants to roam around this town wearing a beautiful gown and holding and sippin’ on some Alsace wine, then this is the place for you.

3. Bibury, England

Source: culturetrip

This little village town situated right at the heart of the Cotswold region is a rural-fairytale lover’s paradise. This town is surely gonna make you time travel and bring you back to the 17th century because of its beautiful medieval rustic architecture and quaint homes. One of the most fairytale-looking areas of this town is the “Arlington Row,” which is basically a row of weavers’ cottages next to a river, and it gives you a perfect fairytale feeling!

4. Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber, Germany

Source: wikipedia

If you’re someone who’s into deep German history or if you’re simply someone who loves exploring small little villages on foot, then this is the place for you. This little fortified town has served as the inspiration for the famous movie of “Pinocchio,” and hence, it won’t fail to make you feel like you are in some fairyland. This town is walled and has colorful traditional houses. It’s the perfect getaway for a medieval feel.

5. Hallstatt, Austria

Source: bbc

Hallstatt is supposed to be the perfect “fairytale-esque town” as it is situated right across the most scenic lake in Austria and will surely leave you with a feeling of awe once you arrive here.

Since it flourished during the middle ages, this town is known for its salt mines, cobblestone floors, colorful buildings with cute floral window panes, and flowers dropping over the railings of the balcony. This is surely a must-visit fairytale town if you are looking for some real-life beauty.

6. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Source: theworld

Situated right across the famous Vltava river, Cesky Krumlov is a very pretty, picturesque fairy town. This surely will give you a magical feeling because of a beautiful tall castle overlooking this town from every corner, and you will feel like you are walking in a Disney movie. I am not even kidding. You should explore it on foot, go on a boat ride, and visit a sidewalk cafe for some amazing local meals.

7. Rye, England

Source: planetware

Are you someone who’s fond of haunted folk tales and visiting a haunted fairytale town? Then, this is the place for you. However, this town is known for its tangled streets and half-timbered houses. The names of the streets here are also interesting, like Mermaid Street, Wish street and so on! As this little village is located close to a sea shore, it’s recommended to take seaside walks and explore some scrumptious food, and you’re good to go!

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8. Reine, Norway

Source: switchbacktravel

A tiny fishing village of just approximately 300 people, this town is surely a delight if you are looking for a fantasy away from the hustle and bustle of major cities. Situated right at the edge of the Arctic circle, in the Lofoten Islands in Norway, this village town is surely a beauty. Imagine lying down in a traditional Robuer (fishing hut), which is open from the top, and imagine yourself looking at the beautiful sky and observing the Northern lights. Doesn’t it sound magical? I am sure it does.

9. Conques, France

Source: findingtheuniverse

Ever wondered what it’s like to be in a tiny little pink town? Well, this destination is perfect for the ones who drool over the color pink. With few buildings in a row tinged with pink, I guess the best way to experience this town would be by going for a walking tour. What can you do in this little town? Spend your time in the main square, grab a homemade ice cream cone and just keep walking.

10. Bled, Slovenia

Source: trafalgar

This town, surrounded by beautiful glacial lakes, alpine mountains, and just some natural beauty, creates an image of a fairyland in our minds. Well, this is a perfect destination for people who just simply enjoy watching a beautiful sunset with a cup of coffee. You can witness a beautiful sunset every day from almost every part of this beautiful town.

11. Brasov, Romania

Source: romaniatourism

This town will surely give you a magical fairytale feel if you arrive here during winters. With its pastel-tinged old town center with beautiful buildings and snow-covered houses and castles, this place is surely a beauty. You can go walking around this town and explore some of its beautiful churches, Saxon houses, and other gothic-style architecture, and also enjoy some Romanian cuisine in one of the cafes!

12. Bruges, Belgium

Source: culturetrip

Imagine yourself sitting on a horse-drawn carriage cart and exploring this town full of gingerbread houses and cobblestoned streets. Don’t you already feel like a fairytale princess by this thought? This town is almost like you’re watching a live painting in front of you. And, since it’s situated in Belgium, you can always grab a waffle in your hand and go on exploring history, art, food, and architecture.

13. Ribe, Denmark

Source: culturetrip

With its 8th-century-old picturesque cathedrals and half-timbered houses on cobblestoned streets, this village is worth a visit. It will surely transfer you back to 9th century Scandinavia and will leave a beautiful mark with its old medieval city center and beautiful architecture.

14. Kingham, England

Source: maplogs

If you’ve seen the movie “The Holiday,” then this town is surely going to remind you of that. This tiny little village town known as “Kingham” is situated in Cotswold, England. Because of its spectacular lush green surroundings and natural beauty, it’s easily considered to be one of the prettiest fairytale towns in England.

What makes it look like a fairyland? It’s honey-stone cottages, centuries-old gastro-pubs, green hills, and horse racing competitions. Thus, this town is surely a must-visit if you’re looking for a delight for your eyes and mind.

15. Luss, Scotland

Source: wandersomewhere

This town of Luss in Scotland is located right on the west banks of Loch Lomond Lake, which makes it a perfect fairytale-looking town. With its 18th-19th century built sandstone and slate cottages, this is one of the best-looking towns in the whole of Scotland. Do explore some crazy seafood shacks and bars!

I hope this will give your fairytale fantasies meaning, where you will actually be able to experience the feels of being in a fantasy setting in real life.

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