Top 15 Places That Deserve More Travelers

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Bored of romanticizing Paris and Himalaya’s magnificent hills? Forget about the typical tourist destinations and explore the lesser-known places in the world. There are many cozy islands, picturesque waterfalls, flower fields, adventurous jungles, and interesting villages that aren’t popular, but does that mean that they are not worth visiting? Absolutely not! In fact, these places are far more interesting than our typical holiday destinations.

So Here Are The Top 15 Places That Deserve More Travelers:

1. Huacachina, Peru

Places That Deserve More Travelers
Source: peruforless

This town is located in a fairytale location; it is situated in the middle of a vast desert, like an oasis town. The road from Lima takes about five hours to reach here. The population in the town is 200, so you can have a fun holiday here, away from the world. And the most interesting thing, you can also ride a sandboard on the Peruvian hills.

2. Tuophema Tourist Village, India

Source: travelandleisure

This village, located in Nagaland, is 41 km away from Kohima. The northeastern part of India has many such jewels that are worth a visit. Here, you’ll be able to experience a completely new culture and social system. While you are here, don’t forget to try their rice beer and bamboo-baked dishes.

3. The Philippines

Source: hindustantimes

A glorious archipelago with trails of beaches and a backdrop of beautiful nature is certainly worth writing about in your travel journal. Natural disasters and political issues in the country are the reason why tourism is so low here.

4. Bhutan

Source: tmi

Though many people know about this place, not many make an effort to visit it. This landlocked country is a beautiful, mountainous region with a strong Buddhist culture, remote forests, treks, and Himalayan kingdoms.

5. Lake Hillier, Australia

Source: newscientist

Lake Hillier, located on the Middle Island, needs a flight as the sole way to reach there. But with sandy beaches, eucalyptus forests, and a pink lake, it is worth it. Yes, you heard that right! A pink lake! The place is so aesthetically beautiful that you have to visit it.

6. Popeye Village, Malta

Source: tripadvisor

The village consists of small wooden houses that were originally built with the purpose of shooting the Popeye musical in the 1980s. But now, it is a resort with an amusement park, cruises around the bay, and stunning views.

7. Flores Island, Portugal

Source: cnbc

If you haven’t visited this place, what are you even doing? It’s on the UNESCO world heritage list. Almost all the territories of this island are covered with beautiful flowers, and there is a national park here that has unique flora and fauna. Other than that, there are hot springs, lagoons, cozy villages, lakes, volcanoes, and caves.

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8. The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

Source: natgeo

Once, a few geologists discovered a cave with an ample amount of natural gas, which they burned to avoid harmful effects on humans and animals. The fire was supposed to go out after a few days, but even after 45 years, it is still burning.

9. Chitrakote and Tirathgarh, India

Source: happyeasygo

This place is in Chhattisgarh, and even though it may not be on your bucket list, we assure you that there are many hidden places in the state – Chitrakote and Tirathgarh being one of them. The magnificent waterfalls are one of the broadest waterfalls in India, with luxury stays and breathtaking views.

10. The Marble Caves, Chile

Source: audleytravel

These marble caves are a creation of water that has been patiently and beautifully formed for thousands of years. The breathtaking network of caves is surely worth your attention. Chile is a gorgeous country to visit, and there are more such hidden gems there.

11. Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia

Source: kuoda

Situated on the border between Colombia and Ecuador, this neo-gothic building is fascinating with beautiful interiors. The place is surrounded by a river, rocks, and waterfalls. It is an absolute beauty and worth staring at!

12. Psychedelic Salt Mine, Russia

Source: geologypage

The place is situated 650 feet below the ground and is a part of an abandoned salt mine. The quirky patterns and colors make up the mineral rock, which is surrounded by several secret passages.

13. Marieta Islands, Mexico

Source: travelyy

There is a hidden beach on this island with pure water and a variety of birds and aquatic animals residing there. If you want to get here, you have to travel by water. What makes the journey amazing is that you have to go through a maze of underwater caves.

14. Hang Son Doong, Vietnam

Source: lonelyplanet

It is said that this cave was formed somewhere between 2-5 million years ago. Yes, it is that old. And not only that, it is known as the biggest cave in the world. These two reasons are enough to convince any traveler to visit this place.

15. Pingvallavatn Lake, Iceland

Source: south

Iceland as a country is immensely beautiful, but this particular lake here literally gives divers a chance to swim down between two continents. How cool is that? As the lake sits between North America and Europe, it kind of connects the two continents.

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