Top 15 Weird Professions That Actually Exist

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When Aamir Khan said, “Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega, Beta Hamara Aisa Kaam Karega,” then none of us gave a thought about such professions that we are going to discuss today. There are a hell lot of weird jobs available in the market. I am not sure if they are weird in actuality, or is it we who categorized them as such?

So, Go Through These Filtered Top 15 Weird Professions That Actually Exist:

1. Car Number Plate Blockers

weird professions that actually exist
Source: mappingmemories

Like the odd-even system in Delhi, the Iranian Government came up with this unique idea of an odd-even system to avoid pollution. So, number plate blockers are hired to block the car number plate by walking behind the car.

2. Professional Mourner

Source: atlasobscura

Professional mourners are hired to come to the funeral and mourn. This might sound crazy, but in Japan, it is very common to hire professional mourners before death.

3. Professional Wedding Guests

Source: joy

Like professional mourners but for a different occasion, people prefer this part-time job to attend the wedding ceremony as guests. Well, money, food, and no work at a part-time job are a jackpot for Japanese people.

4. Furniture Tester

Source: ziprecruiter

Furniture tester is the profession in which a person is assigned to test the comfortability of furniture. Apart from time, this weird profession requires a good level of skills.

5. Crime Scene Cleaner

Source: spauldingdecon

This job may sound like a normal cleaning job, like a home or street cleaner, but that’s not the truth. If you are interested, then all you need is some daredevil skills, a sharp mind, and mastery of cleaning equipment.

6. Worm Picker

Source: payathome

Well, yes, this is a profession and a weird one at that. No wonder we never thought about where we get those worms to catch fish. Here is the answer – we have professionals to do this job.

7. Professional Apologizer

Source: farandwide

Jokes aside, this is actually a profession in Japan. If you want to say sorry to someone but don’t have the courage to stand against them, then here we go. There are people available in the market who can do this work of yours for a few bucks.

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8. Professional Sniffer

Source: howstuffworks

If your body deodorant is able to fight against all sorts of body odor, then instead of praising the deodorant company, you should say thanks to the professional armpit sniffer also. So, if you have a good sense of smell and want to make good money, then this weird profession is for you.

9. Face Feeler

Source: abcnews

Just like professional sniffers, face feelers are hired by skincare companies to feel people’s faces and find the difference before and after applying a specific product.

10. Professional Ear Cleaners

Source: insightguides

As the name suggests, the job of ear cleaner is very famous in India. But here is the weirdest thing, there are “professionals” out there in your city who are masters of ear cleaning.

11. Professional Bed Warmer

Source: trendify

This is the weirdest and most annoying profession on the list. All these bed warmers do is warm the bed for you.

12. Boyfriend On Rent

Source: seanmcgrath

Japan is the home of weird and unbelievable jobs. If you are living in Japan and feel lonely, then by spending a few bucks, you can get a boyfriend on rent.

13. Chicken Sexer

Source: thehappychickencoop

If you think your profession is boring and not productive, I must tell you that there are people out there whose job is all about identifying the gender of a chicken.

14. Drying Paint Watcher

Source: businessinsider

Don’t laugh; this is actually a job. Even I am not able to categorize this profession but people out there are making money by watching paint get dry. Strange world!

15. Professional Cuddlers

Source: indiatimes

And yes, again, Japan is where you can hire a professional cuddler to cuddle you and sleep with you strictly.

These listed professions can give us the idea that when it comes to comfort, people can pay you for almost anything. Just try to get mastery of your interests. Who knows, someone is looking for a person like you?

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