Top 15 Film Industry Careers other than Acting

The Film Industry, is a world in itself, home to many peoples and the reach or career opportunity of this industry is not limited to Acting World only. There are unlimited professional works that this industry offers other than acting. People are exploring these fields and actually making big money. Today we are going to discuss the Top 15 Career options in the Film Industry other than acting.

Top 15 Film Industry Careers other than Acting

1. Script Writer

Script Writing, Film Industrty
Credits: Cherwell

Scriptwriting/Screenwriting is the baby step, all of this journey of a movie, tv-series, etc starts with a good script and a good script wants a good scriptwriter. If you are good with words and wild imaginations then don’t wait for anything, push yourself a bit, and go for it.

2. Director

Credits: Careers In Film

The visionary person behind the success of a movie. Leader of the cast & crew and set. Director is the leader who makes everyone work accordingly according to his/her vision. If you are a visionary and able to tell a story through a secondary person’s skills then you can be next in the list of famous directors of all times.

3. Choreographer

The person behind the iconic Bollywood movie dance moves, a choreographer is a person who makes actors dance on his/her fingertips.

4. Programme Researcher

Programme Researcher
Credits: Hospital Field

Programme researcher carries in-depth research to make sure that every detailing in the film is accurate. He/She is the person responsible for getting clearances related to copyrights and related stuff.

5. Sound Director

Sound Director
Credits: Berklee

Understand this way, a horror film is a horror because of its sound effects only and a movie without sound designer’s excellent work is like a bedroom without a bed.

6. Producer

Credits: Simplecast

A producer is the God Father of the movie, ensuring everything is running accordingly to make his/her film award-winning. If a movie hits the box-office it’s the producer whose pocket will be filled with bundles and if a movie flop the box-office again it’s the producer who will be in loss. Everything else will be paid in both cases.

7. Location Manager

location manager
Credits: The Irish Times

We all fantasize about the Exotic locations we see in the movies, all thanks to the Location Manager. The work of the location director includes travelling to find a perfect location for the required scene, arrange everything to the production house related to film at the location

8. Stunt Director

Stunt Director
Credits: APKPure

The standard of this profession bounced in the last few decades. The work of the Stunt Director is to train the performer (Either Main leads and side characters), fulfil the director’s requirement regarding action in the movie. This job requires a lot of professionalism and expertise.

9. Film Editor

Film Editor
Credits: ProductionBeast

The work of the Film Editor starts after the shooting of the movie ends and post-production work starts. The job of the Film Editor is very crucial as the film editor needs to create an interesting story. If you love movies and you are good with detailings, and of attentive nature then this job is for you.

10. Hairdresser And Makeup Artist

 Hairdresser And Makeup Artist
Credits: Salon Gold

Although the work of Hairdresser and Makeup Artists varies from different sets to sets and films to films. The motto of their job is the same to create actors/actresses and other artists look according to scene, character, age, portrait.

11. Casting Director

Casting Director
Credits: South China Morning Post

Casting Director organizes auditions, fulfils the demand of Director-Producer, and is responsible for providing a platform for upcoming talent, and selects the actors/actresses according to requirements of character.

12. Costume Designer

Costume Designer
Credits: Fashion History

To get this job you need a fashion design degree/diploma and work experience in the relevant field. The costume designer is responsible for all the costumes and looks according to scene and location demands.

13. VFX Artist

VFX Artist
Credits: Web D School

Nowadays the profession of Visual Artists is a hot cake in the film industry and the reason is pretty obvious. We thought only high budget movies or superhero movies have VFX editing but even a simple and low budget movie requires visual effects artists.

14. Cinematographer

Credits: Videomaker

The head of the film crew, the director’s eye, and the person responsible for creative and technical knowledge. He basically works behind the camera to make visual things into real life.

15. Production Designer

Production Designer
Credits: Studiobinder

The production designer is the person who leads the department of art, location options, costumes, color palettes, and lighting. The Production Designer visualizes the director’s vision and makes sure to bring this vision to life.

The above list of professions is the ones we think are suitable for this list but this industry offers more than acting and these fifteen professions.

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