Top 15 Motherly Advice You Need to Hear

Mothers are the first teacher in everyone’s life. They take care of our every need and make us feel secure no matter what. A mother is the only person in the whole world who loves us selflessly. The advice given by a mother to her children is always the best. But as we grow older, we start living without our parents and we lack their valuable advice. Let’s have a look at some of the motherly advice that you need to hear and remember.

Top 15 Motherly Advice You Need to Hear

1. Free to Make Your Choices

You are free to make your choices.
source- quotes gram

You are allowed to choose whatever you want as long as you are aware of the consequences that come along with your decision. You can choose anything you want, but be ready to face all the outcomes too.

2. Be kind

be kind
source- wall street journal

This word is probably the hardest thing to follow. But trust me, people who manage to practice it are the ones who are loved by everyone. Kindness is the greatest gift of God and very few people know the actual meaning of it. Be someone with a kind and soft heart in a world of treacherous beings.

3. Face Your Problems

You don't always air your dirty clothes
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Don’t just get consumed by your endless problems all the time. What you need to do is, learn to face them in an effective manner. Learn how to deal with your concerns rather than dodging them.

4. Live and Let Live

live and let live
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It is valuable advice, and people who understand this simple sequence lead a content life compared to others. You are not here to constantly judge other people and look into their lives and problems. Deal with your problems and let others live their own life.

5. Give it horns

give it horns
Credits: Success Unlimited Mantras

This simply implies that no matter what you are doing, just make sure to give your 110% to it. Do not worry about the outcome. It might disappoint you but you will still be satisfied because you know you gave your 100% to it.

6. Choose your battles

choose your battles
Credits: Women in the word

You do not have to spend your entire life fighting all the battles. Make your goals simple and easy. Choose the battles which are most important to you and which will bring peace into your life rather than messing it up.

7. The grass is always greener on the other side

The grass is always greener on the other side
Credits: The Village Idioms

We always tend to find others’ life better than ours, and this is completely normal. But don’t let that feeling overwhelm you. In the world of social media, people only post their success, no one tells about their failures. So instead of worrying about someone else’s life, just make your own life wonderful.

8. If you open it, close it

If you open it, close it:
Credits: Quote Master

By this, we mean that people need to learn to leave things as they are, instead of messing it up and tangling their life.

9. Go on trips

go on trips
Credits: Mvslim

Do not ever miss out on any trip just because you were too shy or introverted to hang out with people. Trips teach you a lot of things and almost everything can be learned by experiencing it only. These opportunities do not come all the time. So grab it as soon as you get any of those chances.

10. Don’t make decisions when you are angry

Don't make decisions when you are angry
Credits: Verywell mind

This is one of the greatest pieces of advice and something very hard to implement especially for short-tempered people. Decisions made in anger always lead to something awful and most likely you are going to regret it.

11. Manners speaks volume than your position

Manners speaks volume than your position
Credits: Katie Roberts

Being at a good position in a career is good but it is never good enough that you compromise your behaviour with it. Only those people are respected who have a pure heart and who doesn’t trust anyone differently.

12. Don’t waste your life on regrets

 Don't waste your life on regrets
Credits: Medium

Regrets are the biggest enemy of living a peaceful life. People often go into depression if they keep thinking too much about their future. You cannot change your past. Whatever done, is done. Just focus on making your present and your future better.

13. Never make someone a priority when you are an option for them

Never make someone a priority when you are an option for them
Credits: Quotes 2 remember

This has happened with all of us at least once in our lifetime. But it’s okay! Learn not to priortize others over yourself. Your only priority should focus on making yourself happy.

14. Say NO to People-Pleasing

Say no to people-pleasing
Credits: The Coaching Masters

This is a hard pill to digest but accept the fact that you can’t please everyone. It’s okay for people to not like you. Accept the fact that you are perfect the way you are and just focus on bettering yourself.

15. The way someone treats is a reflection of what they feel about you

The way someone treats is a reflection of what they feel about you
Credits: Women Working

If someone treats you like a princess, then it means that person loves you. If someone treats you like no one, it simply means that you do not mean anything to them. Do not make excuses for their behaviour. You are going to end up hurting your expectations. 

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