Top 15 Folk Music Culture India Holds

Music is an age-old genre that occupies a vast space in the realm of culture. It was initiated in a way that pieces of poetry were turned into music and the genre of music became so appealing to humankind that it hoisted its flag across all cultures. Talking of India, well, it is indeed an incredible land. The variety of colors that one gets to see in India can rarely be found anywhere else in the world. Folk music which emerged from the remote areas of India has made its way to films and folk singers get great recognition today.

There is a variety of folk music prevailing in the different parts of India. There are some we have heard of and have become famous but there are also some we are not even aware of.

So here is a list of the folk music culture India holds:

1. Rasiya Geet

Source: thehinduportal

A popular genre of folk music, it emerges from the Braj region of Uttar Pradesh. It is important to know the significance of the name. “Rasiya” means “filled with rasa or flavor i.e. emotions” and “geet” means “song.” These songs are sung in Braj dialect which consist of stories of Krishna’s childhood and his love life.

2. Pankhida

Source: thestatesman

Pankhida originated in Rajasthan. These songs are mainly sung by the peasant groups while working in the fields in order to digress their mind from the tiresome work of farming. The literal meaning of the word of Pankhida is “lover.”

3. Pandwani

Source: chhattisgarhexams

Pandwani has its roots in Chhattisgarh. As the name suggests, the singers of Pandwani recite stories from Mahabharata, mainly about pandavas. This particular category of music does not follow any rigid style and the lyrics and ways of recitation are impromptu. However, this is not a drawback or any disadvantage as pandwani remains to be a graceful genre of music.

4. Mando

Source: timesofindia

This genre traces back to the nineteenth century, originating in Goa. It is also termed as Goan genre. It is popular amongst Catholics and the theme of Mando is love and the grievances against injustice.

5. Naktaura


This genre is hardly heard of by many people as it has not garnered much fame. This music genre is, however, popular in the regions of Bundelkhand. The theme of Naktaura is nothing specific but it is performed only when any member of a family is getting married. All the ladies of the house congregate to narrate household stories, affairs, and other family goings through recitation. Naktaura, sometimes, turns out to be offensive.

6. Sohar

Source: ananthablahblah

Sohar songs are mainly sung on the occasion of the birth of a child. It has its origination in Uttar Pradesh but is prevalent in other regions too.

7. Tappa

Source: scroll

They are love songs that originated in Punjab and are sung mainly by the camel riders in the Sindh-Punjab regions. They are semi-classical in nature and are sung in royal courts.

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8. Bhakha

Source: jammuvirasat

Bhakha has its roots in Jammu. They are sung mainly during the time of harvest. The songs are sung using harmonium.

9. Chai Hia

Source: currentaffairs

Chai Hia is the genre of folk song sung in Mizoram during a festival named Chapchar Kut. Chapchar Kut is the spring festival of the region celebrated after the clearing of forest.

10. Ghasiyari Geet

Source: radioandmusic

Ghasiyari Geet is a kind of dance song sung by the Garhwali women in the regions of Uttarakhand. They sing the songs while heading towards the forest to collect grass for the cattle. The songs are finely rhythmed.

11. Villu Pattu

Source: thehindu

Villu Pattu has its emergence in Tamil Nadu. The name is such as the word “villu” means “bow.” The singers use a bow-shaped musical instrument while playing the songs. The songs mainly consist of historical themes.

12. Daskathia

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This form of religious art is native to Odisha. On dissecting the words of the name, the literal meaning stand as thus – “das” means “devotee” or “servant” and “kathia” means the clappers who are being used while performing the songs. It is generally performed by two people.

13. Lotia

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This particular genre of folk music emerged in the regions of Rajasthan. The women bring colorful vessels beautifully adorned, known as “lotas” or “kalash,” fill them with water and carry them back home after worship.

14. Laman

Source: anahad

This is a genre of folk music popular in the regions of Himanchal. The songs included in this genre are mainly sung by women on the eve of their wedding or any other pious occasion. The songs consist of rhythmic patterns which make them delightful and soothing to the years.

15. Hori

Source: apanmithilangam

Hori is associated with the colorful festival of Holi, originating in the regions of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. There are many poems and songs written which are themed on the festival. The songs in Hori are basically about the love life of Radha And Krishna.


The folk songs, belonging to different regions of India, basically highlight the beliefs and purposes and also the paradigm of the different cultures. Reciting mythologies, may it be in Indian regions or even Western, has helped the cultures to remain alive. The folk songs add flavors to the cultures, picturizing life in a metaphorical sense. It can thus be said that the importance of music will never pass unnoticed.

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