Top 15 Foods To Eat After A Workout

Remember the days when you had an amazing workout but woke up sore the next morning? Most of us go through this! It is because most of us don’t know what to eat after a workout. Your muscles aren’t getting proper nutrition, and that is why you feel sore and tired. After you exercise, your body needs protein the most. If you want to maintain your health, you need to focus on your post-workout meal.

Top 15 Foods To Eat After A Workout

1. Banana

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Bananas are high in potassium and carbohydrate, which is very important for your muscles. You can carry a banana with you in your bag and consume it after your workout. You can either have just banana or blend into a smoothie, make a banana-peanut butter toast or toss it on the top of your pancakes.

2. Quinoa

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Quinoa is filled with carbohydrates and plant-based protein. It is one of the best options for vegans. It speeds up your post-workout recovery. Instead of having plain quinoa, you can toss some of it in your barter while baking cookies, make some delicious salad or add it in your burrito bowl.

3. Chickpeas

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You are not supposed to eat fiber-rich food before a workout; it can cause digestive distress, but having it after a workout can help you replenish your blood sugar levels. Chickpeas are high in carbs and protein; it is a post-workout superfood. There are plenty of recipes that you can try using chickpeas. It tastes good with everything.

4. Yoghurt

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Yoghurt is high in protein and calcium. But when it comes to post-workout food, make sure you choose the Greek yoghurt. It has more nutritional benefits and will help you recover. If you are looking for a healthier option, then skip the flavored ones. Go for plain natural Greek yoghurt. You can either eat plain yogurt or add some fruits to it.

5. Nuts

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It is one of the most portable snacks that you can carry. Keep a handful of nuts with you always, not just after a workout. Snack on nuts whenever you are hungry instead of chips or chocolates. Nuts have protein, fiber, and healthy fats. It will keep your stomach full for a longer period of time. You can have mixed nuts, add it to your smoothie or top your salad with walnuts.

6. Oatmeal

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Oatmeal is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying post-workout food. It is high in healthy carbs which helps in the recovery of the muscles. You can either cook oatmeal or add a handful of oats to your smoothie, cookie, or pancakes.

7. Sweet Potato

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This particular vegetable is very popular when it comes to workout meals. It is because sweet potato is infused with carbs, fibre, and potassium. Plus, it is so versatile. You can try a handful of recipes using sweet potatoes. Depending on the recipe you choose, it will keep you full for a long time and it tastes amazing.

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8. Cottage Cheese Or Tofu

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Cottage cheese and tofu have a high amount of protein, which is very much needed after a good workout. You cannot have uncooked paneer or tofu, so it is better if you grill or shallow fry your paneer or tofu. You can add it to your salad, have it plain, eat it as a sabzi, or try other delicious recipes. No matter what you make, your stomach will be satisfied, and you will feel energized again.

9. Chia seeds

Chia seeds
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Chia seeds not only reduces fat but also provides a good amount of protein. It is a perfect post-workout food. You can add chia seeds to your smoothie, shakes, or oatmeal. It will help replenish your body quickly.

10. Protein Bar

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As the name suggests, the protein bar is high in protein. It also contains good carbohydrates and fat. The most important thing to keep in mind while choosing a protein bar is that you do not choose a bar that is high in sugar. You can immediately snack on your protein bar after your workout.

11. Avocado

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We all know that avocado is a superfood, adding it to anything makes the meal super-nutritious. If you like you can have raw avocado. The best way to have avocado is with toast. It contains carbs and good fat.

12. Protein Shake

Protein Shake
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This is the most common post-workout food. If you are looking to build muscles and have a good body, a protein shake is good post-workout food for you. It tastes good, is high in protein, and fills you up for some time.

13. Fruit Smoothies

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If you do not like or do not want to have a protein shake, you can try fruit smoothies. Use non-fat milk, no sugar, a lot of fruits, and some protein (like yoghurt or chia seeds). Try adding berries to your smoothies, it will make it more nutritious. The best thing about fruit smoothies is that you can make it the way you want.

14. Sandwich

Image source: Veg recipes of India
Image source: Veg recipes of India

Make yourself a sandwich that has cheese, a lot of vegetables, and make sure you don’t use too much butter or white bread. Make use of brown bread, and it is preferable to use mozzarella cheese as it is high in protein. It will fill you up and refuel your body quickly.

15. Apple With Peanut Butter

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Peanut butter is a great source of protein and apple is a good source of fiber, good carbs, and a little amount of protein. Apple with peanut butter is a tasty snack and you’ll feel good after having it. You can have it whenever you feel like snacking. It is a healthier option and helps if you are trying to stay fit.

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