Top 15 Hidden Places in and around Mumbai You Should Visit

Mumbai is overcrowded and everyone feels a need to get away from this ever-growing crowd. Going out of Mumbai every other day is not very pocket friendly, so the other solution is to find some hidden places in or around the city itself.

Top 15 Hidden Places in and around Mumbai You Should Visit

1. Hasnabad Dargah, Byculla

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If you are looking for a cultural and historical experience, you should visit this Dargah in Byculla. You’ll be impressed with the rich Islamic culture and heritage that it showcases. The architecture of the Dargah is also marvellous and depicts the Islamic culture very well. It is situated in a quiet place, away from the hustle of the city.

2. Gilbert hill, Andheri

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This hill is just a monolithic rock that was formed due to volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. The hill attracts all the nature and adventure lovers from the city. It is a fun place to visit as Mumbai does not have much to offer when it comes to nature. You can spend an afternoon with your friends or just go for a picnic with your family. The view from the top is breathtaking and you can see the city’s skyline.

3. Gables, Colaba

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This restaurant is a must-try if you are a hardcore fan of Goan cuisine. It is a very small restaurant but very rich in taste. The most famous dish that they serve here is prawn curry. You’ll instantly be hit by the nostalgic taste of Goa. The restaurant is very affordable and will satisfy your cravings!

4. Maharashtra Nature Park, Dharavi

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This park was a dumping ground which has now been turned into a huge nature park. The park is almost 37 acres and attracts locals and tourists. It is almost unbelievable that this park has a variety of trees, birds and butterflies amidst the city. You can go for a nice walk or also know more about nature. It is an ideal picnic spot and you can easily spend your whole day here.

5. Banganga Tank, Malabar Hill

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This tank was built and established in the year 1127 AD. It is a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of old Bombay and click some nostalgic photos! You can visit the tank to see the architecture of those times- the houses, the settlement and the structure of the tank are all old and historical. It is a calm and quiet place, away from the chaotic city.

6. Sassoon Dock, Colaba

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This is one of the oldest docks in the city and is open for people to visit this place. The dock is apt for photographers and videographers as the view is mesmerizing. Many video and portrait shoots happen around this place and some people just visit this place to get an Instagram-worthy photo.

7. Pandavkada Falls, Khargar

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Can you believe there is a waterfall amidst a city like Mumbai? Well, it is hard to believe but it exists. This place is a fun thing to do on weekends or holidays. You can immerse yourself in the cold water or just sit beside and enjoy the view. And there are two more places that you can visit- the Buddhist caves and Khargar hills. This is an apt spot if you want to spend a weekend with your family.

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8. Dahanu Beach, Dahanu

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Spend your day with the sea, sand and sun! This beautiful beach is on the outskirts of the main city and serves as a spot for frolicking around with your friends. You can have a romantic picnic or a friendly get-together, the beach will make the perfect atmosphere to suit your mood. This place gives peace and harmony with its breeze and beauty.

9. Chhota Kashmir, Goregaon

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This marvellous place is situated right in between the city. The place offers an unobstructed view of nature and there is a lake to add to its beauty. If you want to spend an afternoon chilling, this place is perfect for you. The place looks amazing and also offers boating facilities. This is quite a spot for all the locals. If you are not very far from this place, you should take a visit and soothe your heart.

10. Vasai Fort, Vasai

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A historical gem is hidden in the interior parts of Vasai. The fort was once a residence for Portuguese people which now is rumoured to have certain paranormal creatures. The place is a research field for many of the archaeological departments, even though not much of the fort is left. You can mostly see people taking photographs here and spending the afternoon chilling by the fort.

11. Kanhoji Angre Island, Alibaug

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Situated at the outskirts of the city sits a beautiful island which was once occupied by the Portuguese people. The place is a tourist destination because it consists of a fort, cannons, the sea and a lighthouse. It is pure bliss to spend a day here. It is going to be a tourist spot very soon.

12. Mahakali Caves, Andheri

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This cave was built of the remnants of a Buddhist monastery. The Buddhist culture and mythologies that this place contains are what make it an interesting spot for individuals. You can spend your afternoon in the cave, away from the scorching heat of Mumbai.

13. Kolad

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This place is 117 km away from Mumbai but is totally worth a visit. The place has a variety of water adventure sports and is also an apt place for camping. Nature is what attracts the majority of people. It is a nice, fun way to spend your weekend. It could be your #weekendgoals.

14. Jawhar

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Again away from the city, but a treat for the tourists. This place is covered with green thick trees and was home to the tribal kingdom. It is a great place to witness some of the tribal cultures such as the warli painting. The place also consists of a hill and is again perfect for some adventure.

15. Sandhan Valley

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The place is a little far from the main city. This valley is situated near Bhandardara and is known for its trekking activity. It is one of the best places to spend your weekend, especially if you are an adventure junkie!

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