Top 15 Highest Paid Jobs

How many of us have dreamt of earning loads and loads of money? We don’t even have to think about answering this question; we already know that every person dreams of it. So here are the top 15 highest paid jobs that will help you roll in the dough. Just a quick note that the amount mentioned in the bracket is the yearly income of that specific job.

Top 15 Highest Paid Jobs

1. Physician [$193,415]

source: physicians practice

A Physician or a medical practitioner or a medical doctor is a person who professionally practices medicine. Specialists earn more than doctors who have just completed post-graduation, and not all doctors are paid well. All of us fall ill, and all of us need doctors at some point in our life. Therefore, doctors are an essential element of society; they are also considered the most educated workers in the professional world.

2. Pharmacy Manager [$144,768]

source: WSi healthcare personnel

Let me first explain who exactly Pharmacy managers are. They are the ones who oversee the day-to-day operations of a pharmacy. Pharmacy managers require 6 years of professional education to be qualified; hence, their demands are incredibly high. They hold a huge responsibility of managing drugs and essential medicines, which requires them to be patient at most times.

3. Dentist [$142,478]

source: KET education

Remember how our parents used to scare the living hell out of us by telling us that if we don’t stop eating chocolates, we will have to visit the dentist? Dentists are specialized in oral health, and their major job is to diagnose and treat problems with patients’ teeth, gums, and other parts of the mouth. Since their job deals with one of the essential parts of the human body, it compels several people to visit them, resulting in a huge income.

4. Pharmacist [$126,438]

source: tri living well

Pharmacists or dispensing chemists are healthcare professionals who focus on the safe and effective use of medications. They are qualified for the distribution of prescribed medicine and advise on over-the-counter remedies for minor ailments. All of us come across them now and then, but who knew they are one of the top paid employees.

5. Enterprise Architect [$122,585]

source: EA people

As fancy it sounds, they do a pretty amazing job. Enterprise architects are responsible for analyzing business structures and processes and are often called upon to abridge the information collected by an organization to address the goals of enterprise architecture. Although this sounds complicated, they are an important organ of an enterprise that ensures its smooth functioning.

6. Corporate Counsel [$117,588]

source: brown and charbonneau

Corporate Counsel includes lawyers employed by businesses, corporations, and organizations, and plays an important role in their legal issues. Their job is to advise the employees and businesses on various legal matters in and out of the courtroom. The more your companies grow, the more people come forward to put you down; thus, in such situations, corporate counsel will act as a shield that will protect you and your company.

7. Software Engineering Manager [$114,163]

source: gitential

Please don’t confuse it with the software development manager that you will come across further on the list. Their responsibility is to manage and oversee the design and development of software applications. They have a vital role to play since a major portion of the company’s future depends on how well the software is designed and developed. You will have to do a whole lot of study for this, but trust me, all that hard work would be worth it.

8. Physician Assistant [$113,855]

source: peterson’s

The Physician Assistant, as the name suggests, is someone who assists the physician. They work under the supervision of the physician. Both are known to be qualified medical professionals, and they work in collaboration with the physician being the chief person in control. You might have already figured out why they are paid so much, but if you haven’t, we got your back. They have to help physicians who perform the most important task of saving people’s lives.

9. Corporate Controller [ $113,368]

source: e file cabinet

The name corporate controller itself sounds like a whole lot of responsibility, and true it is. Their duty is to oversee all the financial and accounting functions of a given organization, including billing, accounts payable and receivable, budgeting, and other details. They are paid so much because they do the most responsible job of an institution that is handling the finances of their business.

10. Software Development Manager [$109,809]

source: spectrumit

First, let me tell you what exactly a software manager does; they plan, direct, and coordinate all activities related to writing software programs. They are also responsible for overseeing and coordinating people, resources, and processes required to deliver new software or upgrade existing products. They play an essential role in companies and are paid well because they manage software packages that have the power to change millions of lives.

11. Nurse Practitioner [ $109,481]

source: nurse plus

A nurse practitioner is not any random nurse you come across in the hospital; these are actually Advanced Practice Registered Nurses who have earned at least a Master’s degree and completed additional training in an area of specialty in medicine. Due to their high level of education, they are known to have more authority for administering patients care as compared to Registered Nurses. They are on this list because they perform many vital functions such as assessing patients’ needs, order and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests, diagnose diseases, formulate, and prescribe treatment plans.

12. Applications Development Manager [$107,735]

source: state library

Not everyone has heard about them, so let’s see who they are. An application development manager works to plan, coordinate, and supervise the activities related to the design, development, and implementation of organizational information systems and software applications appointed by the Director of Applications. This could be an ideal choice for all the tech geeks out there who wish to earn a good deal of cash.

13. Solutions Architect [ $106,436]

source: medium

Solution Architect is probably another out of the box name for you. They are charged with converting predetermined elements into a design used by architects as a blueprint. All these people usually start as Technical Architects, and as they experience more organizational concepts within the company, they get promoted to this position. So for this, you have to work with a hell of a lot of determination along with studying.

14. Data Architect [$104,840]

source: smart data collective

Another Architect variant up on the list is that data architects do a unique job. They are practitioners of data architecture. Data architecture is a data management discipline concerned with designing, creating, deploying, and managing an organization’s data architecture. It does sound very complicated, but with the amount of salary you will be getting, it will surely be worth it.

15. Plant Manager [ $104,817]

Highest Paid Jobs
source: reliable plant

The plant manager has nothing to do with the environment, despite what it sounds like. In simple words, they are the head of a factory or other place where goods are manufactured, or resources such as energy are produced. Their role is essential for every plant to supervise all the plant’s daily operations, from production to manufacturing, to ensure that the policies and procedures are followed.

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