Top 15 Absurdly Expensive Pens In The World

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We all have pens, some of us write with cheap ones, some of us have expensive ones— but not as expensive as the ones mentioned here on our list. Here are the top 15 absurdly expensive pens in the world:

Top 15 Absurdly Expensive Pens In The World

1. Fulgor Nocturnus by Tibaldi — $8 million

expensive pens in the world
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This pen is one of its kind, both literally and figuratively. Tibaldi made a single pen of this kind and sold it at an auction for 8 million dollars! This luxurious implement has 945 black diamonds and 123 rubies embedded in its surface. So it’s not as outrageously priced (considering the gems used in it), but it is certainly absurd.

2. Montblanc Boehme Royal pen- $1.5 million

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This pen features an 18-carat gold platinum nib. Its white gold cap has over 1,430 diamonds embedded in it. The Montblanc star logo has another 18 diamonds and 18-carats white gold rings, giving it a hefty price tag of 1.5 million dollars.   

3. Diamante by Aurora- $1.28 million

image source- pinterest

Diamante is a pen so elite that it is made only once every 30 years by Aurora. Its solid platinum body is studded with 30 carats of diamond; its nib is 18-carat gold, and to top it off, another diamond, even bigger. Although there is no set price for this pen, it is estimated to be of a high price of 1.28 million dollars.

4. Heaven Gold Pen by Anita Tan- $995,510

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Heaven’s gold pen is truly heavenly! It has 161 vibrantly colored diamonds that circle 43 carats Tsavorite gemstone, which is thought to be more than two billion years old! Which also gives its un-heavenly price a title of reasonable price.

5. Mystery Masterpiece by Motblanc and Van Cleef and Arpels- $730,000

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This exclusive collaboration brings to you (if you can afford it) a personalized unique pen— the mystery masterpiece. Available with 30 carats of three different gems of your choice- rubies, sapphire, and emeralds. It also consists of 800 diamond accents, but only three editions of this pen were ever made, and each one was sold off at a mind-blowing price of 730,000 dollars.

6. Caran d’ Ache Gothica pen- $406,450

image source- pinterest

This pen has a unique gothic element (evident from its name) and consists of solid silver faces coated thoroughly with rhodium, fleurs-de-lis, rosettes, 892 diamonds, and 72 rubies emeralds of the same number. The price put forth for this exclusive pen was a whopping 406,450 dollars.

7. Caran d’ Ache La Modernista Diamonds pen- $265,000

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This pen is crafted with solid silver coated with rhodium; it has an 18-carat gold nib that is also coated with rhodium, embedded with 5,072 Jesselton diamonds and 96 rubies. After six months of intensive labor by master jeweler Robert Perron, it was sold to an anonymous buyer for 265,000 dollars.

8. Prince Rainier III Limited Edition 81 Pen- $256,000

image source-

As it is clear from its name, only 81 individual personalized editions of this pen were ever. Each pen has 18-carat white gold, 996 diamonds, and 96 rubies decorating its design. 19 rubies form its clip ring, and its nib is made out of 18-carat solid gold. Its bidding price was recorded to be 256,000 dollars.

9. Boehme Papillion Pen by Montblanc- $230,410

image source-

This limited edition pen, another piece from Montblanc, is made of white, yellow, and rose gold with over 1,400 sapphires and diamonds build into its design. The cap is adorned with butterflies, and the top has a Montblanc diamond embedded in it. Each one of these pens costs 230,410 US dollars.

10. Perrier-Jouet Anniversary edition pen by Omas- $134,700

This special edition pen is shaped from green resin similar to green champagne bottles (Perrier being a champagne maker), it features an 18-carat nib of solid gold engraved with the logo, Only 1,811 original pens of this unit were ever created, and each one was worth a fortune of 134,700 US dollars.

11. Samurai Prestige Lighter and Pen Set by S.T. Dupont-  $66,000

image source-

This lighter set is crafted from solid rose gold embedded with white diamonds, black leather, and silk ribbons. All the sets ever created were only twenty in number, with a price of $66,000 each.  

12. Alchemy HRF Fountain Pen by Visconti- $57,000

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These pens feature dramatic gold and silver vermeil dragon elements. They also feature dual gold nibs and a beautifully crafted ink reservoir. These ultra-special pens’ price is very high, though; it peeks up to 57,000 dollars.

13. Crew 60th White Gold fountain pens by Tibaldi- $43,000

image source- pinterest

The nib of this expensive pen is 18-carat is yellow gold coated with rhodium and ruthenium. The pen showcases a transparent streak to let the owner know of the ink status and a knurled barrel to provide an easy and comfortable writing grip. Each of these pens is worth 43,000 dollars.

14. Grayson Tighe Limited Edition Fountain and Rollerball pens- $24,000

image source- pinterest

This rollerball pen has an 18-carat nib made out of Germany‘s solid yellow gold. Two leaves in rhodium and iridium enhance this pen’s beauty, and its refill system allows the writer to write a full year with a single fill. It comes with a hefty price of 24,000 dollars.

15. The Four Seasons Pen- $36,000

image source- pinterest

This exclusive pen, made from 18 carats of solid gold, changes color to reflect the four seasons. It reflects green for spring, red for summer, brown for fall, and gray for winter. Talk about something more aesthetically pleasing! Only 33 such pens were ever made for a neck-craning price of 36,000 dollars.

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