Top 15 Businesses That Are Booming

Not only humans but businesses have also been highly affected due to the coronavirus. This situation of world pandemic has slowed everyone’s life, and we are all badly hit by it. But there still are some businesses that are booming during this pandemic situation.

Let’s Get To Know About Businesses That Are Booming

1. Medical Supply And Masks

Businesses That Are Booming During Coronavirus
source: new europe

The global demand for items like masks, gloves, medical equipment, etc. is increasing day by day. Manufacturing and supply chains are working day and night to make it available to all. So, for this industry, their business is only flourishing.

2. Hand Sanitizers, Soaps, Handwashes, Toilet Papers

hand sanitizers
source: aarp

These are amongst the essential things during the time of the pandemic. People are stocking up their homes with these products just to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

3. Cleaning Services

cleaning services
source: medium

This service is in high demand right now. Due to the fear of spreading coronavirus, public places are specially cleaned multiple times. Also, the sanitizing service is in need too.

4. Video Conferencing And Document Handling

video conferencing
source: onmanorama

Due to the pandemic, many companies adopted the work from home concept for their employees. This opens up a huge demand for video conferencing and document handling.

5. Telecommunication

source: parade

Due to the virus and lockdown, we can’t meet our loved ones. During this time, there’s only one thing that keeps us connected— calling and face time. All of this has boomed the business of internet services and telecom companies.

6. Drones

source: forbes

The drone delivery was always questioned by many people, and its possibility was almost absurd for most people. But the corona epidemic has made this service necessary. Many countries like China have started using drones to deliver necessities. Also, drones are used to sanitize public places.

7. Remote Doctor Services

remote doctor service
source: European sting

This virus spreads so quickly that most of the time, patients don’t even realize that they are affected. For these reasons, it has increased the demand for remote doctor consultations. It also helps the physician to ensure their safety as they can work from home.

8. Grocery Store Liquor

Grocery Store Liquor
source: michigan radio

Due to the lockdown during the pandemic, the government has locked public bars and liquor shops to avoid public gatherings. This has let people turn towards the liquor stores in the supermarket. 

9. Drive-in Movie Theatres

Drive-in Movie Theatres
source: JSTOR daily

Just like other public places, movie theatres have also been shut down. This has forced people to turn towards the old-time drive-in movie theatre. It is much safer, and people can enjoy themselves with their family outside the house by maintaining social distancing.

10. Streaming Video And Live Video Hosting Sites

Streaming Video and Live Video Hosting Sites
source: daily hive

Companies like Netflix, Amazon are booming during this pandemic as people have nothing to do in their free time, so everyone ends up watching their favorite series or movie.

11. Shopping Delivery Services

Shopping Delivery Services
source: newhope

To maintain social distancing and avoid going physically to any grocery store, people have opted for a much safer option for themselves, i.e., online shopping. Online shopping has also increased the demand for shopping delivery services.

12. Board Games And Puzzle Makers

board games
source: technavio

These games sound very old-fashioned, something that only 90s or before kids are aware of. People have opted for these games during the period of lockdown for recreational activities. It is a much better option than watching Netflix or playing online games.

13. Fitness Equipment Companies

Fitness Equipment
source: easy gym software

Now that people have all the time in the world, many of them have started working out. Also, since people can’t visit the gyms, they have started exercising at home rather than wasting their time. This has led to an increase in the demand for fitness equipment companies. The most sold fitness equipment was yoga mats.

14. Booking For Space Travel To Mars

Booking for space travel to Mars
source: smithsonian magazine

Yeah, that’s right! Many business giants like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk all are buying a piece of land on Mars. Space travel is seen as an excellent place to put your money, given the current world situation.

15. Online Gambling And Personal Adult Entertainment

Online Gambling and Personal Adult Entertainment
source: New York post

Social distancing has also boomed online gambling. Except that, another business that is booming is personal adult entertainment. Both industries are flourishing.

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