Top 15 Interesting Facts About Google

Google is always there for us for our day-to-day needs. It helps us with anything and everything. In today’s era, it will be challenging for people to survive without it. Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded it. It has become a need in our life that we can’t live without.

So, let’s learn all the interesting facts about Google.

1. Originally, it was ‘Backrub.’ 

The founders of Google initially named this ‘Backrub’ because its programs understand backlinks to understand the importance of the website. 

2. The name comes from the mathematical term GOOGOL

Googol is a number with 1 with hundred zeros following it. When Page and his teammates decided on the name, a graduate student Shean Anderson suggested the name ‘Googolplex.’ When Page checked if that domain name had been taken, he accidentally typed ‘Google,’ and Page decided on that name. 

3. Jeff Bezos was among the very first investors

Google received its first investors in 1998 before the company was incorporated, and Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, was among the first three major investors for the company.

4. The first doodle was inspired by the ‘burning man.’  

Google has introduced more than 2000 doodles on its home page. A burning man inspired the first Google doodle, and the founders added it to the home page when they were at a ‘burning man’ festival in Nevada.

5. It owns common misspellings of its name

Google has bought the domain of common misspellings of its name, which include ‘Gooogle,’ ‘Gogle,’ and ‘Googlr.’ 

6. Standford holds the patent to Google’s page rank algorithm. 

Standford University owns the patent for Google’s page rank algorithm because, according to the law, any invention or discovery made with Standford’s resources belongs to Standford, not the inventors.

7. The founders weren’t happy when Google was added to the dictionary. 

In 2006, the Oxford Dictionary added the definition of ‘Google’ for the first time. But the founders didn’t like it. In a blog post, they expressed unhappiness and were afraid that the word ‘Google’ would slip from the word trademark status into common usage.

8. Yahoo, Excite, and Altavista refused to buy Google for $1 million. 

The founders were not interested in running their own business, so they decided to sell their company. They approached many companies such as Excite, Altavista, and even Yahoo. All of them declined to buy a startup for $1 billion. Fifteen years later, Google is worth more than $100 billion.

9. The original ‘I’m feeling lucky’ option costs Google up to $10 million annually. 

They have changed this option because it costs the company $10 million per year. 

10. Rents goats to mow the lawn of its headquarters. 

The company is concerned about sustainability and the environment and is decreasing its carbon footprint by renting goats to mow the lawn of its headquarters. The company rents around 200 goats now and then for this job.

11. Replaced Apple as the most valuable brand in the world in 2017. 

Apple has been the most valuable brand since 2017, but Google took that spot and surpassed Apple to become the most valuable brand in 2017. 

12. Set your language to Klingon, Elmer Fudd, and other unique options. 

In the settings of the Google page, you’ll find that it offers a variety of languages. You can choose and set them as your language. It also includes unique options like Elmer Fudd, Klingon, Pirate, etc.

13. There are over a whopping 2.3 million Google searches per second. 

According to the 2016 report, there are over 100 billion searches per month, which brings out an average of 2.3 million searches per month. There are also over 2 trillion searches annually.

14. Agreed with Nasa in exchange for a private runway.

When Google used space to land its multiple planes, it decided to approach NASA in exchange for exclusive runway rights. It has permitted NASA to use its planes. Google gives NASA $1.5 billion a year as part of this agreement.

15. It was fined $2.7 billion for violating antitrust laws. 

In 2017, Google was fined by the European Union Regulators for manipulating their search results. They were fined 2.7 billion, just 2.5% of Google’s 2016 revenue.

Can you imagine even a second without Google? We can’t, as our brain relies on it every second. It’s bad, yes, but it’s also resourceful. I hope you enjoyed reading the top 15 interesting facts about Google!

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