Top 15 Ways To Travel Cheaply

Sitting in a train on a trip to the mountains, I was reading about Anita Desai’s work, and as the train crossed the fields, all I could do was observe the beauty of life as a traveler. “Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow,” whispered Desai through the pages of a magazine. Travel, an essential experience for growth and development, should be accessible to all.

Here are the top 15 ways to travel cheaply such that economic constraints do not become a hindrance.

1. Cheap Tickets

Tickets are costly if they are not booked in an advance notice. The most common plus efficient way to save some money is to avoid the last-minute rush of booking these tickets. Booking a ticket well in advance is the most economical way to begin a trip. Be flexible on dates and avoid reserving paid seats on flights if they charge extra for the same.

2. Luggage Trouble

Luggage trouble is a common problem that many people face as they often carry more luggage than what is required. Travel with only carry-on luggage for easier mobility and to save money if traveling via low-cost airlines.

3. Get Those Legs Working!

Walking is one of the superb ways to save money, and it also keeps you healthy. It’s one of the best exercises requiring no fancy equipment. Also, while traveling, switching to walking mode for short distances can save you a great deal of money that can be utilized anywhere else on your travel. Walk, walk, walk to save the environment and your wallet. For longer destinations, look for cheap buses and the metro.

4. Snack Attack

Energy bars are an excellent source of nutrition sometimes. Doctors recommend carrying an energy bar as it helps in boosting energy levels. Carry some energy bars to save money on food when exploring new destinations.

5. Eat Cheap

While traveling, it is important not to rush but plan and act. This can be applied to eating. Surfing about famous cheap eating points and street foods that are very famous and hygienic can be an easy way to not ill spend on food. It is also advisable to ask around the place’s inhabitants to point out the low-cost eateries that serve authentic cultural food.

6. Avoid Guided Tours

Many travelers commit the error of taking guided tours which are very expensive in general. Often costly and futile, guided tours should be avoided to save money. Many cities offer a cheaper substitute in the form of locals who volunteer to show around the city at minimal costs.

7. Free Entrance

Another way to save bucks is to look for places where the entry cost is either free or minimal. This can be a cool way to save some money. Explore museums, monuments, and the like that offer entrance free of charge on particular days and times.

8. Couchsurfing

Many people fall victim to lavish hotel stays that they, in the end, regret. If you intend to stay longer, hotels can definitely shake your budget to a very great extent. To travel cheaply, it is thus advised to stay with locals who rent out their homes at cheap costs instead of opting for expensive hotels.

9. Travel During Off-Peak Times

Nearly every destination has a seasonal period when tourists flood the place. During this time, the tourism market dwells on inflation, and prices rise very high. Avoid traveling to a place during peak travel time to save money.

10. No Cards, Please

Foreign transaction fees can create a recognizable dent in your wallet, haunting you for weeks and months. Check if your bank has schemes available to help you save money.

11. Volunteer

Volunteer at backpacker hostels that provide free accommodation in exchange for your volunteering. The work could range from photography to teaching; one can also learn and grow during this process. This is an efficient technique practiced by many travelers, which has proved to be a great deal to save money.

12. Travel Together

Traveling in a group always is a cost-effective method to save money. The splitting of bills does not overload one person’s pocket. Thus, it is often recommended to travel either with friends or family. This allows you to split the bills and bring down the overall cost of a trip.

13. Overnight Bus For Accommodation

Another hack not known to many is using overnight buses as accommodation. Many people who frequently travel follow this to save much moolah that would otherwise be spent on a hotel. Using overnight buses for sleeping at night significantly reduces the cost of traveling.

14. Laundry

Many hotels charge a huge deal for dry cleaning and laundry services. Sometimes one does not require it, especially if it is a short stay. Try to do your laundry instead of paying for laundry services when traveling.

15. Shop

People often regret buying things when they return home from traveling. It is always advisable to think before buying anything too expensive or anything that could shake one’s budget. Shop at local stores or farmer’s markets instead of the gift shops that sell ridiculously overpriced items.

The value of a trip lies in the memories created during the trip, and the growth one develops from those experiences. Such a soulful journey doesn’t require luxury; it only requires curiosity to explore.

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