Top 15 Lies Everyone Tells

Everyone tells lies, big and small, whether to get out of a social affair you don’t want to attend to the good old ‘my dog ate the homework.’ But some lies are spoken by everyone more than a few times. They are simple, and everyone smuggles them into day-to-day conversations.

Here are those top 15 lies everyone tells, commonly spoken and accepted.

1. You Look Great!

How many times did you tell a friend that they looked great when they were clearly a spectacle of a smoking hot mess? I will answer for you – more than you could hope to count! This is one of the most commonly spoken lies, and the thing is, the person you tell it to actually believes you. Well. I guess we all hear what we want to hear.

2. Your Hair Looks Gorgeous!

So you see a friend walking towards you, and frankly, you think that a cat slept on their head, but for the sake of fashion and friendship, you manage an ‘I love your hair!’ compliment which is a complete and utter lie. Do you feel guilty yet? Don’t worry; we all have been there.

3. I Am A Little Under The Weather

AH! the classic excuse for getting out of a social event you never planned on attending but agreed to nonetheless. It’s not just ‘I am feeling sick, so I can’t make it,’ but it is also ‘I am on my period, I can’t make it. These cramps are literally the death of me.’ Whatever, girls, same difference!

4. Heels? Sure!

If you started now, would you ever finish counting the number of times you have said, ‘Heels don’t bother me all that much anyway.’? Your feet might actually be dying in those cramped heels, but they go with the dress, so who can stop us from flaunting them, right?

5. The One

‘You are the one for me, the best for me.’ Girl, please, you know just as well as I do that you can do a lot better than your partner, and the odds are, your partner can do a lot better than you. So this straight-up lie is eaten up by the couples even when they know of the lie that lingers in these words.

6. Text? What Text?

‘I swear I didn’t see your text.’ No, you did; you just ignored it or forgot to reply, and now you are out here lying to protect your reputation of being a good friend. You saw that text, you just didn’t feel like replying, and the thing is, people actually buy this lie; I don’t see a way in heavens how someone could accept this lie, but hey! It’s a strange world.

7. You Pick The Place To Eat And Whatever Is Fine.

Telling a person to pick out the place to eat and saying, ‘You order whatever is fine by me,’ is the glorious height of lying. You clearly have your own opinion about where you want to eat, and you do not like your friend’s taste in food, but you are too nice to stampede their opinions, so you go with the flow.

8. I Am Not Mad At You

Someone hurt your feelings, someone did something that made you mad, sad, and perhaps, also made you cry a little, but when the person comes up straight and asks, ‘Are you mad at me?’, you go, ‘I am not mad at you. What made you think so?’ without missing a single beat but in your defense – what kind of a question is ‘Are you mad at me?’ I mean, DUH!

9. OMG, You Are So Funny!

Ever laughed at a joke that was clearly very bad and sad, ‘You are so funny!’ to the person telling the joke? It could have been a bad joke by your boss, a relative whose good grace you required for some reason, or it could also have been your crush, and it is an unwritten rule of having a crush – always laugh at their jokes. True that, in some cases, lies do better than the truth ever could.

10. I Can’t Hear You!

When a friend starts gushing on and on about some topic you are so not interested in during a phone call, how many times have you played the superior card of – ‘I can’t hear you? Hello? Hello? You there?’ or ‘I can’t hear you properly’? ‘The network is so bad, I swear!’ We all have done it, and there is no shame in admitting it. (Just don’t admit it in front of someone you have recently told this lie to.)

11. Of Course, I Know Who That Is!

When you are in a middle of a conversation with a group of friends, and suddenly they start bonding over some singer/artist/famous personality that you have no idea about, and you start feeling left out, then have you ever gone with the conversation pretending to know that person? ‘Yes, I listen to this artist constantly,’ ‘OMG, they are my favorite,’ ‘Yes, totally agree,’ etc., are just a variation of the lie.

12. It Is A Pleasure To Meet You

When someone introduces you to a person at an event who looks like they spend their whole time wallowing in their ego and playing video games or watching trash shows and maybe also smell vaguely of cigarettes or alcohol and you have to force out an ‘it is a pleasure to meet you’ but the reality it is so not your pleasure to meet them rather you are just thinking about how to get out of this conversations? Yes, we’ve all been there. You are not the only one, darling.

13. My Team Was Very Supportive And Focused

When you get stuck in a team of slackers for a project with a strong deadline, and you can see the reality as clear as crystal, you alone will have to do all the darn work. And then you go on to do all the work yourselves, but during the submission, everyone wants credit, so you just say, ‘My team was very supportive and focused, ma’am; we completed this with our combined efforts.’ When in reality, you did not.

14. My Phone Was Dead

A friend called you, but you didn’t feel like talking to them or hearing them rant about the most recent inconvenience in their life, so you just kind of let it ring one time and then put it on airplane mode before they rang you twice and then blame it on your battery later and say it must’ve been a glitch the first time it rang. The pro way of avoiding confession!

15. Your Baby Is So Cute

Some people think that babies are cute, but some of us do not really, but do we chime in at the first opportunity with ‘Your baby is so cute!’ and ‘What a cutie-pie!’? You bet we do! But this compliment is simply a lie coming from most of us. We don’t actually think your baby is cute, and for what it is worth, we think no babies are cute; it’s not about you; it’s about our common disagreement about the fact that babies are cute.

So these were the top 15 lies everyone tells most often in their lives. Relatable much? If not, then take it with a pinch of salt.

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