Top 15 Outdoor Games From The ’90s

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When the pandemic hit in the month of March, and people were forced to stay inside the house, they shifted from video games to ludo and from outdoor games to carrom to kill time which eventually reminded us of the ’90s time, our childhood time. So, today we are here to refresh your childhood memories through this list of outdoor games that are the ultimate throwback to the best times!

Nostalgic much? Have a look at the top 15 outdoor games from the ’90s:

1. Posham Pa Bhai Posham Pa

You must have heard this rhyme “Posham pa bhai posham pa, dakiye ne kya kiya” in your childhood. One can not easily forget this cute rhyme from one of the favorite games of childhood.

2. Baraf-Paani

Baraf-Paani is known by different names depending on the region you belong to. In this game, Danner freezes the players by touching and saying “barf,” while survivors have to make the frozen person free by touching and saying “paani.”

3. Oonch Neech ka Papda

This is an Indian traditional game “Oonch” refers to the upper surface, and “neech” refers to the lower surface. The lower surface belongs to danger, and the person had to catch the players while they tried to enter his/her territory.

4. Pakdam Pakdai

One of the oldest, most common, and the favorite of our childhood is “Pakdam Pakdai.” This catch me if you can game is a pure gem and also the one that you play when nothing else comes to your mind!

5. Chain-Chain

The basic concept of Chain-Chain is to add people to your team and hunt down every single player by making a chain. The last survivor will be the winner.

6. Aankh Micholi

Aankh micholi is the funniest game on the list. Running, teasing, blindfolding, and a little bit of cheating make this game unique from other games on the list. 

7. Pitthu

Pitthu is a team game in which all you need to do is put all seven marble pieces in the original place before someone hits you with the ball.

8. Kho-Kho

Kho-Kho is the most popular game on the list. It is recognized on both national and international levels. People across the world like to play Kho-Kho.

9. Hopscotch

Girls’ favorites can be played in teams and by individuals; the game with various names, hopscotch, was the favorite time-pass of summer vacations.

10. Musical Chairs

We often used to play this game at birthday parties and school functions. The one who controls the music system basically controls the game.

11. Chupan Chupai

One of the most lovable games of childhood and still a second priority of children. You know the reason, right? Yes! When cricket, football, and pakdam-pakdai end due to darkness, this game is the only hope that is more fun and tricky in the darkness.

12. Tug of War

Usually, we used to ignore the company of the “Gian” of our childhood, but for this game, we want him on our side. By the way, tug of war is still played in colleges and companies occasionally. 

13. Chua Chhoot ki Bimari

We know this is the naughtiest game of our childhood, and how can we forget that giggle when the Danner runs after players in such weird positions?

14. Langdi Taang

Langdi taang belongs to the family of hopscotch. This game develops stamina and leg strength, and it was a good time-pass game back then.

15. Statue

This game is such a stupid and cutie game at the same time. I still can’t understand what this game actually is, but personally, I love it.


So these were the top 15 outdoor games from the ’90s. No matter how technically advanced we become, these childhood games will always remain our favorite ones. Whenever we get a rare opportunity to get together with childhood friends and cousins, we should try to play these games, as these will leave us feeling refreshed and nostalgic.

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