Top 15 Lifesaving Foolproof Hacks You Might Not Know

Have you ever woken up to a life-threatening dream wherein you saw yourself caught in the midst of danger? Of course, many of us have had such kind of dreams at some point in life. But what if you actually get caught in a perilous situation with no one around? Our mind gets numb and we fail to react and get panicky. Learning some quick lifesaving strategies can actually help you in dire situations saving your time.

Top 15 Lifesaving Foolproof Hacks You Might Not Know

1. Say No To Bleaches

Say No To Bleaches
Source: Reader’s Digest

Never use bleaches and cleaning products with ammonia at the same time in the same room. Their vapors will mix in the air and create a toxic gas called chloramine. It can seriously harm your health leading to problems with breathing. Keep in mind that ammonia is a common ingredient in window cleaning products.

2. Paracord Laces

Paracord Laces
Source: YouTube

Replace your regular shoelaces with paracord laces before camping. In dire situations, when you don’t have a rope, the laces can give you extra feet.

3. Spitting

Source: Men’s Journal

If you are trapped under an avalanche this lifesaving hack can actually help you out. As soon as you stop make a hole near you and spit to see the direction in which your saliva is carried by the gravity and then move in the opposite direction by digging your way out.

4. Break The Glass From The Edges

Break The Glass From The Edges
Source: Richmond District Blog

If you get stuck inside your car try to break the window by hitting on its edges where they break easily rather than hitting at the center. Try removing the headrest of your seat and use it to break the glass. The headrest is different depending upon the car model so make sure you know how to remove it.

5. Kick Next To Handle Of A Locked Door

Kick Next To Handle Of A Locked Door
Source: wikiHow

If you have to escape through a locked door, kick hard next to the handle of the lock. In this way, it will break more easily and avoid using your shoulders or back.

6. Heimlich Maneuver

Heimlich Maneuver
Source: Pinterest

In case you start choking when no one is around, you can perform the Heimlich Maneuver on yourself by using a hard surface like the back of a chair or table. Push one fist with your other hand on the stomach while bent over a hard surface.

7. Choose A Bathtub To Hide

Choose A Bathtub To Hide
Source: Reddit

If you are looking for the right place in your house to hide during a tornado, the bathroom can be the best place to hide. This is because a bathtub is well anchored to the ground. Besides most bathrooms have a strong framing and the pipes help keep their structure together.

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8. Press The Buttons For Every Floor In An Elevator

Press The Buttons For Every Floor In An Elevator
Source: chinaSMACK

If you are trapped with a criminal in a lift, try and press the buttons for every floor as it will give you a chance to escape or at least signal someone. This lifesaving hack can prove very useful in dire situations.

9. Use A Baking Soda

 Use A Baking Soda
Source: Simplemost

If your kitchen stove or oil in the frying pan accidentally catches fire, do not try to extinguish it by water as it will cause the fire to spread. Instead, use a baking soda to put out the fire as it produces carbon dioxide, which acts as an extinguisher.

10. Use The Back Of Your Hand

Use The Back Of Your Hand
Source: Roman Electric

If you suspect that any object near you might be electrocuted, use the back of your hand. It will prove lifesaving as you can remove your hands quickly, but if you touch it with the front end, it is likely that you would get a shock as your hand would form a tight fist.

11. Keep Plastic Bottles Filled With Water Away From Sunlight

Keep Plastic Bottles Filled With Water Away From Sunlight
Source: National Geographic

A bubble of water can ignite a fire if it stays under direct sunlight as the bottle acts as a lens focussing the sunlight thereby causing a fire. So always keep your bottles away from sunlight. It can also cause chemicals from the plastic to react with water.

12. Use Analog Watch

Use Analog Watch
Source: Practical Primate

Consider wearing an analog watch as it may come in handy when you get lost to determine the direction. In the northern hemisphere, point the hour hand towards the sun. The midway point between 12’O clock and the sun is south. While in the southern hemisphere, instead point the 12’O clock position at the sun. North is halfway between the sun and hour hand.

13. Eat Something Sweet

Eat Something Sweet

Nausea and dizziness are the two most common symptoms of heatstroke. If you have these symptoms, eat something sugary like candy or a lump of sugar. If it tastes you bitter, then immediately seek medical help as it is a sign of heatstroke.

14. Antihistamine

Source: Makan Abis

Never commit the fatal mistake of sucking the snakebite in order to remove the venom. The same goes for applying bandages or something cold on the wound and burning it. Give the victim Antihistamine, make them drink a lot, and take them to the hospital right away.

15. Never Slam On The Brakes Of Your Car

Never Slam On The Brakes Of Your Car
Source: wikiHow

If your car skids, never slam on the breaks as it can increase the risk of flipping. You can regain control of it by steering your car in the same direction of skid rather against and also it will minimize the risk of flipping.

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