Shreshtha Gupta

I am a thinker. I believe thinking incites writing.

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Top 15 Horrific Brain Disorders That Are Astonishing

The brain is the most essential part of the body as it controls all our actions. But what if the brain malfunctions and goes out of order? You would either lose consciousness or enter into...

Top 15 Eerie Etiquettes Followed Around The World

Etiquettes are the basic rules that are to be observed by an individual in the society in order to conduct himself properly. Etiquettes are not only important at the workplace but also while socializing with...

Top 15 Lifesaving Foolproof Hacks You Might Not Know

Have you ever woken up to a life-threatening dream wherein you saw yourself caught in the midst of danger? Of course, many of us have had such kind of dreams at some point in life....


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Top 15 Places you Must Visit in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka ( the quest to explore ) : endless beaches, meticulous nature, chirping of birds, welcoming guests wholeheartedly, oodles of elephants and...

Top 15 Crazy Things Poets Of The Romantic Movement Have Done

Do you ever sit in your room and wonder would poets like Lord Byron or Percy Shelley approve of whatever you are doing right...

Top 15 Promises That Are Relatable In Life

Why do we make a promise? What happens if you break one? The answer is not known. Promises are the pure vows made between...

Top 15 Essential Facts On Asthma To Take Note Of

With rapid industrialization and climate change come to both banes and boons, one of them being respiratory problems. Asthma is a respiratory disease that...

Top 15 Tasty Indian Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is rightly called the most important meal of the day. One should actually prioritize eating a wholesome breakfast, as it relates to good...

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