Top 15 Luscious Sweet Dishes of Rajasthan to Indulge in

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The state of Rajasthan is full of abundant mouth-watering and scrumptious sweet dishes that can make anyone drool for more and more of it.

Listed below are some of the delightful, famous and mouth-watering top 15 sweet dishes of Rajasthan which attracts foodies as well as non-foodies with the same delight. Not only the taste but, even the presentation of the sweet can make you crave it.

Top 15 Luscious Sweet Dishes of Rajasthan to Indulge in

1. Sohan Halwa

Full of nuts, crunchy and round Sohan halwa is easy to carry while travelling. It tastes best with cold milk. It is a successful sweet for festivities which is enjoyed by one and all. Just one bite of it will take you to heaven.

2. Doodhiya Kheech

(Image credit: MTR Discovery)

Famous dessert Doodhiya Kheech was initiated in Udaipur. It is prepared in winter season. Ingredients include milk, sugar, hulled wheat, dry fruits, etc. Its taste increases when served cold. Usually prepared on Akshya Tritiya, this delicious dessert will take your heart away.

3. Methi Ladoo Dana

(Image credit: SweetThink)

Methi Ladoo Dana’s spicy, bitter, and sweet taste, makes it unique among all the desserts. Ingredients include ginger, methi and sugar which provides it with three different flavors. It is a wonderful and enjoyable sweet.

4. Ghevar

(Image credit: CrustOlin)

When served with cold Rabri, it gives heavenly pleasure to the taste buds. It is a disc shaped dessert drenched in sugar syrup. This exotic sweet is especially made on the occasion of Teej which is incomplete without this tasty sweet.

5. Mawa Kachori

(Image credit: YouTube)

Mawa Kachori has been the signature sweet of the Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Flattened ball soaked in sugar syrup and filled with khoya and dry fruits makes it more delectable and yummy. It is one of the sweetest experience to treasure for.

6. Feni

(Image credit: YouTube)

Feni is one of the winter season dessert of Jaipur which is flavored with Saffron. Mostly prepared during the time of Makar Sakranti, it is fried in ghee and soaked in sugar syrup. Generally, it is served with hot milk for more deliciousness.

7. Dil Khushal

(Image credit: MithaCreed)

Garnished with dry fruits and cardamom, this heavenly sweet is chewy in texture. Prepared with pure ghee, besan, sugar and dry fruits, it can be stored for later consumption as well.

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8. Moong Dal Halwa

(Image credit: Veg Recipe of India)

Made up with soaked moong dal, this Rajasthani dessert takes long time to prepare. The ingredients include moong dal, sugar, ghee, milk, cardamom powder, etc. It is garnished with dry fruits to give final finishing touch to it. Its taste will make you spellbound for sure.

9. Imarti

(Image credit: Vaya)

Royal Imarti is deeply fried. It will fill your mouth with sugar syrup after melting into it. Tastes best when served with hot milk. Its flowery shape can make anyone’s mouth watery.

10. MAawa Mishri

(Image credit: Vah re Vah)

This delightful Rajasthani dessert is added with lots of sugar along with cardamom powder, almonds, pistachios and ghee. This sinfully tasty sweet will make you drooling for more and keep you hooked to it till the last bite.

11. Churma Ladoo

(Image credit: Vedic Scene)

This sweet ball of dessert is made during festival season in Rajasthan. It tastes very delicious and awesome to crave for more. Ingredients include besan, jiggery, milk, cardamom powder, etc. One can never get bored of eating more of it.

12. Kalakand

(Image credit: Blisters)

Kalakand can be made using condensed milk and paneer. It has grainy texture with taste of milk. Garnished with pistachios and cardamom powder, it tastes scrumptious and palatable.

13. Chena Malpua

(Image credit: Sweets of India)

Sweetest hot malpuas are prepared with fresh paneer. This pancake’s ingredients include rice flour, sugar, coconut, etc. One bite of it is enough to indulge into its awesome taste.

14. Kulhad Lassi

(Image credit: Tripadvisor)

If you want to beat the summer heat, then go for it. Kulhad lassi prepared with sugar and curd, is in a thick liquid form. It can be made depending upon your taste buds or inclination towards a specific taste. Some like it salty, others prefer it sweet.

Different flavors can be added as per desire like cardamom, rose syrup, dry fruits, etc. Since, it is served in a kulhad therefore, it is known as the kulhad lassi.

15. Balushahi

(Image credit: Eat Treat)

Prepared with lots of desi ghee and soaked in syrup, it is divine in taste. Though, it looks like a doughnut in shape but, is much heavier than it.

A visit to Rajasthan is incomplete without tasting these delicious desserts. The aroma and unique taste of desserts will make you amazed and want more of them. Do try all of them if possible on your next visit to the Rajasthan and give yourself an unforgettable experience to cherish forever.

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